fossilized shark tooth


Pulling out a fossil shark tooth from sediments in Florida (the hunter states that he didn’t realize he had that much dirt and nearly fell over)


Shark teeth collected in Antwerp Harbor

So I’ve been on vacation the last little while and that meant lots of trips to the beach so I could hunt for sea glass and other nifty things washed up by the tides.

While near a bunch of rocks I don’t normally venture too far on because of the copious amounts of slippy seaweed on them and the tides never being right when I get there, I stumbled upon this gem wedge between a couple of rocks.

A quick trip to an aquarium a few towns over to get it checked out and I can proudly say I am the owner of a megalodon tooth.


Tooth line


Based on the caption this appears to be a ceramic mug containing real fossils

Hello! So I was wondering: I’ve been using a fossilized shark tooth for protection. (It helps me deal with my anxiety etc.) Do you think that it would be a good idea to thank the shark’s spirit for its help? If so, what would be an appropriate offering?

Sharks and animals in general are not really in need or nor do they really understand offerings, but they are always nice to try to give. I think just a small thought and meditation would do.


Can be a little amazing how many rich, geologic experiences are right outside. Here’s a group taking a short trip to the Potomac River, Northern Virginia - on private property but with the permission of the landowner - just walking along the riverbank and pulling out shark tooth after shark tooth. Plus an eagle as a partner!

New witch/broom closet advice?

I’m a new practitioner, and I’m hoping to make some connections with other practitioners and get some advice on how to get started/how to keep this hidden from my friends and family IRL, as I don’t know how they’d react and I’m paranoid. I’m also curious about supplies for this, as I just went around my room and collected objects that I thought could have some significance in the craft, put them in a shoebox, and put them in a corner of my closet.

I have a geode containing quartz, a few pieces of clearish orange-brown minerals I don’t know how to identify, a bag of glass marbles, a wooden dowel, a few fossils (trilobite, fern, large shark tooth), a small black stone arrowhead, a small piece of tigers eye, a very round almost sphere of stone that fits into my palm, a small stone with a pale line through it given to me by a teacher before a big test, a peacock feather, and a feather I think is from an owl. And of course a little Swiss Army knife.

Do any more experienced practitioners have any input on anything that i talked about here? I’m very unsure of what I’m doing and I’m a bit scared to try a spell of any kind.