This is probably one of my favorite species of trilobites, the very alien looking Quadrops flexuosa.   This bizarre trilobite has a distinctive four-forked protrusion coming off of the front of it’s head which is where the genus gets it’s name.  It is not only a rare trilobite but extremely hard and time consuming to prepare owing to the hardness of the rock and the it’s many free standing spines.

Just added for sale at


I just opened my order from fossilera and I am so excited about it! I got the most amazing fossil of a Phacops trilobite as well as a cute little Elrathia kingii fossil necklace to match my Elrathia kingii tattoo that I got done a couple weeks ago. fossilera even threw in a split ammonite and a 10% coupon for next time :)

It’s such a cool website, check it out if you want to see some absolutely amazing fossils! Maybe some day I’ll be able to afford a few of the stunning premium fossils on the site.