25 Under 2-85 No. 10: Fossil and Hide

Fossil and Hide sprang from twin souls Jenny Watts and Karen Horn Smith two years ago, and their jewelry and accessories have been decorating the rock scene ever since. Their aesthetic sensibility depends on a refined combination of taxidermy, Roy Rogers, and Hell’s Angels, among other things. Here, they let us in on some of their inspirations. Check out their Etsy page

Karen Horn Smith
Empire of the Summer Moon: by S.C. Gwynne
<—<< Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History >>—> 

Captain Carter, who would win the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery in Blanco Canyon, offered this description of the young war chief in battle on the day after the midnight stampede:

A large and powerfully built chief led the bunch, on a coal black racing pony. Leaning forward upon his mane, his heels nervously working in the animal’s side, whith six-shooter poised in the air, he seemed the incarnation of savage, brutal joy. His face was smeared with black warpaint, which gave his features a satanic look….A full-length headdress or war bonnet of eagle’s feathers, spreading out as he rode, and descending from his forehead, over head and back, to his pony’s tail, almost swept the ground. Large brass hoops were in his ears; he was naked to the waist, wearing simply leggings, moccasins and a breechclout. A necklace of bear’s claws hung about his neck….Bells jingled as he rode at headlong speed, followed by the leading warriors, all eager to outstrip him in the race. It was Quanah, principal warchief of the Qua-ha-das. 

Jenny Watts
“Roky Erickson and the Aliens”: by Joe Nick Patoski
(Part of an interview in the double LP Booklet ‘The Evil One’)

Q. All right, OK, Roky, would you briefly tell us how you first started in rock and roll and who your main influences were at the time?
How I first started? I first started playing piano, in the swamp. Who was I listening to? The Premier of Russia who died last night.
Q. Did you ever listen to rock and roll?
No, I never did.
Q. What do you think are the most noticeable changes in rock and roll over say in the past 15 years?
The piano parts and the razor in the keys.
Q. Do you enjoy playing music now or was it more fun in the '60s?
Uh, …it was more fun I guess, then, earlier.
Q. Would you elaborate. Why was it more fun?
I didn’t hear you.
Q. What made it more fun in those days than it is now?
I guess the razor blade in the keys.
Q. Your recording output since then other than the Elevators albums reissued on Radar consisted of only a couple of EPs and a couple of singles. Why so few releases in that period of time?
Why so few releases in so few time? I guess because …uh…too many Russian spies.
Q. It’s obvious from the titles of your songs, that you’re a devotee of horror movies and other things of a generally quite unsavory nature. Would you explain why vampires, zombies, and devils and the like feature so heavily in your repertoire?
Yeah, I like things like that.
Q. Yeah? What kind of things specifically interest you?
Oh, horror 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @karenhornsmith!! Best business partner, friend and goth roller skating queen. Bottom right, senior photo. Video is from 2 days ago, taken by @jada_west_ at Sparkles roller rink! #fossilandhide #karenturns40