Right-wing logic for why not to act on climate change: “everyone else will keep peeing in the pool”

“Thanks to the Obama administration’s EPA and the new regulations released today, America is poised to become the ‘no pee’ section of the global swimming pool … Just because we declare that we won’t pee in the pool, won’t stop the others. … We’ll be stuck in our little no-pee section with a crippled economy while the rest of the world will be frolicking in unfettered growth.” – Marita Noon, Executive Director, Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy, on

This is from a Heartland Institute “expert." 

h/t Salon
The Romans reacted to their emerging economic hardships in a similar way to the Maya: they beefed up their efforts to protect the empire and maintain control over its resources. But once their principal commodity was too expensive to recover, they could not last for long. They consumed more and more resources in a vain effort to maintain their lifestyles until they were left stranded in a huge, complex, expensive wood-dependent society. The environment around them was stripped of trees and agriculture was failing. The Roman experiment grew more and more massive even as resources that had once existed in colossal quantities was declining.

Steve Hallett and John Wright, Life Without Oil: Why We Must Shift to a New Energy Future

If this doesn’t give you goosebumps and a sense of doom than you aren’t thinking enough about modern life; parallel stories are being written about the way we live right now. Man, the tyranny of old ideas.


Boys Noize + Edwin Birdsong
Dino Riders + Bruce Lee

An old video jam I made back in the day. 

Holidays 2015-04-01

Food, renewable energy, lacing, hope, paraprofessionals, Roman goddesses, and fooling people are tied into today’s holidays:

It’s National Toe Nail Clippings Day! (April Fool!)

It’s Dust Bunny Art Day! (April Fool!)

It’s International Killer Bee And Fire Ant Appreciation Day! (April Fool!)

Okay, I got those out of the system. Any ancient Romans reading this will no doubt be celebrating their goddesses Venus and Fortuna today.

Fossil Fools Day is for environmentalists to encourage renewable energy sources.
Meet the Coal and Oil Polluters Who Dominated ALEC Conference

Who’s pulling the strings at the secretive American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) conference in Dallas, Texas, this week?

According to material obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) and Greenpeace, Big Oil and King Coal are heavily represented at ALEC’s 41st Annual Meeting. In ALEC task forces, lobbyists vote as equals with state legislators from across the U.S. on industry-friendly legislation, much of which has devastating impacts on our environment, and corporations underwrite parties and trainings where their lobbyists get unparalled access to lawmakers from almost every state.

One-third of the official ALEC conference sponsors are dirty energy companies, their trade associations, and their political front groups.

Holidays 2014-04-01

April Fools Day headlines today’s holidays:

A punny takeoff on April Fools, Fossil Fools Day encourages non-fossil based fuel sources. Tatting is the craft that makes things like doilies. Veneralia is the ancient Roman holiday for their goddess of love, Venus.