Fossegrimen -

Tools : Pigments/Coffee/Inks

Done for Nordicfuzzcon convention -


In the deep forests where wild brooks sing over stones, one can sometimes hear another song join in. A song so perfectly sad and wild that one can swear it was born from the water itself. Out there between waterfall and shore lives fossegrimen, a being who spends his time perfecting his skills with his musical instrument of choice: the violin. He will sit there in the water, surrounded by its songs, and join in with his own, hauntingly beautiful music.

Despite being highly reserved beings who enjoy their solitude, they are not malevolent when they do come in contact with others. Their music attracts people of all ages, and they do not seem to mind having an audience. While they do not like to be interrupted or disturbed while they are playing, one might be able to approach a fossegrim respectfully. If one has a gift of his liking to offer him, he might even agree to teach one some of his skills.

A few stories tell of fossegrims who have fallen in love with a person from their audience, or who have agreed to move in with a woman who has fallen in love with them. While they have probably meant well, fossegrimen gets very depressed and apathetic if he is not in frequent contact with the free waters of his home. His longing to return will grow more and more every day, until it’s too much to bear. Eventually he will wander back off into the woods, back into his singing brook, his lost love just another sad tune for him to play on his violin.”




The Fossegrimen is a spirit who lives in waterfalls and is neither good nor evil. The Fossegrimen is a magnificent musician who plays the fiddle day and night. If an aspiring fiddle player ventures to seek his help, the Fossegrimen will gladly help, for a price of course. He must go to the waterfall and offer the Fossegrimen a nice meal, usually a good plump joint of meat. Many stories tell of travelers who have tried to palm the Fossegrimen off with an inadequate piece of meat, resulting in the Fossegrimen just teaching the student how to tune his fiddle rather than play it. He never leaves his waterfall, but it is generally believed that the Fossegrimenis young and handsome.

Photo Credit: Maverchare.