MinnCon 2017 Hijinksters

OK y’all! This blog is to find a few places to get together either before or after the daily con activities to fangirl, make dick jokes, drink coffee (or other stuff) and just get to hang out together and share life.

So here is a small list to start. Past con goers who have tried other spots are welcome to add to the list and I will update regularly. Please reblog so the word can get out!!!

Coffee Shops:

Nicolet Diner (Coffee and food)

Cafe Pateen

Boiler Room Coffee

Segue Cafe


Lot 57

Keys Foshay

Hell’s Kitchen

Hen House Eatery

Eggy’s Diner

Dinner/ Late Night:

Nicollet Diner

Brit’s Pub

Devil’s Advocate

Living Room (Tapas)

Flavor Bee’s

Crazy Puppy

Cheesecake Factory

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Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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