(fos) by (fos)

(fos) is the name of the first ephemeral installation by the multidisciplinary team (fos). It means light in Greek and melted in Catalan.
In this project has been represented by a skin that covers both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The protected facade of the vegan restaurant Rayen at Lope de Vega street in Madrid has been illuminated for 4 days and nights by more than 250ml of yellow tape, painted décor items, pineapples and… a lamp. A visual game between perspective and colored volumes that gained the looks.

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Hey, we all do it.

We turn to those easy, quick sayings- in order to comfort people.

But often times, it is the absolute worst thing to say.

These phrases often simplify large problems in a way that they can’t be simplified and ignore all complicating factors. They also tend to shame people who the statement isn’t true for.

I asked my followers to send me in triggers a lil bit ago, and these are all things that showed up on multiple people’s lists. Yet people who are bothered by these things are told to keep quiet because they’re the only ones. It simply isn’t true.

So let’s talk about some sentiments that we need to erase from our conversations.

1. Your parents always love you/ you have to love your parents.

Look, I get where this comes from. It’s a nice idea- but its a lie.

Parents abuse their children. Parents kick their children out. Parents neglect their children. Parents prostitute their children out. Parents murder their children.

Parents do all sorts of terrible things.

and if someone says they don’t love their parents, or they don’t have a family- don’t argue with them. You have no idea why someone is saying it- and it really isn’t any of your business.

So please, stop saying it.

You can say that your parents will love you no matter what.  but the generalized statement? needs to go.

2.  "Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it"/ “Put up and shut up”/“Take one for the team”

There is no situation where it is okay to say, “you’re hurting, but you better smile” yet we say the prior all the time.

It is not okay to minimize people’s pain. It is not okay that we treat people who talk about their pain like lepers. It is not okay.

We have built a culture of silence, and the only people it benefits? is those causing the pain.

These phrases are about sacrificing yourself in order to further a ‘common goal’ and not complaining about it.

The entire concept of 'you are not as worthwhile as the majority’ is well… gross.

There is a difference between personally choosing to sacrifice yourself, and being coerced and guilted into doing so.

We all learned in middle school that peer pressure was gross. So stop using it as adults.

3. “Why don’t you trust me?” “You trust me don’t you?”

Especially coming from near strangers. Can we not? Trust is something people have to earn. It isn’t inherent. Especially for survivors. Also, it isn’t always personal that someone doesn’t trust you. Some people just don’t trust that easy. Stop taking it as a personal offense.

4. “Happiness comes to those who look for it.” “If you only think negatively that’s all you’re going to get” “Every Cloud has a silver lining” ect all

 While these may be personally motivating, telling someone else that it is their fault if they can’t find happiness- is bloody gross. and it is victim blaming.

People who are depressed will not suddenly be perky, happy neurotypical individuals if they just look at the bright side.

and telling someone who has been through trauma that if they just looked for the good in what happened- makes you an asshole.

5. “If you were a real ______, you would __________”

I really don’t care what is attached to the real.

I don’t care if you’re talking about 'real women’, 'real fan’, 'real trans person’, 'real lesbian’, 'real rape victim’,'real feminist’.

Everyone is different.

Everyone reacts to things differently.

Policing peoples identities is gross.

Stop being gross.

6. “Do it for me, please”/“If you loved me you would(n’t)”

Whether it be about not self harming, not committing suicide, or trying to coerce someone into having sex with you- its all not cool to say.

Stop trying to guilt people into doing or not doing things. It’s only going to make them resent you, and make them hurt more. and in the case of the last one- its rape.


A Four Day Long Ray Of Light By (Fos) Team

Situated on Lope de Vega Street in Madrid, the protected facade of Rayen has been illuminated for four days and nights (19-22 of September 2013) by about 250m of bright yellow adhesive tape. Named after the team behind it, the installation gives the illusion of an artificial light shining from above the restaurant’s entrance swathing the lighted area in very bright yellow light.



The rally stage is a pretty punishing place - for the cars but also for photographers! The track is cut into chalk stone, which makes it very dusty, after each time I left the stage I looked like I’d been floured. It is also very rutty in places, and several of the 80 or so cars that entered picked up damage, some of it fixable but for some it was terminal. That didn’t stop most drivers from pushing though, and giving the spectators a good show - especially over the jump!

Masterpost - Fragments of Stardusters (complete)

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Summary: In which they are boring-ass teachers with a boring-ass relationship. In which they are supposed to be history, but then it didn’t look like it.

Warnings: Swearing, smut, suicide mention

Genre: Fluffy angst

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