For Better Or For Worse

The words they seem to linger,
trembling off the tip of my tongue,
Struggling to get my point across.
And I can feel the potential
slipping through my hands,
like sand in an hourglass.

I tried to get away from you,
from everything, but I can’t.
Thinking about the times we spent in high school.
And how those days were the best of my life.
Since then I’ve been drifting
and blowing away with the wind.

I need to get out of this house,
Force me to do something, anything.
For better or for worse.

HD Generation: For better or For worse?

In the 21st century, where Philippines is considered as a third world country, using variety of technology are frequently seen as equipping one’s learning in an easy and independent way, not just in political and technical industry but also in the field of educational institution.

Nowadays, we widely use technology as a medium for instruction basically for learning purposes which is a way different from the traditional method we are used to several years ago. To further this claim, educators (Jonassen, 1996; Salaberry, 1999; Rost, 2002) indicate that computer and its attached language learning programs could provide second language learners more independence from classrooms and allowing learners the option to work on their learning material at any time of the day. Like for example, students can immediately get various authentic reading materials either at home or from home just by connecting to the internet. And, those materials can be accessed 24 hours a day.Therefore, computer technology has now become an influential component of second language learning pedagogy.

In addition, by sending E-mail and joining Facebook page groups we, learners, can communicate to our professors concerning our academic related stuff when sudden changes or phenomena happens. For instance, papal visit, holidays, activity period, and class suspensions.

Moreover, though it may give numerous benefits to the learners on the other hand, technology promotes cheating, laziness, and irresponsibility among the learners clearly because they can google anything at hand and can steal one’s intelligent work without even citing the author’s name which leads to plagiarism. In addition, using technology encourage the young learners to withdraw from social interaction which later on leads to low self-esteem and isolation.

Therefore, with all these in mind, though modern technology development has been widely accommodated, here in the Philippines,  in assisting one’s learning, it still has limitations and weaknesses to count into. Moreover, if these variety of technology are used in a useful way, it can enhance one’s teaching and can help one’s learning.


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The first step to making something happen

is believing that it can and it just might… it just might (:

maybe it’s a horrible thing to regain hope, but at least, for this moment. I’m hopeful. Which I haven’t been for the longest time about it. But for now that’s the only thing I can really grasp.

All couples have their ups and downs, right now we are having a hard time but we always come out on top. You mean the world to me and I’ll do whatever it takes to make things right and work this out. Right now things are kinda scary but we will be okay! Don’t give up on us or our dream because I know its coming one day for us. I love you bebe, no matter what happens you’ll always be my forever.