Rating TVD

Season 1: Awesome, set up the story and mythology well, nice establishing of characters and ships, flashbacks were great and moved the story along, each episode got better and better. 8/10

Season 2: Amazing, storyline was fresh and consistent, antagonists were at their best, new characters were exciting and intriguing, deaths still had emotional impact and you really emphasized and cared for the characters, Also, Caroline’s character development was brilliant. 9/10

Season 3: In my opinion, the best season. The Originals were fascinating and gave the storylines life, character development came full circle, the main love triangle each had their fair share of balance to keep shippers satisfied, and there were a lot of standout episodes. 9.5/10

Season 4: Good, there were still some great characters and storylines to keep the plot going although the writing wasn’t as strong as S3/2/1. Some antagonists worked, others didn’t. Lots and lots of ships thrown in, some more than others. Some episodes were memorable and pretty great, others not so much. Really a good or bad season depending on your opinion. 7/10

Season 5: Terrible, plots were shaky and inconsistent, characters were randomly thrown in and would disappear for episodes at a time with no explanation, antagonists were dull and useless, it felt like they threw in 1000 doppelgangers for no reason, most episodes were boring and unmemorable with only a handsworth of decent episodes. 3/10

Season 6: Still pretty shitty, but slightly better than 5. There were a few saving graces of characters. Most plots were plain and horrible, but the Gemini Coven was a little piece of gold in this wreckage of a season. Antagonist was amazingly good, early season worthy brilliant for such an overall mess. Some great episodes, but not enough to outweigh the bad. 5/10

Season 7 (So far): B-A-D. Up there with S5 as currently the worst season. Storylines are beyond ridiculous and terrible, deaths have virtually no impact anymore, character development is absolutely destroyed, and antagonists are dull as dishwater. So far there have been 1 or 2 decent episodes, but that’s about it. Maybe the season will be a miracle and end up saving the show from undeniable low ratings and cancellation. Doubt it. 3/10

I WANT Klaus and Caroline.

I WANT Stefan and Caroline.

I WANT Enzo and Caroline.

I WANT Tyler and Caroline.

Fuck I even WANT Matt and Caroline again.

Do you see my damn problem? 

Candice Accola and her PERFECT chemistry with every male actor.