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I don't know if you have answered something along these lines, but I've just been really interested about Link's "alliances" with the most recent chapters. It's pretty obvious that he is very conflicted (between Allen and the Order, presumably since he has been with Allen for a while now). It's interesting that when "the 14th" tries to fake being Allen in one of the recent chapters, Link is just like "drop the act" rather immediately. I don't know haha, just wondering what your take is?

i think link’s probably going to to have to decide whether he’s going to mindlessly follow his duty or go with what he feels is right i.e. does he side with the 14th and give no regard to allen’s existence? or does he try and help allen and potentially disobey his orders? i think he’s very conflicted and he clearly sees allen as important and he’s someone link cares about, but he also relies on lvellie’s guidance a lot and being a crow is the only purpose he’s had since he was a child, so i can imagine it won’t be an easy decision to abandon his duty just like that.

the thing is, as long as helping allen doesn’t conflict with helping neah, he’d probably be able to get away with it. but if helping allen means he’s not helping neah or directly hindering him? kinda goes against his orders to be the 14th’s ally. it’ll be really interesting to see whether link decides to take his own initiative with this or not.

why you should hire that camp counsellor

granted, my resume’s quite sparse. four summers working at overnight camp and my school year as an RA doesn’t mean much to the business man in the big desk or even the barista at starbucks. the fact that I spent my summers not interning at that law firm or serving drinks to those CEOs, but rather playing games and telling bedtime stories doesn’t scream HIRE ME when you see it on the CV. but what you don’t know is the years of experience I gained in almost every field by spending my sun-drenched days leading another round of ‘There Was a Great Big Moose” 

*cue posing my hands as antlers*

because what you don’t see beyond the times new roman listing of “camp counsellor summer [blank] to summer [blank]” is the sheer dedication given to the job, the heat exhausting 22 hour work days we put in week after week simply for the love of the job, the months of planning and practicing and learning put into those few months of the summer just so the execution and delivery can appear flawless. and all that will translate to whatever field we transfer into.

I have seen camp counsellors from all different walks of life, all different passions, all different goals. I have met a counsellor prepped and ready for the business world and with a start-up campaign at the age of nineteen (she also leads the best round of “three little birds”). I have met a model who plans on travelling the globe and has a serious talent for painting it. I have met a future ER nurse who won’t take shit from anyone but also rocks glitter as eyeshadow everyday at camp. I have met future actors and aspiring engineers, planned newscasters and elementary school teachers. I have met people going to Queen’s University, Dalhousie, Carleton, Guelph, people simply on a stop-over on their cross-Canada tour. and the only thing in common between them is camp.

at camp, I’ve learned to wrangle a group of hyperactive children and keep them entertained for hours, simply because we’ve had to cancel EP. I’ve learned to stay ALIVE AWAKE ALERT ENTHUSIASTIC even when I’m dead walking. I’ve learned how to plan on a dime, think on my feet, roll with anything thrown my way, all with a camera ready smile. tell me you don’t want that employee in your corner.

because working at camp requires a strong level of dedication, and serious time management skills. it’s a work environment that fosters passion, and creativity, forward thinking, and develops good team dynamics, all buzzwords you want to hear in that telltale interview we want.

I mean, yes, we dress oddly. we have a song for every occasion, a need for the outdoors, and an attachment to the beads and hemp that adorn our arms. but if you get a resume of someone that spent their summers dedicated to camp, trust me, you’ll want to interview them. you want to hire that camp counsellor, that sun-freckled, bright eyed, young adult with the worn out hair wraps and the weird tan lines. 

because camp is the best boot camp for the battlefield that is life, and by working there, we’re ready for anything.

Now, I realize that there will be difficulties. Whenever you have a transition, whenever you are moving from one system to another there will be definite difficulties, but I think there is enough brainpower, and I think there is enough determination, enough courage and faith to meet the difficulties as they develop. I often feel like saying, when I hear the question “People aren’t ready,” that it’s like telling a person who is trying to swim, “Don’t jump in that water until you learn how to swim.” When actually you will never learn how to swim until you get in the water.
—  Martin Luther King Jr.

It is kind and positive people that inspire and motivate us to be awesome. It is their drive and ambitions that are so attractive and energizing. They are like magnet, attract all the good. Once you are around them you get filled with energy and ready to conquer the highest peaks and overcome the most difficult challenges.