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“Soul Retrieval”

The vibration of the shamanic intention/practice of retrieving and integrating the fragmented self in order to become whole. When a person experiences a life trauma, they dissociate and “split” their consciousness in order to move forward. But the “split selves” (most of which are child selves) remain imprinted in the past. This splitting creates negative imprints within a person’s energy field, most especially in the emotional body. This imprinting affects every aspect of a person’s life. Retrieving and re-integrating these lost aspects of ourselves is a key part of healing, becoming whole and realizing enlightenment. It is one of the highest forms of “spirit medicine” practiced in the shamanic tradition and it is a process often facilitated by plant medicines such as Peyote and Ayahuasca. This vibration is unanimously beneficial for all people. It is especially helpful for those who have PTSD or those who experienced unhappy childhoods.


“ 😅 This combo though! Bulgarian split squat/forward lunge.
4 sets - 8 reps per side/alternating legs (no breaks) ”

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"Attack them, Kled. Mutilate them. Kill them. Rend their flesh. Let the ground drink of their blood... Leave nothing for the leeches." Okay so maybe Passion wasn't always good, but he certainly knew how to paint a scene.

“Y’got a lotta nerve, skullface. Tellin’ me what to do.” 

Regardless of his reputation in Noxus prime, Kled wasn’t crazy. And he was no fool. He knew better than to trust the word of one like Cervantes. One of those wretches from the Shadow Isles, or wherever that bullshit resided.

Kled leaned forward, a wicked grin split his lips, sharp incisors and fangs gleamed in the light of the fire.

“Though one time I might’ve taken you up on that. I would’ve killed ‘em all, all them wretches from the Shadow Isles and their king.”

Mally would wander out of the bedroom one morning to see Lily in the main room, acting out her daily stretches. She had her forearms braced against the floor, the lower half of her body arched above her head. Her legs were parted in a forward split and if he were to watch for a couple minutes, she’d alternate between the front and back leg.

When she noticed him, she waved happily, her forearms not leaving the floor. Withing a moment, she’d be upright after some sort of somersault-esque movement.

“Good morning…I was going to go out for a run, but it’s starting to snow so I figured I’d just do some indoor exercises.” She smiled brilliantly up at him. “Want to join me?”

aahhhhhh oh my god

just kill me right now

Amara popped out of nowhere and you could see it in Dean’s face (fucking Jensen man) that he could feel her power.  His eyes went blank and even though he was fighting it, he clearly had the same reaction that he always does.


then she absorbs the power from the Hand of God and Lucifer combined, yanks Lucifer forward, and for a split second it doesn’t look so much like Lucifer in that vessel

and Dean immediately calls for Cas.  Immediately.  He doesn’t say one goddamned word to Amara, doesn’t acknowledge the so-called bond that they have.  He calls out to Cas, scared and hopeful that maybe now Cas will hear him while under Amara’s goddamned thrall

And it says something specific about Dean’s relationship with Cas that a similar situation hasn’t popped up with Sam.  Because if all they were going for was “brotherly love can pull Dean out!!1!” then they could have done that- except that there are all the implications and outright statements that Amara’s thrall is akin to a (albeit unwilling) dark and twisted attraction.  Anyone who breaks Dean out of that then takes on the role of positive romantic side in that little triangle, emphasized by Amara’s reaction to him calling Cas’ name.  It’s a situation similar to what they did in season 10 with Crowley vs Cas, except we’ve taken even one step further toward text simply because it’s a lot easier to stick a man and a woman in a scene together and call it love.

idk man, representation for the lgbtq+ community aside, at this point I feel like Destiel is pretty damn canon


Stretching yesterday. Last 4 pics are video stills. View video here.


Splits - 4-16-15. Also, view my video here.


Split stretching - 6-01-16.


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“The children each raise their sticks and toy swords and lower into stances similar to their Commander’s. When they all seem ready, their eyes wide and their grips tight, Lexa glances around the small crowd as if sizing each child up and then points to one and says, “Yu. Jomp em op.” The small boy waits for Lexa to repeat the words in English, making it clear that this sort of play with the Commander is not new to him or the others. Lexa has played with them, taught them, before, and Clarke feels dizzy and full with the realization.

“You,” Lexa says to him again. “Attack.”

There is no hesitation on the boy’s part. He instantly and skillfully jumps forward, his toy sword splitting the air in a heavy slash and thudding against Lexa’s as she defends herself. She is gentle in her counter attack and he parries expertly, his dirty feet sliding easily through the mud as he moves. Lexa lets out a raspy chuckle and nods to him, which seems to excite the boy. He grins and lunges at her again, and Lexa carries out the play battle with him for several back-and-forth strikes before she signals for the fight to be over.

Clarke drops onto a large stone nearby, a piece of statue that a hundred years of weather has smoothed and made flat. She sets her small canvas atop her lap and pulls the two pencils stashed in her pocket free before getting comfortable and turning her eyes back to the scene. She bites her lip around a smile when Lexa pats the boy’s head and then his bare back as he runs back to his friends.”

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent)

by Chrmdpoet

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