forward on climate change


Defying Trump, other countries are stepping up to fight climate change without the US

  • As the United States government appears to give up the fight to curb the dangers of climate change, other countries are stepping forward to attempt to fill the gap.
  • On Tuesday, the EU’s European Investment Bank pledged “to maintain its target” of investing around $20 billion a year over the next five years to fight climate change, the Independent reported.
  • China is poised to take a leadership role in the fight against climate change “by the end of this decade,” according to a report in the Guardian, as Chinese leaders see greater environmental and economic value in the cause. Read more

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Governor Cuomo Announces Approval of Largest Offshore Wind Project in the Nation
90 Megawatt Offshore Wind Farm 30 Miles Off the Coast of Long Island Will Create Jobs and Power 50,000 Long Island Homes with Clean, Resilient and Affordable Energy.

NYS through Gov Cuomo’s leadership moves forward in fighting Climate Change, creating jobs, boosting the economy and creating energy independence that doesn’t poison communities. Join us!

* SIXTH, lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward

* SEVENTH, cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure

—  Donald Trump first 100 days priorities - LABEL TRUMP “JOBKILLER”
You are not overreacting

You are not wrong to be scared.  You have not fallen for propaganda.  You’re not making a big deal out of nothing.

If everything turns out just fine it will be because we acted today and each day going forward to fight hatred, resist fascism, and prevent as much climate change as can still be prevented - not because we stood aside and let history take its course.

Remember that many of the voices who say “It will be all right, it can’t happen here” were the voices who said “Trump can’t get elected”.  It can happen here, and if we wait until we’re sure that it definitely is happening here, it will be too late.

Your feelings and your fears are valid.  Don’t let those who seek to normalize Trump shame you for them.  We must engage with those who disagree with us, but in moments of doubt, of despair, reach out to your friends who are as scared as you are and validate each other.  

Accept the gift of fear.  Honor it.  Act on it.


I think I’m gonna share something with you, I guess I never really thought about it before but I was reading my posts and it’s something you may not know, so I’d like to tell you. 

I was raised Roman Catholic and I identify as Roman Catholic. I attend church (although I could be better about consistency) and I plan on becoming more active in the church, such as helping out with the social justice ministries or youth programs. I’m looking forward to reading the Pope’s encyclical on climate change. 

In many ways I am considered too “liberal” for conservative Catholics. And in many ways I’m too “conservative” for liberals. Lately, I’ve been asked (in real life) about my faith and many people will say they are spiritual but not religious and I think, if that works for you that’s great. I am Roman Catholic and I am proud of that. I do all those things that would probably make you say, “What a hypocrite!” but I don’t care what you think. 

I am not humble or pious, I am loud and at times vulgar. I drink and I curse. And I believe in God. My relationship with God is dynamic and evolving and personal, but it is also guided and influenced by Catholicism. 

I guess my point is, if you have questions about faith or God or Catholicism ask me, I’ll try to answer or I’ll get the answer or I’ll commiserate and say man, there is no answer to that and yea, maybe we can even pray together.