forward fold

lunchbreak yoga for beginners 

Make the most of your lunchbreak and get some movement in! This straightforward sequence is perfect for any level, and just what your stiff limbs need after a morning of work.

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Uttanasana - Forward Fold

The Sanskrit word uttanasana can be broken down.  Ut means intense, powerful, and deliberate.  The verb tan means to stretch, extend, and lengthen.  It’s a stretch of the back body and should release the tension in your back and neck.  Hang there like a “rag doll” and feel your hamstrings stretch and lengthen.  Allow gravity to pull your upper body while your tailbone lifts and feel your back become long and loose.

I am happy.

Yesterday I scrolled through a year of silly faces on my Photobooth and the conclusion was : “I am really cute”. I ate out with friends and ordered fries without second thought.
This morning I’ve caught myself smiling at my reflection in the mirror. Looking at my body and loving what I see. I still take bad decisions and I have bad days. But they are 1 out of 100. I realize happiness isn’t something you wait for but you create yours. I fully accept and love who I am.
So please, if you hate yourself at this moment, don’t think you’re going to feel this way forever. Take care of yourself, do nice things, accept that you are not perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. Find your balance. Make the positive bigger than the negative, live.
And give yourself a hug, you deserve it.


It is so gloomy today guys so I dedicated it to working on my flexibility. I’ve been feeling trapped in my body and this was everything I needed. Hearing all these pops and creaks and feeling my legs and belly stretch and hips open up is all I need to remember that this body isn’t so bad to be trapped in!

It’s been a good day. Rain would have made it better but I can’t complain. Jordan is on his way home and the whole apartment is clean for him and I’m so excited to spend the evening together! Yall have a good week!