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On the travelling wave: An intuition

The aim of this post is to understand the traveling wave solution. It is sometimes not explained in textbook as to why the solution “travels”.

We all know about our friend – ‘The sinusoid’.

y becomes 0 whenever sin(x) = 0 i.e x = n π

Now the form of the traveling sine wave is as follows:

When does the value for y become 0 ? Well, it is when

As you can see this value of x is dependent on the value of time ‘t’, which means as time ticks, the value of x is pushed forward/backward based on the value of  ω  .

When the value of ω > 0, the wave moves forward and when ω < 0 , the wave moves backward.

Here is a slowly moving forward sine wave for reference.

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Yes. Part one. Because I don’t know when to stop. 

Anyways, pretty straight forward I recolored four base game tops in @smubuh‘s Freshly Brewed Palette so I hope you guys enjoy ‘em!


  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Requires no mesh (they’re basegame, duh)
  • Four separate files for each recolor

Download: Simfileshare


Palette by @smubuh

Meshes by EA

Caught, bound and fucked

smut// JiKook // I’m gonna put “////” where the paragraphs are bc for some reason they keep disappearing. /// The cell was a little cold but Jimin didn’t mind. What he did mind however was the lack of explanation when he was shoved into said cold cell by a particularly attractive detective. “Wait here.” The detective grunted at him as he locked the cell, Jimin couldn’t help but watch his ass as he walked away. Nice. //// He looked around his cell, there wasn’t much save for a blanket and a roll out bed. Sighing he decided to sit on the cell wall, legs dangling through the bars, listening as another jailor was being questioned. ///// He started to zone out fast, legs swinging back and forth, until he heard “Detective Jeon, bring him over.” Huh? ‘Detective Jeon’ strolled over. Jimin, still with his legs dangling, didn’t have enough time to pull them out before Jeon slapped one of his thighs, harsh and fast. Jimin couldn’t help the soft moan/yelp that escaped his mouth. The Detective smirked, interesting. Jimin pulled himself up and out of the bars, quickly jumping down to avoid another smack. Something struck jimins mind, as soon as the door was open he tried to run, but was captured by Detective Jeon and threw over his shoulder. The next thing Jimin knew, Jeon was placing a large, harsh spank on jimins ass, he moaned… Detective Jeon froze and put Jimin down, but when Jimin looked up Jeon was smirking again, he looked…almost…aroused. ///// The next half an hour went by like a blur. Jimin couldn’t get the thought of Jeon out of his head…his thoughts were getting more and more..sinful. One second Jimin was thinking about Jungkook, his first name as he was thrilled to discover, pounding into him, cuffing him against the cell and making him cry, and the next thing he knew Jeon was pushing him back into his cell, that familiar smirk back in his face. “You’ll be staying overnight, so make yourself at home.” He locked the cell door. “I’ll be here all night to watch over you. So make sure you be a good boy.” He winked. Winked. Jimin, speechless, just nodded and sat down on the floor. He wasn’t sure if he actually saw it, or if it was his sex crazed mind satisfying his sex drive. He shook his head and lay down against the harsh flooring. Not long after he left his eyelids close, he smiled entering his fantasy dream… //// He woke to the sound of moans, not something too out of the ordinary but this time they weren’t his…///// Detective Jeon wasn’t a quiet fuck he must admit, his moans would fill an auditorium like music from a band, and what a beautiful song it would be he might add, and the moans he produced from others, well… In front of him, Detective Kim was bent over the desk they shared, ass red and cheeks just as ruddy, he smiled a boxy smile, breathless as he usually was around this time. Jeon’s tongue was at his fellow detectives hole, where it belonged as Kim says. “Mmmm” Kim moaned. “Oh yes daddy.” Ugh, the pet name sent Jungkooks tongue into overdrive, working hard and fast. No mercy. Jungkook pretended not to hear when Jimin woke, he pretended not to see when Jimin walked over to the bars, he pretended it didn’t turn him on that the boy was slowly humping the bars… “arghsunfjsjs” with a final lick Kim came and collapsed against the desk, panting even heavier if that was possible. Jungkook kisses his cheeks and locked eyes with Jimin. He bit down hard on Kim’s ass when Jimin bit his lip before scurrying away. “Ow! Baby enough, I already came.” Jungkook sat back in his chair, his dick still hard and leaking in his pants. Kim quickly dressed himself and turned so he was sat on the desk facing jungkook. “You sure wanted to switch shifts huh? Eating me like that, I think someone’s got a crush.” Kim gestured to the cell where Jimin lay, hard and panting. Jungkook just rolled his eyes and nodded his head toward the door, telling Kim to leave. //// The detective held his hands up and made a move toward the door. “I’m going I’m going. Have fun.” He sang. //// Oh he will. ///// Jimin heard Jeon before he saw him. His feet stomping agasint the floor, keys rattling as they opened the cell, boots squeaking as his squatted down to Jimins level. Jimin could do nothing but look down. Down at his knees, currently pulled up against his chest to hide his throbbing cock. Jeon hooked a finger under Jimins chin and pulled him so they were eye level. //// “Have you been weapon searched yet?” Jungkook asked. Jimin just shook his head, eyes near watering. “Well then, stand up. Arms out.” Jeon commanded. Oh no… jungkook quickly rose to his feet, expecting Jimin to follow but the boy stayed sat. “Up!” Jungkook yelled this time. Jimin scrambled up, standing arms wide, tears officially threatening to fall. His erection strained against his pants and the sudden movements made him whine. Jeon started patting him down, arms first, then torso. Satisfied, the Detective got on his knees and started patting down the boys legs, slowly making his way up. When he got to his ass/crotch he slapped rather than patted. “Oh!” Jimin squeaked. Jungkooks hand closed over Jimins dick and smirked. “What’s this? Feels..long..” his fingers stroked up and down as he spoke. “Hard..mmm. I think I need to take a closer look. You know, for safety.” They locked eyes, Jeon silently asking for consent. “Of course officer. For safety.” He breathed. Jimins hands tangled in the detectives hair as he pulled his erection free and licked up the underside. Jimin could feel him smirk against his dick at the moans spilling off his tongue. Finally jungkook took all of him into his mouth, releasing again with a loud pop but quickly going back for more. Jimin felt like his brain was going to explode, was this really even happening? Jungkook sucked slow at first but he soon quickened his pace, bringing Jimin right to the edge before pulling away. “Eh? What..” Jimin breathed, looking at Jeon confused. “Oh I’m not done kitten.” He palmed the others ass. Jimin moaned and fell to his knees, nearly pushing Jeon down to the floor. Now both on their knees, chests heavy, hearts pounding in unison, Jeon snaked his hand around Jimins neck and pulled him closer, connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. Just as Jimin began to kiss back, he was threw to the floor, face down ass up. The elders ass was exposed and the cold air stung but what stung more were the smacks. “Ah!” He squealed. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile as he soothed the others now reddening ass. “Wow.” Jimin looked over his shoulder to see jungkook, smiling down at his ass. “I knew it would look great but I never thought it could be this great. Wow..” jungkook started to undo his shirt, he’d removed his undershirt from earlier Jimin noticed, revealing is tan toned abs, clenching and releasing as he breathed in and out. He left his shirt loose around his shoulders, arms rolled up to the elbow. Jimins breath caught in his chest, he never expected this was they way his night in jail would go…go, wait where was Jungkook going? Jungkook returned with a couple of things, handcuffs being the one Jimin decided to focus on. They were black and looked heavy duty, well they were for criminals he rationalised. “What are you going to do to me?” Jimin breathed, panting at the thought. “Get on your back, against the bars. Now.” Jungkook commanded. Jimin did just that, excited and scared about threat was going to happen. “Hands up and around the bar. Come on.” Jimin felt something close around one of this wrists, then the other, chaining him to the bar of the cell. Jungkook lifted the hem of the elders shirt and pulled it up so it bunched around his face. He pulled it so it covered Jimins face, from neck all the way to his now cuffed hands leaving Jimin essentially blindfolded. Jungkook made a start on pulling off the rest of Jimins clothing, placing sloppy kisses to his sculptured thighs and calves leaving Jimin a moaning mess. Jungkook marvelled at the toned boy in front of him. He slowly slid his hands up the others thighs, lifting his legs slightly so he could reach his ass. The hands the found their way to jimins ass were heaven, pulling scratching and kneading desperately. “Ahh jungkookah” Jungkook groaned at this, he loved the way the other moaned his name. Jimin felt the first finger push into him fast, not enough to hurt but enough to make him jump and squirm. Jungkook leant forward and kissed the base of Jimins neck, sucking and biting as he pumped him. He brought his other hand around and grabbed Jimins throbbing dick, now pink with all the stimulation, and started pumping that too. Jimins head swam, he couldn’t move or see or breathe at this point, he just surrendered his body to the will of the Officer. Another finger found its way inside Jimins hole and his breath caught in his throat, coughing and spluttering to gain it back again. “Careful now baby,” jungkook whispered against his throat. “If you’re going to choke it’s going to be on my dick, yeah?” Jimin nodded and bit his lip, throwing his head back allowing his hips to slowly grind against Jeons fingers. “Such a slut.” Jungkook moaned as he pulled his fingers out, much to Jimins disappointment, and thrust them into Jimins mouth. “Suck.” Jimin did. Fast and messily at first but once his eagerness ebbed, he slowed down, following the rhythm of jungkooks fist, still pumping him. Jimin was close…so damn close his hips moved by themselves, thrusting into the hand wrapped around his dick. Jungkook laughed before pulling away both of his hands. Jimins hips continued thrusting the air, trying to find anything to rub against to her his release. “Such a naught boy. Don’t you wanna be a good boy?” Jungkook slowly palmed his ass. “Don’t you wanna get rewarded.” He circled soothingly. “Or do you wanna get punished?” He smacked down hard on jimins ass making him whine, precum flowing by this point. “P-punished..ah punish me.” He sighed as jungkook dug his nails in. Jungkook couldn’t hide the smirk as he pulled his own trousers down, letting his rock hard dick spring free. He knelt and shuffled forward then lifted Jimins hips so that his butt rested on Jungkooks thighs. “W-what’s going o-ahhh” Jimin started but was cut off when Jungkook thrust into him, bottoming out then moving at a punishing pace. “Ju-Jungkook!” Jungkook wanted to see tears streaming down the others face so he sped up as fast as he could without loosing it too fast. “Oh yes. Punish me! Punish me!” Jimin screamed, pulling against the restraints and arching his back, impaling himself further on jungkooks dick. Jungkook licked up the stream of salty tears that fell from Jimins eyes, his head swimming, drowning in the soft whimpers spilling out of Jimins mouth. Jimin was close, so close, Jungkook could feel his walls clenching tighter as he hurtled towards his peak. Jungkook quickly leant forwards, not breaking pace, and pulled the temporary blindfold up so it bunched around his cuffed hands and allowed him to see. The light hit Jimins eyes, stinging painfully, it took him a second to adjust though the sight that greeted him blinded him even more. Jungkooks face was dripping with sweat, head flung back, hair sticking to his forehead, this muscles were working overtime, he looked like a sculpted god. Jungkook smiled down at Jimin as he leant in closer and kissed him, passionately but slowly. Jimin came in a burst of fire, Jungkook not stopping his pace, letting Jimin ride out his high. Jungkook didn’t last much longer, spilling into Jimins abused hole just a few breaths after, Jimin affectionately kissing his neck. Before Jungkook collapsed against the other, he reached and un-cuffed him, letting his arms fall limp to the floor. Jungkooks dick slipped out of Jimin as he fell onto his chest, resting there while Jimin stroked his hair, trying to catch his breath also. //// “If punishments are all like that, I should commit crimes more often”.

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Silly Mc76 headcanon where McCree and Morrison celebrate the 4th of July by buying a massive amount of fireworks and nearly killing themselves when they set them all off at once, much to Mercy’s dismay.

Soups and Broths in Magick

I am rather new to the witch community on tumblr but I have been interested in witchcraft for years. I have come upon a reoccurring thing, many of my friends I wish to magically aid through teas and herbal brews, do not like the taste of tea. I have found that mixing herbal blends or herbs representing what you wish to occur into soups and broths work just as well! In fact if you choose the right soup you can get sometimes better results I have found. Soup mimics tea by being easily drank and can be served warm and hot, which I find very comforting.

First it is important to choose a soup or broth that goes well taste wise with the herbs you wish to use. You want it to taste pleasant for yourself or the one you are providing it to. Though, try to find a soup or stock or broth that corresponds with what you wish to achieve with the herbs to further strengthen and increase the outcome you wish. 

A short list of correspondences:

Chicken Broth/Stock: Uncrossing, new growth, fertility, sacrifice, New beginnings, rebirth

Turkey Broth/Stock: Close connections to Earth, generosity, inspiration, bounty, blessings

Beef Broth/Stock: New beginnings, femininity/female power, fertility, strength, balance

Pork Broth/Stock or Bacon: Intelligence, good luck, prosperity, curiousity, discovering new things

Fish Broth/Stock: Close connections to Water, health, improving oneself, the unconcious mind, awareness, fertility, good luck, wishes, change

Shellfish/Clam/Mussel Broth/Stock/Soup/Chowder: Protection, stopping lies/gossip/rumors, removal or treatment of stubbornness, honesty, truth, close connections to both Water and Earth, living a natural life

Shrimp Broth/Stock: love, abundance, fertility, trying new things, moving forward

Cheese base/Milk base soup/Chowder: Beauty, femininity, love, self-love, purification, rebirth

Tomato Soup: Protection, prosperity, love, uncrossing, femininity, romance and passion, negation of negativity and evil

Pumpkin Soup: Healing, prosperity, love, protection, granting wishes

Squash Soup: Psychic awareness, spiritual enlightenment

Corn Chowder: connections to the sun, luck, prosperity, abundance

Onion Soup: protection, keep evil away, healing, banishing, stability, exorcism, money, lust, and ends bad habits

Pea Soup: Kindness, connections with Air

Mushroom Soup: psychic enhancement, connections to Earth, longevity, strength, immortality

Curry/Curry Soups: banishing, healing, prosperity, protection from negativity

Soups with Noodles: Longevity, uncrossing

Soups with Rice: prosperity, blessing, money and wealth, security, good fortune to come

Soups with Barley: Love, Healing, Protection

Hopefully this will be helpful for any witches who are not very big fans of the taste of teas or for anyone else for that matter. I would love to hear or see any other suggestions for tea replacements or other soups that could be used. This came straight out of my Grimoire and I hope to add more of it to this site soon. Blessed be everyone!

The Lady in Red (7/?)

Title: The Lady in Red (7/?)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 1848
Warnings: Some violence

Tony ordered a suite for Y/N, FRIDAY working her magic and taking measurements and getting everything perfect. Y/N wasn’t sure how she felt about having a suite, she wasn’t an Avenger, but it made sense because Steve had insisted on a bullet resistant lining in the top. The suit was dark red with black accents. The black boots came half way up her calves and held a pocket for knives in each side, Natasha’s addition. Other than that, there were hidden pockets all over the place.

The team met in the hanger. Y/N watched SHIELD agents load equipment onto the jet. Sam walked by carrying his wings and winked at her. Y/N was only a little nervous. She would be surrounded with people who had quickly become like family to her. She knew she would do anything for them and they for her, but the thought of going back into a HYDRA base was a little scary. She was so steeped in her thoughts that she didn’t notice Steve standing next to her until he lightly bumped her with his hip.

“Hey in there, you alright?” He asked quietly.

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Crops Ahoy: Farms That Float

No Land? No Problem. If Barcelona-based Forward Thinking Architecture has its way, farms of the future will operate autonomously as they float on the open sea. Stretching eco-friendly concepts to the limit, the ambitious design firm has come up with the idea of Smart Floating Farms, large triple-decker agriculture barges that feature fish farms down below, hydroponic gardens up top, and solar panels on the roof to keep things running. They don’t exist yet, but they’re certainly providing plenty of food for thought.

The concept hits all the current buzzwords: preservation of arable land, local organic food sourcing with less “food mileage,” environmental protection, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

More from the Huffington Post

I admittedly haven’t written in a while, but consider this my way of saying I’m officially halfway through grad school and back home for the summer with some free time! Looking forward to touching base with you all and writing again.

AFGHANISTAN. Kandahar Province. December 17, 2011. U.S. Army Sgt. Lidya Admounabdfany writes down information from a local woman at the Woman’s Centre near the Zhari District Centre outside of Forward Operating Base Pasab. Admounabdfany was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1990, living through the 2003 U.S. invasion, hiding in a basement with her family. Her mother, a widow who spoke some English, met and married an American security adviser and the whole family soon moved to Oklahoma City. When she was 17, she graduated High School and enrolled in the U.S. Army, hoping to go to Iraq. As the wars changed priorities, Admounabdfany ended up learning Dari and Pashto, and was deployed to Afghanistan as a member of 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division’s Female Engagement Team.

Photograph: Spc. Kristina Truluck/U.S. Army


Characters:  Dean x Reader with a cameo by Sam

Summary:  Two Pies.  Dean.  Reader.

Word count:  1530 (yet again I attempted to drabble…and this happened)

Warnings:  Pie abuse, language, smut

This is for my 2k drabble celebration.  @sassysupernaturalsweetheart requested  “You can’t eat two whole pies!” and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes requested  “You know what? I don’t even want to know how this happened.”  I combined these two because they seemed to fit well together.  I apologize because this kind of borders on a crack fic.  I blame @torn-and-frayed.  Please direct all concerns about the well being of pie accordingly.

Tags at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.  

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“You can’t eat two whole pies!” Dean argues as you slice into one of the apple pies you made this afternoon.

“Watch me,” you tease. “I baked ‘em, I eat ‘em.”

“But-” Dean stammers. “I fucking love pie.” He’s practically whining. If he wasn’t so cute it would be fucking pathetic.

“Then make your own.”

“You’re really going to eat two whole pies?” he asks incredulously.

“Well, maybe I’ll let you have a taste…”

He looks you expectantly. Such an eager boy. It makes you giggle. Dipping a finger into the pie, you suck the filling off your finger seductively. “Mmm,” you moan around the finger.

Dean slams a hand down on the counter. “You’re killing me, smalls!”

With a laugh, you dip into the pie again. Taking your finger, you smear some pie along your collarbone. “Wanna taste?”

Dean’s eyes widen and he lets out a growl. He’s on you faster than you can say ‘pie’. His tongue tickles as he laps the pie from your skin. “Oh,” you say in surprise. This just turned from harmless teasing to something decidedly more. Not that you were complaining. The two of you had been walking a fine line between overt flirting and flat out fucking ever since you moved into the bunker, so this was bound to happen.

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Bound to Vengeance

Words: 9006 (

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Drama, Caretaker!Au Disability!Au 

Summary: Revenge. How far and how much are you willing to go?

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His breath staggers in and out. He runs with numb legs, mind blank.

Finally, he comes to a screeching halt on his heels and throws open the large double doors, brown in colour and engraved with deep swirls.

The judge slams down the gavel. “Silence! Silence! Order in the court!”

Immediately everyone hushes, the lawyers taking their seats once again. “In the circumstances presented, I make the following order.” The judge’s voice ricochets off the high ceilings. Taehyung slowly stumbles forward. “Based on the evidence presented, there is an insufficient link that the defendant’s actions caused the plaintiff’s death. We cannot rule beyond a reasonable doubt and as a result…”

Taehyung’s heartbeat pounds in his ears.

He swallows hard.

“…the defendant, Miss L/N Y/N, is found not guilty.”

No. No. It can’t be.

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Here’s what I’ve seen about the new YuGiOh!

- The new show will have a new type of dueling that takes place in Virrual Reality. Apparently, somethig like SAO.

- The main character is Yusaku Fujiki

- Yusaku does not like to stand out, but when he starts High-School, he is relived to find out he doesn’t stand out at all.

- Based on this, we know Yusaku is 15 or 16, depending on when and where he was born.

- Yusaku has a much older/mature style to him, though not as much as Yusei did.

- The new show incorporates features such as Riding Duels, Action Duels and VR, combimimg the formulas of all the past shows.

- Yusaku’s Names, Yusaku and Fujiki have interesting meanings.

-Yusaku can mean either “Masterpiece”, “Artefact” or “Crouch”, as in “To Curl Up”.

- The second Kanji in “ 優作” (Yuusaku) is “作”, which means “Work”

-This may imply Yusaku is a workaholic or a very active person who takes pride in what they do.

- Conversely, it may mean Yusaku is a perfectionist and works too hard.

- His last name, “Fujiki”, is associated with more soft woods, or reeds of wood in general.

-Yusaku has three hair colors: Dark Blue, Bright Blue and Magenta

-Dark Blues generally represent Stability, Dignity and Intelligence.

-Brighter Blues represent cleanliness, Deoendability and Calm

- Magenta and purples tend to represent Royalty, Strong Emotions and Individuality.

- Yusaku has a very standard look. He wears a dark-blue jacket over a white shirt with a blue tie.

- Lastly on the topic of Yusaku, his eyes are green. Green symbolizes Nature, Misfortune and Unoriginality

- Next, the theme of the new show is “Let’s take one step forward and give it a try!”

- Arc V’s theme, to compare, is “Take a step forward with courage!

- Based on this, the next show like has a theme of building motivation, where Yusaku likely has none.

- It is also said that the main character starts meeting people through the Duel Monsters card game

What can we pull from this?
Yusaku seems to be a dull, mature kind of boy. He lacks motivation and only seems to live day-to-day. He is bored, and does not have many friends.
The new show also seems to have a SAO, or maybe .HACK// feel toward it, where Dueling takes place in Virtual Reality. Likely, we will see a LOT of cheating in this new Yugioh, as well as Viruses and Corruption.

…But take all this with a pinch of salt. This is all just projection. What do you guys think?

Dream - CH (Smut)

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“I dreamt about you last night.”  

This was a blurb that quickly got out of hand. Whoops. Smut ahead. 

Calum’s tense when he stops in the doorway of the room; shoulders squared, back rim-rod straight and every single muscle in his arms clenched. His eyes have darkened to shadows, brown overtaken by the blown out pupils the longer he watches you. His arousal is a hard line beneath the denim of his black jeans, cock flushing an angry red and already leaking at the tip in its confinement.

You’re not paying attention in the slightest, headphones blasting a playlist and hunched over your work as you frantically scribble in a notebook. How you don’t notice the crackling of energy in the air is beyond comprehension.  You just continue though, not even looking up until Calum tugs the headphones from your ears. “Oh! I didn’t hear you come in.”

He doesn’t respond, eyes just raking over you. Every single aspect of your being is…erotic. Well, to Calum, at least. All he has to do is think about you; your swollen lips pressed to his skin, moans falling from the part between them, pretty pink pussy wrapped tightly around his hard cock. God, he just wants you all the time.

Calum pushes your work off the bed, not caring in the slightest when it tumbles to the ground with a heavy ‘thud’. You’re forced onto your back when he crawls over you. He’s working his shirt over his head when he speaks, voice low, throaty and starting an immediate ache between your thighs, “I dreamt about you last night.

“Oh?” You ask. It’s not really a question, more like a rush of air past your lips as his hands push up your shirt, palms heading straight for your breasts.

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Domina of Traffic Lights, what do you think of the galas and meetings of our fine and Noble society?

Now lemme tell you, when they say you’re gonna be a god they don’t mention the fact that bein’ a god comes with a whole lot of parties that you gotta go to! And you have to dress up and be all fancy and, hell, that really ain’t for me. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to my first party by my familia, practically.

Now I’m all cool with it, but there’s things you just can’t do at parties apparently, like wrestlin’. 

How was I to know that the starry eyed bastard just chillin in front of the party door was a bouncer? And what kinda party hires Excrucians to serve as security?!

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AU where instead of Tords horns flicking back they flick forwards. (Note this is based off something a friend drew and now everyone in my discord chat is saying "This feels wrong.")

It.. it does..

It sounds like a Reject clone

Just Enjoy the Ride

Summary: It’s JB’s birthday, and you decide to bring out the handcuffs again.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2252

Note: This is sort of a sequel to Happy Birthday. You don’t have to read it before this, but you can if you want :)

You sat on the counter in your red, lacey lingerie. You had been waiting for this moment for months now, and in a few moments, it would finally be here. On your birthday a while back, JB had handcuffed you to the bed and had his way with you. When you’d suggested that next time he wear the handcuffs, he’d said, “Maybe for my birthday,” and those words had stuck with you since, waiting for the moment you could handcuff your boyfriend to the bed.

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Anxiety Breathing Gif

Looking into different visual breathing exercises helps myself to see how they could help someone to control their breathing during an anxiety attack. Each one is quite different however personally I found the most useful the middle and top gif, they were structures and visually appealing and their slow moving shapes really helped myself to control my breathing. The bottom gif I found was quite distracting and the full black colour dot was quite a negative colour, and I think colour plays a really important key role in regards to positive concepts and how they can affect someone. Perhaps on our app we could also use a gif or use a colour to visually represent the breathing as well as the vibrations, just an idea to put forward to the group.