cortana is unique to her now forunner army, right? like. she’s the only ORGANIC BLUE one. what if in halo 6 we get promethans designed by her?

what would she design. she’s been in a Spartans head for years. she’d make Spartan killers? covenant based designs? FLOOD based designs? she has an entire history or forunner designs and can re engineer dead ones using machinery like the torque station or whatever it’s called-

just saying. halo 6 could be neat if we finally see actual new forunner (created?) enemies

Right, so, wrong forunner architecture: if the answer is “too complicated” chances are it’s something with bungie’s creative design vs 343’s

halo au

chief has bright pink hair
cortana is voiced by thels voice actor and vice versa

all grunts are invincible in every way
the halo rings are squares

the flood is literal water
all oceans are seas of writhing flesh and bone

the Forunners were moa
the precursors were guta

everyone is super gay
except lord hood

lasky has a robot leg that dispenses tic tacs
jul is a girl

Thorne has his own anime
Palmer is r2d2 and nobody questions it

the prophets are replaced by the blue man group

343 guilty spark is replaced by the entire cast of homestuck: the musical

homestuck: the musical exists

and finally

the gravemind is voiced by Kermit the frog

now draw fanart

forunner stuff is… Cool and all.. but I’m here for the covenant. gimme more civil war gameplay. What was happening on sanghelios during requiem? The war wasn’t won in one battle. Gimme more context on who’s leading the charge on the Arbiter while jul was off kissing the didacts ass. What next? You’ve kept the brutes on the sidelines for long enough, have they made their own ships? Do they still worship a prophet?

Ironically brutes have become a bigger mystery than forunners