Surreal, Magical, Thought-Provoking Paintings of Nature

While picturesque landscapes and still lifes are a part of Forum Gallery’s current group exhibition “Nature Unbound,” several paintings in the show delve into the wilder side of animals and plants—and our relationship to them. 

Among the works on view are a cryptic depiction of monkeys and women by legendary figurative painter Steven Assael, fantastical renderings of pinned specimens by Maria Tomasula and allegorical portraits of animals by Gregory Gillespie.

On view through September 19.

Maria Tomasula, The Fabulous Confession I, 2004, oil on panel. ©Maria Tomasula. Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York.

Gregory Gillespie, Bird, Man, Japanese Figure and Mad Dog (detail), 1983, oil on wall board. ©Estate of Gregory Gillespie. Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York.

Wade Schuman, Avarice (detail), 1994, oil on linen. ©Wade Schuman. Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York.

Steven Assael, Passengers (detail), 2008, oil on canvas. ©Steven Assael. Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York.

Maria Tomasula, Heritor, 1999, oil on linen. ©Maria Tomasula. Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York.

Maria Tomasula, The Structure of Coincidence (detail), 2004, oil on panel. ©Maria Tomasula. Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York.

Official Kong: Skull Island movie website launched!

The official movie website for Warner Brothers’ and Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island is now live! Featuring the film’s epic first teaser poster as the backdrop, the site currently offers two tabs - trailer and story, which is a refresh of the film’s official plot synopsis.

You can visit the official site now at!

We at Scified have extended this coverage and information on Kong: Skull Island by launching our own fan website, which acts as an information resource to fans passing by. Under a similar name, you can visit our own for a list of recent trailers, an outline of the film’s plot, frequently asked questions and links to our Skull Island forum, gallery and news blog! Our site also features a count down timer to when Skull Island hits theaters!

Fans should also be aware that our fan site is not affiliated with the official site, but acts to help extend the coverage already provided by Warner Bros and Legendary as well as aid in growing hype for this exciting next installment in the Legendary / Warner Bros Kaiju cinematic universe!