forum debates

i love debate children:

“can i use that tournament as an excuse to not go to a sweet sixteen even if i’m not going?”

“in my first round i accidentally said presidential erection”

“my partner thought john boehner was pronounced john boner”

“can i borrow a pad to blow my nose? i’m desperate”

“that is the most policy impact i’ve ever heard.”

“you’re really sassy during cross and it’s borderline bitchy” “thank you”

“i was trying to channel how petty you are in cross. do you think it worked?”

“what if someone said Okinawa instead of okie doke?” (my partner looked really dead when i said that rip)

“you make tournaments suck less bro.” “bro :’)”

“i strongly urge an affegative ballot thank you”

“they become bitter” “shut up we’re not talking about your coffee”

“i would just like to point out that my opponents are lying hypocrites”

“you two are getting along a lot better now” “i’m only nice bc i wanna be captain next year”

“get away from me you filthy memers”

“there’s gonna be a lot of anti-american sentiment if we don’t life the embargo” “buddy there’s already a lot of anti-american sentiment tell me something i don’t know”

“these heels make me feel like i’m stabbing my feet with my most hq g2s”

“what if you died to death?”

“i would stab you with my pen but it’s brand new”

“coffee is like the unicorn blood of the muggle world”

“you look like you’re really dead inside” “thanks it’s from debate”

me @ my partner “i don’t understand why debate partners wear identical outfits” (we wore basically the same outfit that day)

@satangela666: “venezuela is cuba’s sugar daddy”

“tribal sovereignty is that in which one is sovereign and exercises sovereign rights”

“we must plant the seeds of democracy around the world and watch it blossom into beautiful flowers” “shut your face”

“i’ve had enough of your depressing nihilist meme culture”

“just ask america why they want cuban doctors”

“i would take a bullet for you in a nonlethal area of the body” “bro :’)”

“i’ve learned so much about our team that i never wanted to”

“is the plural of sheep shoop or sheep?”

“i understand your argument do you have an actual question?” (vibha looked so dead when i said that but we won so it’s ok)

“just debate your date partner”

“if the source is from december 29, can i round it to the next year?”

i showed this to my coach and he started crying i feel so bad for him for having to deal with us

Twitter is bad. It’s alright for sharing viral images and really short, humorous exchanges, but there are countless sites which do the same thing, only better. People who use Twitter heavily to produce meaningful content do so only by breaking its intended form and function - Twitter threads are unnecessarily messy.

Tumblr is not functional as a discussion site, either, but is used like a debate forum anyway. It’s still better than Twitter for photos and videos.


Why I hope they wait till after S10 before announcing the Thirteenth Doctor

With word that the Christmas special is being filmed earlier than expected (wrapping in June according to DWM) and some odd publicity related to something happening March 24 (though I think that’s related to Comic Relief), there’s some speculation that the actor cast as the Thirteenth Doctor could be announced before Series 10 debuts on April 15, or sometime during the series.

I really hope not.

There are a few reasons why I hope not. Primarily, no matter who is chosen, it will be controversial. This is 2017 - it really doesn’t matter who they cast, it’s going to cause outrage in some quarters, Twitter wars, flame wars on the forums, and debates in the media. Some fans will undoubtedly say they’re done with Doctor Who because the person cast isn’t their liking or their personal vision of who the Doctor should be (I know people who reacted that way when Capaldi was cast, and there were screams on the forums when that “young kid” Matt Smith was announced). If responses are particularly harsh, the media might pick up on it with their usual “is the future of Doctor Who in doubt” headlines (though to be fair we’ll start seeing those anyway the moment the first ratings come in and the show hasn’t scored 12 million sets of eyes in the overnights).

The bottom line is that all this would suck the oxygen out of the room with regards to the start of Peter Capaldi’s final series and his final set of adventures.

My preference to be honest is for the BBC to wait till after Series 10 ends. Even if they’ve already filmed the regeneration scene (they kept Matt Smith’s Deep Breath scene secret for nearly a year) - or they could simply film up to Capaldi’s change in June and then film the post-regeneration intro scene with the new actor later. (Which they may need to do anyway if they cast someone who is already involved with another TV show or movie). I hope they keep it a secret, let Series 10 run its course, let the media and fandom have their fun guessing, and then announce, say in July, and give the fanbase time to digest the news before Christmas. 

If they announce the Thirteenth Doctor this month, next month, or even in May or June I think it will be a distraction we don’t need. Let’s enjoy Capaldi’s last season first and then start looking ahead.

Just my 2 cents.

How the Foxes Started a Cult

The fault lay, as was typical, with Nicky Hemmick. He was the original fanboy, the one who would NOT shut up about the show, who would plead endlessly for someone, anyone to watch the new episodes. He spent many long hours in online forums debating and theorizing. He tried to convince fellow online fans to ghostwrite his fic ideas. It was looking like he would forever be alone with his show…until Neil joined the team.

Neil didn’t mean to watch it, he didn’t want to care but there was that one episode he stumbled in on and got hooked. After the credits rolled Neil, shell-shocked, turned to Nicky.

“What the hell was that?” he asked.

With tears streaming down his face Nicky replied, “Supernatural.”

That’s how it began. Nicky got hooked because The Winchesters (“Neil. Neil. Look. Look at him. Oh my god. Right?!”) Neil got hooked because the brother drama was hitting too close to home and he hoped that maybe he could find some solutions to Andrew and Aaron’s feud by studying these fictional brothers. (It didn’t help, sadly).

Andrew started watching because Neil was. Kevin got roped in by default. Aaron felt obligated because Katelyn and the Vixens were addicted. (Whew boy when Nicky found that out it was all over). Before long the other foxes joined the fold.

Renee politely critiqued the questionable religious undertones. Allison joined The Winchesters fan club. Dan and Nicky invented a drinking game which pacified Kevin. Andrew and Renee discussed the fight scenes with way too much intensity. Matt and Neil debated which Winchester was Andrew and which was Aaron (verdict: Aaron was Sam, Andrew was Dean…not that they ever shared this with the twins).

And it was all well and good, quality bonding, until, after a very drunken viewing of the Halloween episode, Nicky got so freaked out that he barricaded them all in the Monsters’ room and poured salt all over everything. Someone had lit candles for ambiance and those somehow got knocked over during the barricade building. Cue smoke alarm and 3am fire drill with the fire department having to break down the barricades to rescue the foxes.

Rumor spread around campus that the exy team had joined a cult and were trying to summon a demon when something went terribly wrong. According to some, the summoning had been successful and the demon now dwelt in a psychotic, pint sized vessel with blond hair and a creepy smile. None of the foxes did anything to dispell the rumors though every once in awhile Allison called Andrew “little demon” just to keep the story alive.

Kevin pretended to be above all the rumors until one insufferable sports journalist asked him about it. Kevin gave him a tight smile and answered, “Well we tried to get a demon but word is that hell is empty and all the devils are at Evermore.” Mic drop

the signs as: types of homestucks

aires: devoted minor character/niche fan- felt, midnight crew, dancestors, ancestors gaurdians, ect

taurus: lyricstuck/art/amv/animation god, upd8 art, panel redraws, iconic comics that get dubbed

gemini: been there since problem sleuth, gets all the programming/gaming/pop culture references, weird hussie stories/images, loves the first few acts

cancer: overexcited middle schooler, bucket jokes, you can’t fight the homestuck, troll quirks, “fuckass,“ just wants to have a good time

leo: classpect/quadrant analysis and headcanons, blood caste analysis, bloodswaps, fanon, elaborate aus

virgo: aesthetic gay ships/femslash, fanfic, infinite array of apperance headcanons, sadstuck

libra: unforgiving stream of shitposting and memes, irony, sbahj, gif parties, hiatus edits and insanity, how do I live

scorpio: The Vriskcourse™ among other discourse, forum debates locked by moderators after 4000 pages

stagittarius: tentabulges. xenokink. sexcanons. gave the fandom its reputation for porn

capricorn: 100,000,000 fantrolls, half-finished fanventures, fandomstuck, msparp/cherubplay rp, ask blogs

aquarius: “I’ve read this entire comic 13 times, listen to my wild 20 page theory using evidence you never noticed, weird parallels and obscure cultural references”

pisces: finishes cosplays within hours of an update, flawless paint/makeup, con photoshoots, “seal your paint!!”

bonus: ophiuchus: joined after the ending only to discover a fading realm of salt and shitposting, just wants to talk about the comic, actually liked the ending