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_The Beatles; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; The Abbey Road Cover Photo Session/Sessão de fotos da capa do álbum Abbey Road; August 8th 1969/8 de agosto de 1969.

_Photo/Foto: Linda McCartney.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

_Please, don’t smoke/Por favor, não fume.

Callout post to the Parafam/anyone I used to know

I may not be on the forums for 8 hours a day anymore like I was 7 years ago or posting about them every day or keeping up with the community, but to anyone I’ve met/talked to/became mutuals with bc of Paramore I appreciate you and we’re in this next run together 




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Hey, asking a few other blogs, too, but a buddy of mine wants me to run a 5E game with him, me, and one other friend. I'm still new to the system, and don't have a lot of money. Are there any free, short adventures that I could download and print out?

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I found quite a few online actually:!

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Heyho! So if i want to see if you posted any news on Season 7 where in your forum do i have to look? There's a LOT of threads :D

You would look in “The Walking Dead Television Show" category in the "Spoilers” section here:

In there, all threads about filming will be marked with a yellow tag that says “Filming."  The title will show the filming dates and locations that the thread covers.  If you click on the yellow Filming tag, the system will filter out all the other threads so that all you are left seeing are the Filming threads.  A lot easier to sort through them that way.  That sort feature works for any of the colorful thread tags (Spoilers, Tracking, Articles, etc.).  We haven’t cleaned out the season 6 stuff yet, but in a few days it will be all fresh and clean.

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Keeping Track

Repetitive due to different sources

Joanne Mitchell will play Sandra and Isobel Steele will play Aaron’s sister.

Mainly DS, Metro and Mags - I update it as the mag spoilers come in

Monday 15th Feb

Zak’s devastated to learn about Aaron’s abuse

Zak feels out of the loop over what’s been going on with his family when he returns from his trip with Joanie.

Zak returns from his holiday with Joanie to find out about Aaron’s abuse, and feels he is no longer in the loop with his family’s problems.

Kerry updates him on what she knows about Aaron, so he heads off determined to find the truth and confronts Belle and Sam in the shop.

He’s devastated when Belle tells him that Aaron was abused, accusing him of not looking after him

Joanie returns to find Zak in despair, but he can’t tell her what’s happened because it’s a family matter.

Tuesday 16th Feb:

Chas refuses to talk to Zak about Aaron, not wanting to be disloyal to Lisa.

Zak tells Lisa that he wants to be there for his family and is hopeful when she promises to think about it.

Zak is aware something is going on when Belle and Sam make plans to have a meeting.

He decides to confront Lisa about the secret meeting, so heads over to Wishing Well. But will Zak end up rubbing salt into Lisa’s wounds?

Zak asks Lisa to let him be part of the family again, but Chas refuses to talk to him while Belle and Sam arrange a secret meeting without him

Wednesday 17th Feb:

Lisa invites Zak to her birthday party, but there is a more serious reason behind her apparent peace offering.

Paddy’s mind is not on the job as he’s clearly distracted by everything that has gone on recently. Rhona is given reason to wonder what he’s up to. 

Thursday 18th Feb:

Aaron has taken some time away from the village following threats from Gordon but both Chas and Robert remain determined to fight for justice on his behalf. And Chas is left thoughtful and questioning her own judgement of Robert when he urges her to keep pressing on after the police admit they have had no luck in tracking down Gordon’s ex wife, Sandra.With Robert’s offer of help logged away in her mind, she is convinced to keep up the fight and seeks Cain’s help in looking through Aaron’s old school reports for anything that could prove useful.

Robert wants to support Aaron

Chas is overwhelmed as the police are getting no further with the investigation and can’t find Sandra. Chas is thrown by Robert’s insistence that he’s there for Aaron. She’s thoughtful when he tells her to keep fighting to put Gordon away.

Chas fears the police investigation into Aaron’s abuse is doomed to fail when Sandra is nowhere to be found, but Robert urges her not to give up.

Chas asks for Cain’s help looking through Aaron’s old school reports, wanting to look for anything that might help Aaron’s case.

Chas seeks Cain’s help in digging up the past.

Lisa tells Belle about her plans, while Joanie struggles to cheer up Zak.

Zak tells Joanie about what happened to Aaron, but he also assures her that she’s the only family he needs right now. At the same time, Belle is relieved when she sees her mum growing in strength every day following her split.

Rhona is suspicious about Paddy’s behaviour and starts looking through his phone for clues on why he’s been lying to her. Suddenly the penny drops for Rhona that Paddy was the man who Tess was having an affair with.

Rhona is heartbroken when she finds out about Paddy’s affair with Tess. 

Well and truly caught out, Paddy tells a heartbroken Rhona that he’s sorry, but she is devastated and rushes upstairs.

Paddy admits to Rhona that his affair was about more than just sex. She tells him that she’ll never be able to forgive him, but as far as their adoption process is concerned, they are as strong as ever.

Paddy is confronted with the consequences of his actions when Rhona says she will never be able to forgive him, but they decide to press on with the adoption. 

As the fallout continues, Paddy is devastated to realise the consequences of what he’s done.

Friday 19th Feb:

Chas gets an idea when she overhears Adam telling Victoria how good Robert is with the business. Victoria wants to set up a street food van so they can travel in the summer. Robert is taken aback when Chas calls him for a very big favour.       

Robert is taken aback when Chas turns to him and has a very big ask of him. But how will he respond – and will he finally be able to prove to her that they are both in this together for Aaron?

Chas asks, Robert refuses…

After Robert refuses, Chas goes after Gordon, going round to his house with a can of spray paint. Robert stops her, and tells her they need to be clever to bring Gordon down. The police go to the pub to see Chas about the vandilism to Gordon’s house and she is let off with a warning.

Chas goes after Gordon alone.  Armed with a can of spray paint, chas storms round to Gordons house and bangs on the door shouting that she’s going to let everybody know what he really is.

Robert followed Chas and persuades her to leave with him, pointing out they need to be cleverer than this to bring Gordon down.

Gordon strikes back

Chas is on a suspended sentence but she only gets a warning

Paddy tells Rhona that he is staying with Marlon for a few days, but she doesn’t want him to as she doesn’t want the outside world knowing anything about their problems for the sake of Leo and the adoption. Can Rhona really brush this under the carpet?

Paddy offers to move out, but Rhona is determined that he must stay, since evidence that their marriage is in trouble could jeopardise the adoption. Adam tries to forget about Johnny, Victoria comes up with a new business plan, and Chas asks Robert for a big favour

Elsewhere, Adam deletes photos of Johnny from his phone in order to get him out of his life.

Monday 22nd Feb:

Chas falls apart as she wrestles with helplessness

Robert and Chas get together to plan their revenge on Gordon

Chas lashes out

Paddy ignores a warning

Tuesday 23rd Feb:

*+*+*+Aaron’s home*+*+*+

(sounds like Aaron comes home with his head together just as Chas blows the secret to ‘the whole village’ *facepalm*)

Aaron feels betrayed when Chas exposes his story of abuse to the village

Aaron feeling betrayed that the whole village knows because of Chas and is desperate for her to tell people it didn’t happen

Chas apologises to Aaron

We find out everything about the George sampson character (chas and robert get him to be a false witness/victim?)

quote from DS forum: “Week 8 George Sampson: He has a huge scene with Robert (spoilers 23rd Feb) - wish i hadnt read: All I am going to say is why… Emmerdale why.  Seriously… soo annoyed.“ 

Wednesday 24th Feb:

Robert makes a discovery that could help aaron, while the troubled dingle makes a mysterious phone call

Robert tracks down a face from Aaron’s past to help him

Aaron receives some useful information

Thursday 25th Feb:

Chas unravels and lashes out, while aaron makes an emotional journey

Aaron visits his stepmum and gets a blast from the past

Robert forces Aaron to take him with him when he visits Sandra and Aaron is pleased to have the support.


Aaron’s in for a surprise

Which long suffering lad is mugged…. By a face from his past? (Liv ‘Mugs’ Aaron - or sounding more like pick pocketing)

Robert’s worried about Aaron

Robert and Aaron will have a serious conversation. (includes their relationship)

Friday 26th Feb:

There’s a new development in the police case against Gordon

Aaron’s shocked by Cain’s advice


Monday 29th Feb:


Tuesday 1st March:


Wednesday 2nd March:


Thursday 3rd March:


What Next?

Will Robert be able to bring Aaron back home?

Will he help Aaron face the future as his friend or something more?

Robert will be very respectful and decent

The arrival of his sister into his life is about to turn things upside down once more for Aaron…

Who is horrified to discover that their ex has done something seriously reckless on their behalf? (Robert with the George Sampson Character?)

Aaron that tells Robert they can only ever be friends

Has Gordon already done his worst?…or is there far worse to come? (cry!)

Will the police be able to prosecute Gordon?

New Dingle possibly Cain and Chas’ mum Faith (Aarons granny!)

Holly Barton returns

Charity Returns