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Persona Concerts (2008 - Present)

  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE -Velvetroom in AKASAKA BLITZ- (8/22/2008)
  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE 2009 -Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo-(9/19/2009)
  • PERSONA MUSIC LIVE 2012 -MAYONAKA TV in TOKYO International Forum- (4/8/2012)
  • PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013 in NIPPON BUDOKAN (8/13/2013)
  • PERSONA MUSIC BOX 2014 (10/19/2014)
  • PERSONA LIVEHOUSE TOUR 2015 (9/24/2015)
  • GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN 18th/19th/21st CONCERT ATLUS Special ~Persona 20th Anniversary~ (8/16/2016, 11/27/2016, 12/25/2016)

_The Beatles; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; The Abbey Road Cover Photo Session/Sessão de fotos da capa do álbum Abbey Road; August 8th 1969/8 de agosto de 1969.

_Photo/Foto: Linda McCartney.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

_Please, don’t smoke/Por favor, não fume.


竜骨II by qrsk

[INTERVIEW] EXO - 170526 Billboard: “EXO Reflect on Latest U.S. Tour, Share Hint About Upcoming Album: Video Interview”

“About a year after their last tour in America, EXO returned to their U.S. fans to bring their Exo Planet 3 – The Exo'rdium tour to both coasts in their latest stateside stadium trek. The dazzling show that focused on tracks from their most recent album Ex'act (featuring the World Digital Song Sales No. 1s “Monster” and “Lotto”) included an acoustic section (that saw member Chanyeol playing guitar), breakout unit performances (featuring dance solos and ballad sections), along with LED screens and pyrotechnics to create some of the most impressive visuals seen from a K-pop concert in America. The K-pop sensation’s Inglewood, Calif. show at The Forum ranks at No. 8 on Billboard’s Current Boxscore chart this week, earning an impressive $1,436,158 for the late April show and making them the highest-ranking K-pop act on the chart this week.

Billboard caught up with the band at their New York date before for some pre-show reflections on how they’ve grown since their last tour, when we can expect their new album and more:

Plus, EXO thought deeply about their discography and concert setlist to decide which songs they would dedicate to their fellow members.“

Note! The post contains embedded videos, with subtitles, which may not be viewable on the dashboard. Please visit the blog to view those.

Credit: Billboard.

_The Beatles; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; The Abbey Road Cover Photo Session/Sessão de fotos da capa do álbum Abbey Road; August 8th 1969/8 de agosto de 1969.

_Photo/Foto: Iain MacMillan.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

This is a floorplan based off a 40’ front engine school bus. The idea was to maximize floor space, minimize the amount of construction (this design only has three walls and a few cabinets), and make it as green as possible.


What I like about this floor plan is that there seems to be very little actual construction.Yes, the walls will need to be insulated and the flooring done, but there are only 3 walls and a small amount of cabinets. There is a closet for hanging clothes and a desk, but those could be manufactured or repurposed items.

That said, there are a few things I would change:

  • An on-demand water heater instead of the solar water heater. More solar panels could be placed there that would provide more power for the house.
  • Instead of a hatch to the deck, use a ladder on the outside of the bus. The space used in the floor plan for the hatch could be used for a full size energy-efficient fridge.
  • I would probably shorten the bedroom space. I don’t need to have that many clothes so the hanging space could be shelving for folded clothes instead, which would take up less space.
  • I would switch the locations of the deck and solar panels. Since there is so much weight to the rear of the bus, putting the electrical and solar panels to the front just makes sense to me.
  • The battery banks would need to be moved to a more forward location for more optimal weight distribution and closer proximity to the solar panels after the move stated above.

With those changes, I think this will be my base floor plan. If you have any ideas or changes that you would make, let me know. i’m very open to ideas.

Jon Ola Sand and I have deliberated long and hard, and are confident to present to you tonight the results of the international televote.

Saturday Night - 0
Do I Hear A Waltz? - 0
The Frogs - 0
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum - 6
Evening Primrose - 8
Road Shoe - 9
Anyone Can Whistle - 9
West Side Story - 26
Merrily We Roll Along - 35
Company - 55
Assassins - 63
Passion - 67
Gypsy - 77
A Little Night Music - 78
Into the Woods - 80
Pacific Overtures - 83
Follies - 90
Sunday in the Park with George - 140

And the winner is…

Sweeney Todd - 153

can i please get actual caring advice?

ok i was looking through internet forums cause I’m still kinda upset that i saw my bf look at a girls butt (three times in a row). I don’t want to talk with him about it and start a fight, so i was trying to ease my mind by reading advice given to others in this situation,
but all the advice is “it’s natural, let it happen. other women are nice to look at”, or “you should work on your jealousy problem” or “he’s not acting on it, at least”, or “don’t make him feel he has to hide it; that’s when cheating starts. you have to let men be men” and finally “you need to work on your self esteem issues”.
what do you guys think?
i know I’ve got shit self esteem but should i just focus on not worrying about it?

Prince Carl Philip:
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honour to be here today to open this important forum.

Many of you have travelled far to be here. We are excited to see so much knowledge and dedication gathered here in this room.

We would like to thank the Friends International Center Against Bullying, Linköping University and Örebro University for this important initiative.

When we got married in 2015, we founded the Prince Carl Philip’s and Princess Sofia’s Foundation. Among other things, the foundation works against bullying online and for children’s and young people’s right to be themselves. The aim is to spread the knowledge that diversity is not something bad, but instead an asset.

It is a big commitment. But by working together with other actors, we hope to be able to make a difference.

We are trying to contribute to an online society that is open and inclusive.

A society where children and young people feel that they can truly be themselves.

Together we can work towards a society where they will be accepted for who they are, regardless of their style, their background or who they happen to fall in love with.

We, as adults, have an enormous responsibility to set an example for children and young people. To be role models in every way.

Princess Sofia:
And taking that responsibility means having to ask ourselves some tough questions, like:

How do we express ourselves, offline and online?

What do we say about people who look or act different to what is considered the norm?

And when we express our opinions online: do we stand for them or do we hide behind a veil of anonymity?

Our choices matter. If we want to change how children and young people treat each other, we have to start with ourselves. All change starts here.

It is every parent’s fear that their child will be bullied – or bully other children. How can we prevent that? And how can we support the ones watching silently from the side, and give them the courage to say no to bullying?

Ladies and gentlemen: We look forward to taking part of today’s program, to learn about how we can stop bullying and also about what we can do to prevent it. We hope that many new ideas and solutions will see the light of day during this forum.

Thank you!

—  Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s opening speech at the World Anti Bullying Forum, Solna | May 8, 2017
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