Ben as Rory Slippery :) :* My favorite Ben character after Sherlock :D
If you guys haven’t watched Fortysomething, I highly recommend it :)

I warn you, you will fall in love with Rory :* he is unbelievably perfect!! :D (sort of like a certain Mr. Hiddleston)


Malcolm Tucker has a mental breakdown in front of Dr House


The use of ridiculous gesture?

The movement

of the limbs?

Well, based on his own criteria and after carefully examining this simply *irrefutable*  evidence, the only logical conclusion I can come to is that what’s specifically Inside the Mind of Leonardo…

…is Ronald Evershaw Pilfrey.


The Eighth Wonder of the World: Pilfrey’s GREAT BIG HUG

The lunge, the looooooong embrace, the arm squeeze, the eye contact, (the second arm squeeze), the pats on the back; oh, the epic magnificence!

So, no, Paul, not …Good.  Pilfrey’s GREAT BIG HUG is of the truly AWESOME. 


The difference is Ronnie thinks HE’S the spy

while Malcolm knows the REAL spy is actually all other people everywhere.

(And considering that if you watch the rest of the 404 aired scene it does look a bit like backpack guy starts to turn around once he’s gone past Malcolm, which is probably a coincidence, but is it really?) (Well, yes, almost certainly, but.)