Context: this 9 year old joins the server looking to make some trades and he’s pretty polite and business like for his age. Everyone, admins and mods present included, are impressed with his behavior. I sell him my The War Pig and he mentions how some mods on another server of ours were jerks and told him to kill himself. Everyone jumps to this kid’s defense and the admins present ask the kid to point them out in the other server, because those ones over there are known for their brutality. I get they were doing their job, but it’s always great to see nice admins helping good players.

[Submitted by clockworknite, edited by Seth.D]

Confession:  I see a lot of Mass Effect fans wishing for certain characters, especially Thane and Jack, to canonically be bisexual romances. But I feel that, if Bioware started making a vast majority of characters available to both Femshep and Mshep, then the characters would seem more ‘playersexual’ instead of bisexual as everyone wants. I can understand why certain characters were put as purely heterosexual or homosexual.