Morning tea and friends. Yes, i also had some fortune cookies there. Recently life was too cruel to me, i need some fortune to keep me happy. Seems like i need to have it daily. Oh well then..

Btw, that’s Pangalengan tea. Pangalengan is tea plantation area in Ciwidey, South of Bandung, West Java. If you happened to know or have ever been to Kawah Putih (White Crater), then you must have seen a beautiful landscape of tea plantation area there. Actually the tea i had is a very basic tea, nothing special with the way it’s harvested or processed, but still, it’s fresher than a factory-made tea. Hot and fresh tea is always a good morning booster, right?

Have a good day, People!
Happy holiday!


From MOMA to Broadway.
Slowly ticking off our shows one at a time…Matilda was lucky number one.

A double gin & tonic for mua… And a double whiskey and dry for her (I got that one right).

A few sips later on an empty stomach filled with bits of M&Ms and we were laughing and crying away for the funniest scenes ever!

Also realizing I tipped half of 10% thinking I was tipping 20%. Maths is not my thing sober.

A selfie before it was too late, yus!(getting told off, sorry!)

Then it’s Ollie’s for supper!

We even got our fortunes told - so true .. So true…

Don’t we just LOVE NEW YORK, new York.