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❝ It’s impossible not to love me ❞

Plot: You and your boyfriend Yoongi are at Gayo Daejun and he shows a lot of skinship. 

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 1,6k+

Genre: Fluffy 

For @tairn13, I hope you like it! -M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

It was a day like any other for you and your group, except that for the first time you got out of the car with your boyfriend.  

Now it’s been months that the media knew of your relationship, but you never appeared at a public event together. Not if that event were the Gayo Daejun, so important to shake your legs just at the thought.  

“Y/N, breathe. You look like you’re about to die. ”  

“Sorry, sorry… It’s that I’m afraid. ”  

“Of what? You look beautiful tonight. “He murmured in a tone almost flatterer, winking at you;” Indeed… you’re even too beautiful and sexy. “ He added, biting his lower lip with malice, bursting out laughing because of your gaze.  

You bowed your head your own thighs, covered by the black fabric of the dress you were wearing and you bit your tongue not to answer them in kind.  

Yoongi loved to tease you like that and you couldn’t ever figure out how to react. Indeed that night he was even more upbeat than usual, and your hands clasped seemed glued together.  

“Yoongi, we’re here.”  

“So Jagi?  

"Let go of my hand..” You hummed looking out the window, knowing that the cars behind you hosted yours and his friends.  

Yoongi’s gaze slid mischievous on your body, shaking his head and then opening the car’s door. The blue suit he wore that night was so good that for a moment you have enchanted by his beauty.  

Only his delicate touch on your hand brought you awaken and like a gentleman he was holding your hand and helped you get off the car.  

Immediately he laid his hand on your hips as you approach him without leaving even one centimeter of space between your two bodies. Even with heels, you were lower than him, your meter and fifty had never been a problem for you, and his presence at your side could totally brighten you up.  

“I repeat… you’re too beautiful tonight, ” He whispered into your ear, gently touching your skin with the tip of his nose.  

His hot breath stroked your neck and a thrill ran through your back, but with your great effort, you got to not let go any moans from your lips.  

“THERE, THERE!!” your best friend, as well as bandmates, yelled, getting you two and giving a loud kiss onto your cheek.  

You greeted them all with a huge smile and a bow, addressed to the other members of BTS because anyway they were your sunbeam and respect was really important.  

Finally, you began to walk along the velvet carpet laid out for the occasion, you along side Yoongi while the others were in front of you.  

The smile didn’t leave for a second your lips and Yoongi loved to see you so happy. And for one night, he decided to be what usually he was into intimacy with you, because he knew that somehow it was what you wanted.  

He stopped, making stop you too, in front of some photographers and holding his hand firmly on your side began to greet them, allowing them to take pictures of you two.  

“YOONGI, YOU TWO LOOK BEAUTIFUL TONIGHT!” Shouted one of the photographers, making you blush completely.  

“Isn’t it? But I think she’s the most beautiful of the two tonight. Although I admit that jealousy is eating me alive. ”  

His answer made all of them burst out laughing and you could both do but remain silent, completely surprised by his behavior.  

It was an idea of your manager to get together at the party, by pure publicity, but he seemed to enjoy the moment.  

“Can you kiss her for us? Your photos together are what everyone is calling for! ”  

“N–” you were to answer when his hand leaned against the back of your neck, making you turn toward him.  

His lips were on your moments later. They were hot, though the temperature that night, and immediately began to ask to yours to blend in with them. Despite the surprise, you began to reciprocate that kiss that wasn’t innocent, but passionate as those exchanged in the privacy of your bedroom.  

Your legs shuddered and when he moved slightly away from your lips he had to hold you up because that kiss had been a real act of betrayal.  

“Are you okay babe?” He asked with a small amused smile.  

“N-No..” You whispered with the voice hoarse with emotion.  

He winked, waved at the photographers, still in total turmoil, and joined his friends, who were waiting at the entrance of the huge building that hosted the event.  

“Did you have to kill her in that way?” Hoseok asked, chuckling delightedly.  

“I love to kiss her. Why hold me? ” He replied and you raised your eyes to heaven, even if oddly you loved the Yoongi of that night.  


The evening was continued with joy, all the performances were great and Yoongi never missed an opportunity to show you to the cameras. Hugs, stolen kisses, his hands always in contact with your skin, the whispers into your ear. He never missed an opportunity of touching you and show some pda in public.

He was incredibly proud to say to be your boyfriend and that left you bewildered. The private Yoongi, the guy you loved for almost a year, was another person that night.  

“Yoongi… are you okay? ”  


“You’re all … Skinship and public displays of affection. ” You point out, while his smile widened and his hand ended up on your shoulders, discovered due to the cut of the dress.  

“Don’t you like it?”  

“Obviously.. But you’ve never been that way. ”  

“True.. But you’re so and for tonight I want to make you happy. ” He murmured and the sincerity of his words struck you completely, threatening to make you cry.  

You leaned gently your hand on his cheek, moving towards to him and touching his lips with yours. You didn’t care that others look at you or took a photo, you just wanted to kiss him.  

“And this?”  

“I wanted to kiss you, that’s all.”  


Y/F/N continued to yell into your ear, as she attempted to reach the notes only Jimin seemed able to reach, while with a huge smile you observed the performance of the BTS.  

Performance that ended too soon for your tastes, but fortunately they didn’t send them off the stage but the two MC began talking with them and ask what they had in store for their fans.  

“Yoongi, tonight you’re here with your girlfriend, right?”  Baekhyun asked, provoking you another wave of embarrassment. Hide behind your friends was unnecessary because the lights were already focused on you and the only thing you could do was greet the cameras and smiling.  

“Yes, we’re here together Sunbae.”  

“You get along well! Your secret?? ”  

“Be in love.” Yoongi hummed with shyly smile and even if you were far from him you knew that his cheeks were stained pink and his gummy smile would make an appearance. “Y/N understands my needs and even though we are completely opposite, she’s still with me. Then look at her.. How can I not feel lucky with a girl like her? ” He added, trying to catch his breath and triggering yet another wave of the spotlight on you.  

“In fact, she’s really gorgeous!”  

“Yeah and she’s mine. That’s my girlfriend … It’s like a dream. ” He admitted running a hand through his black hair, making whistle Namjoon and Hoseok who had teased him.  

Meanwhile, you were in utter embarrassment, so when they returned to their seats close to yours, you tightened his hand and you dismissed from the spotlight.  

Walk on high heels was difficult, especially with the split of the dress which threatened to make you stumble, but you needed to speak to him.  

You Loved his attention but didn’t want him to act in a different way just because you loved displays of affection.  

Coming into a dressing room, you didn’t know who it was, you tightened your arms onto your chest looking at him seriously.  

“What is it, baby?”  

“I don’t want you to be who you aren’t.” It was the only thing that you whispered, looking into his eyes.  

“Do you think this is not who I am??”  

“You hate these things.”  

“But I love you.” He Noted, making you jump for the umpteenth time. Rarely he admitted his feelings openly and that, like the others, he managed to melt you totally. Your heart melted and you could not do anything to stop him.  

“Y/N.. What I said on stage is real. I’m lucky, damn lucky. ”  

“Also I..But… it’s just … ”  

“Baby, shut up and get back from the others, or they could think that we’re doing something dirty.” He giggled, taking your hand and as he approached the door.  


“Huh, baby?” He asked into a breath, stopping with his other hand on the handle of the door; “What’s the matter?”  

“I love you too.”  

“I know, it’s impossible not to love me.” He winked at you, with that smile to take the breath away and you never tired of seeing onto his loveable lips.  

And it was true, it was impossible to not love him.

The Adventures of INxP: Fortunes
  • Over Text Message
  • INTP: I just had a miracle fortune cookie.
  • INFP: What is that?
  • INTP: It was a chocolate fortune cookie that tasted like cocoa puffs, and inside was the greatest fortune written, "If you're happy, you're successful." I just feel like so many people need to know that. So many people think that success is fame and fortune, and it's not, it's eternal happiness.
  • INTP: Well, I'm glad someone else feels this way.
  • INFP: I feel it in my life force.
  • INTP: SAME! Anyway, it's hanging on my closet door now, next to the only other worthy fortune, "Be satisfied with what you already own."
  • INFP: YES.

today is february 17th and i can taste fortune cookie on my tongue. my toes are rubbed raw from running in converse while walking my friend’s dog. i just came inside my house and can still feel the ghost of the brisk air on my skin. today i ate: all 21 of my leftover whoppers, two handfuls of jalapeno potato chips, two pieces of toast with jam, some eggs, tom yum gai, thai beef salad, fried bananas. i ran up a hill and got out of breath. i talked with my mom about the concept of morality. i took a shower and stood under the hot water for five minutes more than i needed to. i took shitty pictures of sunset. today is february 17th, and i wonder if i’ll remember today in a year, or even in a month. today is february 17th, and my legs are sore, and my ears are cold, and my tongue’s a bit burned from trying to eat fried bananas too fast, and i’ve got blisters on my feet, and i feel just fine, and most of all, today is february 17th, and nothing extraordinary happened, but i lived it all the same.

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18 + 31 starmora!!!!

18. “Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.” // 31. “Don’t worry about me.”

I had a lil too much fun with this one so beware angst/fluff and a cameo from our fav baby groot :’)))

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Apparently, part of destroying “the light” via destroying Ego had more consequences than Peter initially expected.

There was definitely the part about his immortality going away, which, what the fuck, why would Peter want to be immortal anyway, but then there had also been the part about Peter being “just like everyone else,” which was how Peter lived his entire life up until meeting Ego and spending, like, two days with him, so Peter really hadn’t thought much of Ego’s warning.

Then he totally sneezed in Gamora’s face this morning when he woke up and, honestly, he wonders how he’s still alive.

(He’d never seen her look so angry, yet disgusted, at the same time before. It was interesting.)

And now, an hour later, he’s holed up in their shared room, shivering as he’s curled up under covers he never remembered being so thin, and Gamora’s just standing over the bed, staring down at him.

“You’re sick,” she diagnoses.

“Thank you, Doctor Gamora,” Peter quips, sniffling along with his words. “Really, I had no idea.”

Gamora rolls her eyes. “Don’t test me when you can’t fight back.”

But her voice is teasing, and Peter can’t help but smile a little. “Sure thing. So, doctor, can you cure me?”

“Possibly,” Gamora says. She leans over, placing her hand on Peter’s forehead. “But I’m still concerned about your temperature.”

“’S’fine,” Peter insists through a yawn. His eyes feel really heavy.

“When was the last time you were this sick?”

Honestly? Peter can’t really remember, though he’s not sure if that’s because of the sickness fogging up his brain. So he just shrugs.

Gamora turns as tiny footsteps come from their doorway. Peter watches Gamora crouch down, then stand back up with a bottle containing a red liquid. Then he notices vines coming up the side of the bed as Groot climbs up, looking up at Peter through wide eyes.

“I am Groot,” he says, and his sad tone makes his meaning clear.

“Be careful, Groot,” Gamora advises, placing the bottle on their nightstand. She scoops Groot up in her hands, holding him at a safe distance from the bed. “Peter’s sick, and I don’t want you to get sick.”

“Sorry, buddy,” Peter says, offering Groot a reassuring smile. “But don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Gamora’s gonna take care of me.”

“I am Groot!”

“I know you wanna take care of me, too, but Gamora’s right on this one,” Peter says. “I don’t want you accidentally getting sick from me.”

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t know for sure that you can catch the same sicknesses as Peter,” Gamora says, gently running her thumb down Groot’s back. “But while you’re still little, we don’t want to risk it, okay?”

“I am Groot…”

“Hey, but while I’m down for the count, the others might need extra help with stuff,” Peter says, sitting up a little. “Y’see, I can’t lead the infamous Guardians of the Galaxy from my bed, so y’think you can take over being Star-Lord for a bit?”

“I am Groot?”

“Yes, you get to tell everyone else what to do! It’s fun.”

Peter grins as a small, amused smile forms on Gamora’s face. Groot seems pleased by this, so he nods, his expression suddenly very serious. He looks up at Gamora, who then returns him to the ground so he can run off and fulfill Peter’s mission.

After Groot’s gone, Gamora picks up the bottle and turns her attention back to Peter. “That should keep Groot occupied, though you also may have just created a monster.”

“He’ll have fun.” The image of Groot bossing Rocket and Drax around fills Peter’s mind for a moment. He laughs a little.

“Here. Drink this, you’ll feel better,” Gamora says, carefully pouring a very calculated amount into an empty glass she’d put on the table. She hands it to him. “This is a concoction developed by Kraglin, Drax, and Groot to help you. Kraglin is the most knowledgeable about your physiology since he’s known you the longest, Drax knows some things about medicine from taking care of his daughter, and then Groot added in some herbs he’s learned how to grow recently.”

Peter just blinks at her, then looks at the glass in his hands. “So, basically, you guys all made this up, like, five minutes ago, and it might poison me.”

“It’s not toxic,” Gamora insists.

Whatever. Peter does feel just short of horrible, so he’s willing to try anything at this point. He quickly downs it, not surprised to find it somewhat disgusting in taste. Fortunately, Gamora swaps out his empty glass for one full of water in, like, less than a second, so Peter’s quickly washing the taste out of his mouth.

“There, see? Not toxic,” Gamora says proudly.

He sighs a little as he pulls the water away from his mouth, setting it back on the nightstand. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” She looks at him expectantly for several moments. He just watches her in return. Then, “Do you feel better?”

“Uh,” Peter says, sniffling, “on Terra, it takes a while for medicine to kick in. And since I’m full-Terran now, I guess, I’m just gonna have to wait.”

“Oh.” Gamora seems a little disappointed by that, but Peter finds it endearing. She places a hand on the bed. “What else do Terrans do to get better quickly?”

“Not much besides medicine and sleep,” Peter explains with a cough. “So, yeah, you’re pretty much relieved of your doctor duties.”

But Gamora just continues to stare at him, apparently not about to leave him alone. Peter sighs.

“Look, Gamora, don’t worry about me,” he says. “Really. It’ll be over before you know it. I’ll be back to kicking ass and dancing and all that good stuff soon, ‘kay?”

“Are you sure?” She averts her eyes momentarily, piquing Peter’s interest. “I…know your mother died of a Terran illness, so I just wanted to be sure…”

Something tightens in Peter’s chest at that. He quickly grabs Gamora’s hand, squeezing it. “My mom had a different kind of Terran illness, much worse than this,” he explains. “And, yeah, Ego caused it, so she didn’t naturally get it like I caught this, but, uh…anyway. This is a really common sickness that everyone gets every once in a while there. So, no need to worry.”

Gamora nods, meeting his eyes again. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to bring up your mother.”

Peter shakes his head. “It’s fine. But, really, thank you for looking out for me. It’s…been a while since someone’s really done it to this extent, I guess.”

“Of course.” She smiles again, letting the last of the sadness fade from her expression.

Then a wave of cold hits Peter before he can reply, causing him to shiver. Gamora leans in more closely, practically smirking now. “I don’t believe I can catch Terran illnesses and you appear to need additional warmth, so…”

“You’re too kind to me,” Peter says loudly, only to be cut off by a cough.

Gamora simply crawls under the covers beside him, wrapping her arms around his midsection. He wraps an arm around her shoulders, resting his head beside hers.

“But if you sneeze on me again, Star-Lord, I swear…”

“I won’t, I won’t! I promise!”

(He manages to keep the promise, surprisingly, though there are at least three close calls.)

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Bound 3/3

→ Vampire!Reader x Baekhyun

→ After the Vampire Empress saved the young man’s life, he was honor-bound to repay the favor.

→ Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 2,2K

Baekhyun eyes flutter open at the constant sound of water dripping onto the cobblestone outside. He slowly sits up among the silken sheets and pillows only to be met with a white covered landscape beyond the windows of the bedroom chamber. He gasps in surprise and also pain before leaping out of the bed, sheets not letting go of his ankles and threatening to trip him. 

As he reaches the tall windows of what he notices is the empress’ chambers, he watches as the snow falls slowly and adds onto the moderately thick layer already laying on the ground. He also notices this stinging pain in the right side of neck. His fingers travel over the troubled area and discovers two small bumps in the skin that are barely there. His eyes focus on his reflection in the tinted glass to try to make out if there was a bruise; anything on the skin. But the reflection is too weak to see anything. Still, the pain lingers and stings.

Brushing it off for now, he stands there, watching the snow in the morning light for at least half an hour, if not more, before the door of the chambers is knocked on. Baekhyun yelps but keeps still. It’s knocked one more time and he answers only when the smell of breakfast reaches his nostrils from under the dark wood that was the door.

“Come in.”

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Wine and Dine

For @hearteyedbatboy, who has a Sad.

It’s an established relationship, but only mildly implied. Also a bit short, but I hope it makes you feel better! <3

also, yes. title is blatant Hamilton lyric. it’s 3 in the morning, okay, i can’t make Titles

Since Yugi claimed the title of Duel King by his own merit, he has to attend certain events and galas as much as he enters tournaments. But since Kaiba still acknowledges Atem and only Atem as his rival, Atem is dragged along to the ones hosted by Kaiba Corp.

And here Atem thought he’d escaped upper class schmoozing forever.

But he mingles, smiles, talks. Yugi is a great help, as always. As soon as he deems it polite, Atem slips to the bar and gets himself a glass of wine that’s probably worth more than Grandpa’s entire shop. Fortunately it tastes like it’s worth it, but then again, Kaiba has good taste.

Ah, speaking of. Atem spots him just a few feet away, CEO scowl barely hidden by his own glass. He’s in a fancy blue suit, similar to the black ones he’d indignantly shoved at Atem and Yugi when they told him they were going to use hand-me-downs. Atem wishes they were more like the women’s gowns—more variant and flowing.

Kaiba glares at him. Atem takes that as permission to approach.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” he says.

Kaiba scoffs. “I have more important things to do than socialize with two-faced idiots.”

Atem hums, taking another sip. “At least with that look on your face, no one will come over.”

“What’s that supposed to—”

“Mr. Kaiba!”

Oh good.

A portly man with a mustache from the 70′s bustles over, hand out. “I thought I’d never get an introduction! My name is—”

“Yes, yes, you represent Delcos Games in America,” Kaiba snaps, “What do you want?”

“A-ah. Well. I was hoping to speak with you about—” the man shoots a pointed look at Atem. “—business matters. I believe we can benefit each other.”

Atem has half a mind to leave Kaiba to his misery. But the compassion Yugi instilled in him keeps him in place. Kaiba’s his friend, after all.

“Why don’t you go talk to my brother?” Kaiba asks, terribly bored. “He oversees negotiations.”

The representative starts. “Um. Forgive me, but—I was hoping to. Speak to the older Kaiba—you, I mean. It just seems that—well, that you are better suited to the job.”

Atem’s eyes widen.

Very slowly, Kaiba lowers his glass. “And what do you mean by that?”

Atem finishes his wine and eagerly takes a glass of champagne from a passing waiter.

The man balks, offended. “Mr. Kaiba, your brother is a child. You cannot expect me to—”

“I myself am barely 20 years old,” Kaiba replies, “and I don’t hear anyone calling me incompetent. Mokuba is more than capable. If you don’t like how I run things, then you can get out of my city.”

Atem sets his empty glass on the table next to them and gives his best kingly smile. “I would take his suggestion. Sir.”

The man, huffing and spluttering himself red, spins on his heel and stalks off.

Now, whenever Atem hosted foreign dignitaries at his palace, he had something of a running gag with his Guardians. As he and the rest of them had been taught three schools of language, he used one that he knew the visitor didn’t and blatantly insulted them should they displease him.

Today, he mutters a few words into the rim of his champagne. In modern vernacular, he supposes it could roughly translate as, “Fuckboy.”

Kaiba chokes on his wine and—laughs. Not one of his arrogant or malicious cackles, but a genuine laugh. It’s higher pitched and transforms his whole face into a beatific smile. Even his eyes seem a brighter blue.

Atem, more or less, falls a little more in love.

Kaiba smothers the sound, but he’s already being gawked at. By the time his hand leaves his mouth, his glare is back in place.

“Was that really necessary?” he hisses.

Atem grins and drinks his champagne.

❝ I broke my wings pt.1 ❞

Plot: When you finally find a different side of your boss and you start asking yourself who’s really that person. 

Pairing: JinkixReader 

Words count: 3,2k+

Genre: RealLife!Au / not fluff but maybe in the second part lmao

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

P.S. I want to dedicate this scenario to a particular person. It’s the first person I met on Tumblr after a time of absence and was the first outside of my family to believe in my abilities as a writer. Her opinion has always been incredibly important for me and this is a little gift I wanted to make her, although as “thank you” seems really “dingy”. It’s not just because she believed in me, but also because she always proved to be (still today) a person to rely on, a person with whom it’s always pleasant to spend time talking about cutthroat (don’t worry, I’m talking about Jinki and Jaebum with their angry expressions) and everything else. Thanks to Lee Jinki we met but fortunately it was just the beginning. I never told you, but I love ya. 

- M. 

For the umpteenth time, your boss had forced you to stay till late. You couldn’t understand whether it was hatred towards you or simply sadism towards his employees.  

Your eyes ached for the effort to stay repeatedly in front of the computer screen, but you were aware that not ending the practices that you had entrusted was even worse than losing some degree to the sight.  

The sound of something resting on the table will momentarily distract you from the myriad of black words on white you had in front, words you didn’t even remember at that time.  

“Drink, it will help you.” Minho’s soft and kind voice gave you a moment of peace, while sitting by your side and observing the intricate pattern of notes scattered around the desk. “That man never ceases to surprise me. He can get to kill because of tiredness even the most tireless of his lawyers. ”  

“Thanks for the coffee.. I’m fine, really. ”  

“It’s three o'clock in the morning and you’re here from a whole day, Y/N.”  

A sigh escaped from your lips while you sealed them against the cardboard of the glass, savoring the slightly bitter taste of your coffee. Minho knew your tastes and fortunately, he never was wrong to get you what you loved most.  

“Why don’t you confront him? It almost seems like you hate ”  

“First, he founded this company at the age of 23. He’s our boss and one of the most influential men in all South Korea. I don’t need to be fired, I need work. ”  

Your answer will silence momentarily and in the moment that, with the corner of your eye, you would realize that it was on the verge of answering again so you rested a finger on his mouth, silencing him.  

“No, you’re forbidden to talk Choi Minho. Then you are here too, why?? ”  

“Because despite being my boss, Jinki is also my friend and I care for him.”  

“Then go to him instead of wasting time to me!” You mumbled almost taking the chair from under his butt, immediately returning to your notes.  

Being part of the lawyers’ team of a large multinational with a turnover of more than 80 billion won a year wasn’t easy, but still assured you to work and have a roof over your head. That was your only concern at the end of the day.  

When you finally were alone your attention focused on a legal quibble that a company, on the verge of going bankrupt and being acquired by yours, was trying to take advantage of them.  

They wouldn’t have won, not until you’d had a life.  

~ ~

“Have you found a way to strengthen your strategy?”  

“Yes, sir.”  

“I don’t want to lose this cause, I don’t pay you salaries at six zeros to lose.”  

His tone never changed. Always placid, cold and aloof. As if even his own work bore him.  

But if any person had watched Lee Jinki into his eyes he would have seen pure determination. He wasn’t a person who loved to get trampled and his employees had understood it well.  



“I hope you solved that problem that I entrusted to you yesterday.” He said without looking into your eyes, as he used to do.  

You watched him and even if you earned enough you knew that the blue night suit he wore at that time could cost more than your salary for a month.  

You shook your head to drive away that useless thought, resting in front of him a file with all information useful for the acquisition. Even though you were a lawyer, you were so accustomed to carrying out other tasks that his requests no longer surprised you.  

He browsed the file quickly, almost annoyed, and nodded just returning to the documents he had before.  

His slight nod was his leave, so after slightly bowed head in a salute, you turned to start walking towards the door.  


To the sound of your name, you blocked immediately, staying next to the door but face towards him. Never give him his back, the first rule you had learned after being hired.  

“Tonight there’s an important dinner, for charity and for finding investors. You and Minho should be there, I want to have legal support in case I need it. ”  

“Sure sir.” You said quietly, despite mentally you was cursing him; “Fancy dress?”  

“Of course, you can avoid those floral dresses, okay?”  

You wouldn’t answer that, you just bowed your head and left his office. For the umpteenth time, and you didn’t know how he’d hurt you with a simple phrase.  

First, he ruined the plans of your evening, in other words celebrate your birthday, and then he also hurt your pride. Lee Jinki would have, sooner or later, found death by your hand.  

~ ~

“Yah, why do you let him treat you like that?!?!?!”.  

The umpteenth scream of your best friend made you raise your eyes to heaven, while in front of the mirror you tried some clothes that he kindly brought you. They were not of your taste, but for that kind of evening they were perfect and you knew that her sister wouldn’t say anything.  

“Y/n answer me or I burn that Gucci you have in your hands and it would be your best choice!”  

“Kibum you never burn a Gucci, rather you would jump from the top floor of a sixty storey building.”  

“True, but these are details. It’s your birthday today, your parents came here especially for you! Also Jonghyun and Taemin, why?!?! ”  

“It’s my job..” It was your only answer, while you were wearing that black Gucci that oddly you didn’t completely disgust. It had a slit on its left leg, a huge v-neck on its back so much to discover completely your back and seemed to be made for your body.  

“He has a team of lawyers. Why you?? ”  

“And Minho.”  

“But who cares about that big baby with his smile from the cover; ” brushed off the matter by throwing yourself on your bed, giving you the black underwear you had resting on the blankets.  

“At least I have you explaining how to dress me, otherwise I would have worn one of my beloved clothes with flowers”  

“Rather than Gucci, I burn those. You have a bad fashion sense, Y/n. ”  

Your middle finger got up and he accepted it whit a huge fake smile while you took everything you needed to run into the bathroom to start getting ready.  

If your boss had asked for elegance, you would have given elegance to him.

~ ~

One thing in favor of Jinki you had to say. His limo was pure perfection.  

You and Minho were seated on the rear seats, a glass of fine champagne in your hand, while with a boyish look you enjoying the inside of the limo. You were alone, aware that your boss was already at dinner, too busy looking for new investors for the cause.  

“Do you know he has invested in a new project?”  

“Which project?? How to make more money in less time and not to let your lawyers sleep? ”  

“No, It’s a project for the protection of orphaned children and exploited as child labor.”  

Minho’s answer didn’t do what you’d expect and a sudden knot at your throat made you almost choked with the icy liquid. You would never have said that the cold and detached Lee Jinki had a very delicate subject at heart. A delicate subject for you too.  


“You’re one of his best lawyers and don’t control his financial shifts?”  

“For those, he has another team of experts..” You murmured without adding anything else, emptying the glass; “Then it’s a good thing if he cares about those problems, he can with all the money he has.”  

The limo stopped right at that time and he, of course as a gentleman he was, descended first, holding the door open specially for you.  

The delicate fabric of the dress tickles your skin while you left the flap of it after getting off of the car, while your gaze heaved and lay on a man on the stairs.  

You would have recognized his profile anywhere and in a white dress he could even stand out more than ever in the darkness of the night.  

He was looking at you two or better, for a moment you had the feeling that he was just looking at you.  

But then he turned, giving his back and entering the building without even coming to greet you. You were used to that, you were used to being completely invisible to him. Not that you would be sorry, but if he were slightly more cordial to you than you would have rejoiced more at work.  

Minho, next to you, offered you his arm and at a slow pace, you two started to walk toward the entrance.  

The air was cold that evening, despite it being an evening of late May, and the desire of your warm blankets made you regret that you have decided not to wear any kind of clothes beyond the black dress.  

“Ready for vultures? They’ll try to pin every won from your wallet” He chuckled into your ear, continuing to guide you without any problems.  

“They’ll find little in my wallet, a fifty-won banknote and candies’ litters.”  

 ~ ~

You were on your third glass of champagne, excluding the one drunk in the limo, but fortunately, you were holding the alcohol perfectly and you were still perfectly lucid.  

The voices came almost muffled to your ears, you had completely strayed with the mind just noticed what kind of people occupied the large tables specially embellished for the evening.  

Boring, it was the word that drew nearer to describe that heap of people all the same to your eyes.  

You touched Minho’s shoulders, engaged in a conversation on with someone you didn’t know, walking away and finding shelter outside.  

The balcony was long and wide as much as your home, but it didn’t surprise you much. That building had been built to convey greatness and was quite well able to its task.  

“Are you bored?”  

Even without looking at him, his voice was unmistakable, so you continued to observe the view in front of you in absolute silence.  

“Keep it.” He handed you a glass of champagne, which you accepted with a little smile, while he was resting with both elbows on the balcony balustrade; “Nice view, eh?”  


“Something wrong, y/n?”  

“Nothing, sir.” You lied, starting to sip with little sips the champagne.  

“I don’t understand how you can be one of the best lawyers in Seoul when you can’t lie.”  

“He’ll discover that I lie more than he believes.”  

You were perfectly able to feel his gaze on you and in a daring impulse you turned your face towards him, letting your eyes meet.  

He had removed the tie and had unbuttoned the first button of the shirt, making that the first time you didn’t see him fully composed and dressed to perfection.  

“Do you think I don’t know when you lie?” He asked you, a little smile widened on his plump lips and even that was a first time for you, that in three years you had never seen him smile; “Your voice trembles, a small wrinkle will form between your eyebrows and your gaze continually moves.”  

“He’s a careful observer.”  

“Only if it’s worth it.”  

“Oh God, this looks so much like a romantic movie scene. Please don’t tell me that now he shall declare his eternal love and that his being an asshole with me was only a tactic to win over me. ”  

The words came out of your mouth just before you could put a brake, leaving you completely astonished before him.  

You just called your boss an asshole, and if that will be the cause of your layoff, you’d hate yourself until your least breath.  

“My behavior as an asshole, as you called it, is due to the fact that I prefer to keep hanging the people who I think are talented.” He answered quietly, lifting an eyebrow with a frown amused.  

He looked like another person that night, he was even able to smile or use sarcasm. Did he was the same person at work that all of you always called “The Monster under the bed”?  

“And still Y/N, she’s certainly not an easy type.”  

“Excuse me?!?!”  

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.” He whispered without answering your question, resting a small package on the balustrade and moving away, returning to the heavy atmosphere of the dinner.  

“How the hell did he know..”  

With your slightly trembling hand, you would take the package, undecided if you open it and give it a peek, or return to him immediately.  

You didn’t want any kind of gift, especially not from your boss that that night seemed to be switched with a sort of good twin.  

“Gifts are made to be open, Y/n”.  

His voice caught you by surprise, so much so that jolted and the glass in your hands fell disastrously to the ground.  

Crystal from who knows how many hundreds of won completely destroyed in a thousand pieces at your feet.  

“What do you want from me tonight, sir? I don’t understand! He even made me break a glass that maybe costs more than my dress! ”  

“I wanted to make sure you opened the gift. And don’t overreact, nothing costs more than your dress.. At least not the glass and silverware. I guess it’s Kibum’s choice or am I wrong? ”  

In hearing the name of your best friend getting out of his lips you blocked yourself completely, watching him seriously for the first time during the evening.  

“How do you know Kibum?”  

“Same schools.”  

“How small the world is. Anyway; ” You started, taking the package and stepping over the crystals on the floor,“ keep your gift as well. You’re my boss; nothing more than this. ” Gently You took his hand and rested the package on it, feeling the softness of his skin under the touch of your fingers. He had strangely small and chubby hands that for a moment completely stole your concentration.  

The umpteenth bow of the head and with slow steps you headed to the windows doors, rethinking only at that time to that only question that he had not answered.  

“What did you mean?”  

“When?” He asked you curiously, taking a couple of steps towards you.  

“When you said I’m not an easy type.”   The annoyance was blatant in your tone and he seemed to notice. Jinki was always aware of every little thing and after years still didn’t understand how he could do it.  

“What I said. First, you had this aspect that keeps everyone away. ”  

“Speaks the least approachable person in the world.” You puffed, crossing your arms over your chest.  

“Second, your intelligence scares everyone. You’re acute, refined and lethal when your begin to speak and everyone have fear when you’re near. ”  

“Huh, thank you.”  

“Third, you’ve a bad taste in dressing.”  

“Personal opinion, cannot be considered a test in favor of the thesis that I’m not an easy type.”  

“Fourth, you’re extraordinarily beautiful.”  

The only thing you didn’t expect him to say struck you in full, making you for a second stagger on the heels that Kibum had forced you to wear.  

His eyes were bent down and welcomed, indeed completed, the smile that he was addressing you at that time.  

The second smile in three years, it looked almost like a record.  

“I’m an asshole with you, more than with others because you are the same as me Y/N and it scares me. I’m not used to having someone matching up to me or reminding me that I can be weak too. I built that company out of nowhere, giving up everything. Family; friends, love. It was my choice and I didn’t regret it. But when I look at you, even if we have only four years of difference, I see me of many years ago. And I wonder how it would have been if I had made different choices. I’m so asshole with you because I hope one day you fire and you’re looking for something better, something that doesn’t break your wings in the way I’ve broken mine. ”  

His words were a blow to your heart more than his compliment, while your heart lost some beating and a strange warmth emerged on your cheeks.  

You were blushing but you didn’t understand the reason, while in spite of the desire to answer him you were completely unable to utter a word.  

“Y/N-ssi, you could do it all. Don’t make any trouble, don’t give up on everything, ” He added again to speak to you in a formal way, approaching you and with a quick gesture he took off the jacket of his suit.  

He gave it to you and slightly groggy you would accept it silently; gently laying it on your shoulders.  

You were a few inches away, thanks to the heels you were practically at his height, and at that moment you could see a totally different man in front of you. 


“I like to work for you sir, though sometimes your behaviors hurt me. I love the fact that you undertake so much for the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. Despite the bad times, the waivers, the tiredness.. Working for you is something that makes me happy. ”  

“Now you’ll declare your love, Y/N-ssi?”  

“We’re not in a movie for teenagers, sir. I’m sorry to disappoint your dreams. ” Smiling you turned and it was your time to leave him, who remained to stare with an amused smile even though just hinted.  

You had just returned to the salon when someone joined you, letting something slip into the jacket pocket you wore.  

Your boss outdo you, turning just with his head just to watch you. He pointed his finger at the jacket pocket, making you a little nod and disappearing almost immediately in the crowd.  

No, at that time you preferred Lee Jinki’s asshole version. Sighing you reached the mysterious object, what else was your birthday present.  

A little smile drew onto your lips, but you decide that it was not the right place to open it.  

Especially not under his gaze because you knew, actually you were totally sure, that in some way he was always ready to grasp even the smallest details around him.

Bittersweet Obliviousness

smutty af

First time writing a fanfic so it’s not the best or on point, but who cares?

Enjoy this concept of forbidden love ;)

Chapter 1

The smell of tantalizing eggs and bacon whiffed through the small clinic, sending a shiver of comfort down Orihime’s back as she shuffled to organize the table with the porcelain plates.

Her light caramel hair glinted against the morning light pouring in from the windows beside the living room, the apron she wore gliding over her school uniform. She paused momentarily when she finished, and stared at the kitchen where Yuzu was fixing breakfast.

“Yuzu-chan, did Kurosaki-kun wake up already?” Orihime asked as she took off the apron and folded it carefully to set it aside.

“Ah! Onii-chan must still be sleeping!” Yuzu turned with a spatula in hand and added, “I told him to wake up early yesterday so he could eat properly before leaving to school. Yesterday he woke up late and missed the breakfast I worked hard to make him!”

“Ichi-nii, was probably tired,” Karin sighed as she took a seat and placed her delicate hands on the table. Her eyes traveled over to Orihime and she held herself back from grinning, “Orihime why don’t you go and wake up Ichi-nii?”

“Huh?” The suggestion processed slowly through her mind and sank in. “Me? Wake up Kurosaki-kun?” Orihime felt her heart accelerate at the thought of witnessing Ichigo defenseless.

“Yeah, or you both will be late again,”Karin stated with a small devious smile. “And breakfast too!” Yuzu added with a smile.

“Oh, you are right,” Orihime nodded her head in comprehension. She turned and started to make her way upstairs to Ichigo’s room. Even though she has been living in this house for two years she would always get nervous entering Ichigo’s room.

Orihime knocked on the door, but she was met by silence. She knocked again and called out to Ichigo, yet the silence prolonged. Without hesitation she opened the door silently, and peered into his dark room.

His curtains were blocking the morning sun, and she could barely make out the figure shifting on the bed. Her feet carried her to the side of his bed, where he lay with his arms wide open and above his pillow.

Orihime marveled over his calm expression as he dreamed, a small giggle left her lips when she noticed his signature frown adorning his serene face. Her hand reached out to smooth over it, but without warning she was caught off guard by a strong hand taking hold of her wrist.

She gasped as his hand pulled her body into a warm embrace, her heart felt like it would explode when she realized that she lay on top of Ichigo’s body. The top three buttons of her white shirt popped open as her chest was pulled toward his own strong figure.

“K-kurosaki…” her voice faded when she felt his arms tightened over her.

He mumbled under his warm breath, fanning her flushed skin and making her squirm against his hold. She struggled to free herself, but her attempts seemed futile to his strength. 

“Inoue…” her heart skipped a beat when he muttered her name.

Orihime glanced at his sleeping face and wondered what he was dreaming of, as she thought of this his eyebrow twitched and his lips opened. “We can’t run away…stay here with…me…”

“Kurosaki-kun…?” a sweet voice whispered gently into the abyss of his room.

His eyes peered open to find two light chocolate eyes staring at him in curiosity, was he still dreaming?

“Inoue…?” Ichigo pondered aloud as he noticed his arms were around her, pressing her curvaceous body against his own. At the realization his eyes widened and he swallowed nervously, in a flash he stood up and released her.

“I’m sorry Inoue, are you alright?” He tried not to let his eyes follow the sight of her distressed demeanor. Key word; he tried but failed.

“Y-yes, I’m fine,” Orihime managed to stutter as her trembling fingers fixed her uniform. “I just came here to wake you up for school,” she stood up and forced a smile. She silently thanked that the room was dark enough to conceal her blushing state.

“Sure, I’ll be downstairs in a bit,” he said with a lazy smile that melted her heart. “Thank you, Inoue,” Ichigo watched as she left the room.

Once she closed the door, he ran his fingers through the tousled orange hair and let out a big sigh. “I’m an idiot,” he felt ashamed of touching his little sister, he should know better than doing that to such an innocent girl like Inoue.

Ichigo shook his head and paused with honest curiosity, “Wait, what kind of dream did I have?”

The class erupted in a mass of commotion when lunch rolled in, the students standing to meet with their friends. From the corner of his eye he could see as she arose from her seat, her flowing long hair catching the glint of sunlight from outside.

He wasn’t the only one that noticed her auburn threadlike strands nor the way in which her slender body moved within the confinements of her school uniform. Ichigo’s eyebrows furrowed at the cotton white button up shirt tucked neatly into her skirt, and swallowed nervously at her demeanor.

Ichigo didn’t understand why the sight of her in the school uniform made him feel uncomfortable…at home she always wore long clothing that hid her soft skin. But since they started high school yesterday he has noticed a lot of things concerning his adopted sister.

Besides her delicate curves, a lot of guys were attracted to her looks. Of course, he understands that she is beautiful. Yet, he wasn’t pleased that scum like them were ogling his sister in that way. At all.

They looked at her with starvation, and he took it upon himself to protect her from their impure motives toward her. Considering how naive and innocent Inoue was.

“Orihime! What did you bring for lunch today?” Tatsuki asked as she came up from behind her.

“The usual!” Orihime smiled as she took out her loaf of bread and side sauces.

Tatsuki turned to face Ichigo and snickered, “What about you Ichigo? Did Orihime make your lunch today?”

He suddenly felt the angry stabs of envy from the guys in class at the mention of Orihime making him lunch. Ever since middle school she would try to make him the oddest lunch he could imagine, fortunately the taste was fine.

“That’s none of your business,” he muttered as he got his bag and stood up, without glancing back he left toward the roof.

“It must suck that you have to live under the same roof with that idiot, is he mean to you at all Orihime?” Tatsuki leaned in to whisper into her friend’s ear.

Orihime blushed and shook her head, “Not at all, Kurosaki-kun is really kind.”

“Ah, there you go again calling him by his last name. Seriously you’ve known each other for years, and you still address him by his last name,” she sighed as she leaned against one of the desks. “If I were you, I would have called him by his name the moment you were adopted into his household. Not only that, I would have taken advantage of your charm and made a move.”

“Tatsuki-chan!” Orihime felt her cheeks brighten at her friend’s suggestion. She glanced around them to make sure no one heard them, in fear that they would know her secret.

A secret that she as his adoptive sister shouldn’t have toward him.

“Orihime…” Tatsuki smiled at her friend’s caution. “It’s perfectly fine if you like him, you two are not related by blood,” she reassured.

“You don’t understand Tatsuki-chan,” Orihime mumbled lowly as her hands set down her lunch on her desk. “Kurosaki-kun, he only sees me as a little sister. He doesn’t see me as a girl,” her lips fell as she said the words aloud.

“My feelings are nothing but a bother…something that will never reach him…” Orihime sighed as she looked at her pale palms. 

At home she enjoyed the warm atmosphere his family provided for her, there wasn’t a moment that she would feel sad in the comfort they showered her in. They made her feel like a part of the family, and she didn’t want to trample over that sincerity.

Or to impose her feelings on Ichigo…especially when she knew that he did not consider her as anything more than a sibling.

Tatsuki blinked in surprise as she watched Orihime’s face sink and without hesitation brought her hand on top of her friend’s soft head, “Orihime…I’m sure that Ichigo cares about you, and he’s a bit slow but I’m sure your feelings will reach him.”

Orihime raised her head and felt an earnest smile overcome her, “Thank you, Tatsuki-chan.”

anonymous asked:

A-Z for toshiro hitsugaya and bedroom please ? i love your blog :D

Omg can I just say- the new Hitsugaya…! 😍

Sorry this is super late btw. I just got overwhelmed with doing the whole A-Z (that’s why I just did a few). This and Uryuu will be my last of those.


  • A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) He likes to snuggle up with them, and bury his face in their neck.
  • C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person) It is ice cold— you feel it shooting down your throat, into your body, spraying across your skin. Fortunately, it simply tastes and looks like water.
  • E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) He’s more experienced than you think. Not to mention Not-So-Little Hitsuguya has been snooping into Matsumoto’s desk.
  • G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc) Toshiro is actually super shy when it comes to sex, so goofy is off the table. He gets nervous easily, and is always aware of pressuring his partner into anything.
  • H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) He’s very insecure about his pubes. Because they come out white, to him it screams old man (*cough*Yamamoto*cough*). So he trims them short.
  • I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) Toshiro is a romantic at heart. He loves to cherish the one he’s with.
  • W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice) His go-to position whilst sleeping is fetal. He’ll curl up in a tiny, white ball and softly snore the night away.


“We are best friends.”

“Meh, I wouldn’t go that far. We are acquainted. Rhodey is my best friend.”


“Sorry, baby, I love you and all, but I won’t take it away from Rhodey, he will be devastated.”

“Fine, then Bucky is my best friend.”

“You have horrible taste in friends. Fortunately, your taste in lovers is much better.”

“Yeah, dark chocolate is really great.”

“Hey! You dick.”


fortune taste”

Here the inks from my secret Santa for Snuffes. The more I see the colored version, the more I am displeased with it.
If someone wants to color it, go ahead, but please reference me as source. :)

The background is btw heavily influenced by Mateus Santolouco’s work for the tmnt comics (I may have stared intensely at them to find out how to do my background XD)

No Meat, Please!

What do you do if you want to order something at a restaurant but don’t want a certain ingredient added in? 

You use these two phrases!

〜入れないで = do not put
〜ぬきで = without, however it’s more common to say ぬきにして as it’s a special expression that means “leaving out, cutting out.”

私のコーヒーには砂糖を入れないでください。watashi no kohi ni wa satou o hairenaide kudasai.
Please don’t put sugar in my coffee.

ラメんには豚肉を抜きにしてください。ramen ni wa butaniku o nuki ni shite kudasai.
Ramen without the pork, please.

As a vegan, this has been tremendously helpful for me when I order at a local ramen house, RakiRaki. I always order the tofu bowl, but the first time I didn’t know it came with tofu and pork, so big miscommunication there. I almost ate shredded pork (I tried a tiny bit and immediately recognized the taste). Fortunately, they gave me a new bowl and just gave my untouched bowl with the pork to an employee for their dinner (which is really nice), and now I know to always say I want the tofu ramen without pork.

In Japanese, there are lots of different manners and ways to order food, but I won’t get into that. This is the basic fast food model. You basically just say what you’re ordering (and how much, if more than one), and if there’s something you don’t want, for example, a hamburger without tomato, you just say ハンバーガーにはトマトをぬきにしてください、or ハンバーガーにはトマトを入れないでください。

However, I can understand it feels somewhat uncomfortable to just order food without making it more like a question, especially with a special request for your food, so here is the general way to more politely ask if you could have ____ without ____:

卵を抜きにしてもらえますか? tamago o nuki ni shite moraemasu ka? 
Can I have it without egg?

And if you know they do substitutions/special requests, you can just say this:

ラメんには卵をぬきにしてを二つお願いします. Ramen ni wa tamago o nuki ni shite futa-tsu onegaishimasu. 
I’d like 2 bowls of ramen without egg, please.
(I usually say this at RakiRaki for politeness, by the way, so I would just say the safe route is to say it like this and not just “ramen with no pork.” since that’s a little terse and sort of rude. I would usually say 塗布ラメんには豚肉をぬきにを一つお願いします).

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That INTJ explaination post was so good! Would you be able to do the same for ENTJ if you haven't really done so already?

ENTJs get things done. They establish order where there was none before. They have organizational skills in their blood, which enables them to walk into total chaos and emerge unscathed, leaving jaws dropped in their wake at their sheer efficiency. Their Te makes them highly motivated “doers,” who are never content to just sit around and do nothing. Most of them are natural strategists, generals, and CEO material, because their Ni enables them to predict futuristic trends and developments — like, what will happen in the next five years, and how to make a lot of money off of it (Te-Ni).

If Te enables them to take immediate action and make firm decisions, Ni gives them the guidance to orient their lives toward a singular purpose and greater goal. This can range from anything from a Fortune 500 Company to being a movie director by the time they are thirty. They visualize it and go after it. Their Se makes it easy for them to notice chances to take action and leap on them, which is partly what makes them so good at whatever they choose to do. It also gives them expensive taste… but fortunately, as a Te-dom, they can usually afford it and make money fairly easily thanks to their Ni. It gives them an impulsive, reckless edge not seen in their INTJ counterparts, and more inclined to living the “high life,” and taking an interest in physical activities, experiences, and challenges.

ENTJs value the way things look (Se) so often put a lot of time and effort into their appearance and presentation for other people. They are naturally outgoing and personable, but also blunt and if they are not careful, their inferior Fi can give them problems relating to others on an emotional level and valuing decisions made on anything except brutal logic. Healthy ENTJs develop a strong moral center that guides them through life, helps them identify what is important, and connect on a personal level to others who share their passions, experiences, interests, and pursuits.

They are the life of the party, the person you want handling your company, and quite possibly, the most driven person you will ever meet.