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Seattle Is Full of Cryptids

So I’ve been writing some trashy vampire fiction as stress-relief during finals, and it accidentally turned into a major world-building exercise and potential Novella and???  I dunno but I want to share some thoughts.

First, some universe specific things:

  • Vampire cannot “turn” Others without significant effort and/or a specific ritual.  being a bitten by a vamp is no more going to make you one or it;s thrall than being bitten by a st. Bernard is.
  • Monsters and Cryptids explicitly exist, but most of the world’s governments deny that they do for… reasons.  That I will get into later but probably have to do with tax law.
  • The two main characters so far are Marion “Red Charlie” Charleston, a vampire turned back in 1890 who made his fortune during the prohibiton era doing aggravated bootlegging for Roy Olmstead, and Alex (Alexander Byron Chesterson Jr.) who is more or less Marion’s live-in tech sspport/tax shelter.

OK, so onto the worldbuilding

  • Seattle is like, THE city to live in, if you want to be an Urban Cryptid
  • If you’re a vamp, the weather means you can go outside during daytime fairly often, or emerge dramatically from the fog p much whenever.
  • Not to mention a a high population of Vegans, which probably taste much less bitter due to the lack of dairy.
  • If you’re a were-whatever, it’s literally a half-hour drive/ferry ride to some of the densest, most isolated forest in the US so you can go bananas during your shift.
  • Aquatic or ocean based cryptid? PUGET SOUND IS RIGHT THERE.  Just stay away from the Orcas, they’ll fuck you up.
  • Bigfoots are the locals that complain about urbanization while getting fancy-ass coffee and exchange beard-grooming tips with the local hipsters.
  • There is Werewolf/vampires-that-prefer-to-shift-into-wolves/Vamps-that-prefer-to-shift-into-bats/Werebat Discourse and it is INTENSE
  • There are Kelpies, but mostly out in the san juans and rich neighborhoods where people are less suspicious and better marbled.   Most of the time though, they get into dumpsters and more than one Marion has run out of the house with a slipper at 2AM to keep them from knocking the garbage cans over.
  • cryptid-only bars warded against humans, not out of safety concerns, but OH GOD HIPSTERS ARE SO ANNOYING.
  • Forks is like, 2 hours away and everyone int he community HAAAAATES the twilight series- less about the interpretation of vampirism and were-persons, but OH GOD THAT’S NOT HOW RELATIONSHIPS WORK.
  • DO NOT  get them started on 50 shades, which takes place in seattle proper.
  • Mothman has SO. MANY. BRIDGES. TO. HAUNT.  and a part-time job as a cook at  Dick’s Drive-In.  She makes the best milkshakes.

ERA for Gender Equality

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the proposal of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)!

ERA has been introduced in congress more times than any other proposed amendment.  If passed the ERA would have provided for legal gender equality if it had been ratified by the states.

The ERA passed Congress in 1972 by the required two-thirds vote. But amendments must also be ratified by three-quarters of the states. The ERA was quickly ratified by 35 of the 38 states needed.

As the seven-year time limit for ratification approached in 1979, Congress and President Jimmy Carter controversially extended the deadline three years. However, no additional states ratified. The ERA had been presented to Congress every year from 1923-1972, but never passed.

Fortunately, ERA inspired laws have passed to provide women with more rights and equality, but there is still some work to be done.

Photograph of President Jimmy Carter signing the resolution for extension of the ratification deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Learn more about the “Amending America” exhibit.

I can’t even imagine how Taylor felt in the past years. She has even been judged by being surprised for getting an award. If she had a big smile on her face people would named that smile ‘she already knew she’s going to win this, she’s so egoistic, at least she should’ve pretended like she’s surprised, she’s fake’. It’s really hard to please people. Fortunately, on this era, she’s not trying to please people who don’t like her. This is the person she wants to be. She doesn’t need to be what other people want her to be.

anonymous asked:

if you are still taking prompts for the wolfstar fluff fest could you do one where sirius woos remus with messages in homemade chocolate fortune cookies?


I’m not actually writing anything for the fluff fest; I’m reccing fluffy fics that others have written. The ‘It’s So Fluffy’ fest has finished for now but I did a little digging and found this fic for you. Unfortunatly I only managed to find one that matched your description. Hope you enjoy!

Quotation Part 1

JuliaKern5 | Teen and Up | 2,290 words

Sirius is charming fortune cookies for Remus, but Remus doesn’t believe in fate, let alone little words of nonsense coming out of baked goods. “Fortune cookies are dooming my life,” Remus said firmly.

P.S. Sirius is sooo cute in this!!

Anyway, my girlfriend is such a hard working, talented, and skilled artist. She’s taught herself everything she knows and her dedication and intuitive understanding of lines and colors its all just? Phenomenal and evident through her work and I’m just in constant admiration and awe of her all the time I love her so much

heyo! i’ve done some more zestiria world guidance translations, this time of the world timeline page. it includes the names of the eras, their timespan (some don’t have one), and main details about the events of that era. the page had the ‘main events’ column, and then another column out to the side for most of them with more details about it, so i’ve separated those with “//”. i only know a few of the localized terms for these names, so most of these are translated straight from the japanese version. if you know any of the localized terms for these things, feel free to pm me them and i’ll fix it!

also please be aware this contains major spoilers, so don’t read this unless you’ve finished the entire game. it’s under the cut!

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