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There are 2 easy ways to keep your Wi-Fi from being hacked

Wi-Fi contains one glaring flaw: it’s vulnerable to hacking. Even if it’s secured with a password, proficient hackers can bypass your network and infiltrate your  devices. Fortunately, there are two simple techniques you can use to scare away potential cyber criminals.

Change your Wi-Fi SSID

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, but really it’s just a technical term for a network name.  When hackers are looking to gain entry into a network, they’ll most likely target these default SSIDs because it indicates the user either isn’t competent enough to change the SSID or simply didn’t care to — thus suggesting the network owner has their guard down. Altering your SSID is an easy way to ward away potential hackers.

Hide your Wi-Fi network

If you want to take additional measures to secure your Wi-Fi, you can hide your network from public viewing altogether. Start by entering the same “” number (or whatever number your router uses) to access the router’s basic settings. There should be an option to Enable SSID Broadcast, or it could be listed as Visibility Status or Hidden Wireless. Once you locate the appropriate option you simply need to uncheck this box and your Wi-Fi will be undetectable going forward. Read more

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