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Cardiff noise pop group Joanna Gruesome will be touring the UK in support of their recently released second album Peanut Butter, out now on Fortuna POP! (UK) and Slumberland (US).

The upcoming tour marks the first outing of the band’s new lineup, which features Kate of feminist/queer punks Pennycress on melodic vocals/shouting/screaming and Roxy of Two White Cranes, Grubs, Trust Fund and TOWEL on melodic vocals/keyboard.

Speaking confidentially, an official has confirmed that the single “I Don’t Wanna Relax” is “Yet another hook-filled smash hit.”

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Vinyl challenge day 10: colored vinyl

Colored vinyl is trendy these days so I have quite a bit, but this is my favorite match between the character of the music and the vinyl. It’s like even the record itself is saying SO WHAT?! The color didn’t really come across but that is bright slime green. Just so you know.

Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister (Fortuna Pop!, 2013?)


behold the enchantingly silly video for “goldman’s detective agency.” i guess the song is sort of about emma goldman so clearly i need to give it a few more listens…not complaining, though!



Allo Darlin’ - Tallulah

Tender Trap have regrouped since their 2010 release Dansette Dansette to record a new album! The new album titled Ten Songs About Girls is due for release on September 10th on Fortuna Pop!. As a bit of a teaser, the band has released this track, “Love Is Hard Enough” on their Soundcloud and it’s quite good! The backing vocals throughout the song give it a bit of an old doo-wop sound with everything coming together in the chorus for a good, clean, pop sound. Get stoked for the new album!

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YAY New Shrag!!! These lovely folks from Brighton/London will release their third LP, ‘Canines’ later this year on WIAIWYA/Fortuna POP! and here’s a new one from it! “Chasing Consummations” is Shrag at their lushest and daydreamiest (think “Coda” or “Furnishings” from the last record) and it’s a glittering prize of a song! If you know Shrag, you know the loads of energy bubbling JUST below the surface here must certainly be hinting at dancier things to come later this year on 'Canines’! If you don’t know Shrag, “Rabbit Kids”!

Get excited! And go see them play with Tunabunny if you’re able!!!

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