• Yugi: Kaiba... it's a snowball fight
  • Atem, standing fearlessly atop his meticulously sculpted snow hill and looking smug: Kaiba... /hubris/ is the downfall of man, and the downfall of your fortress!
  • Yugi: a snowball fight
Two Views Of Fantasy Warfare...

The D&D game is clearly rooted in the medieval warfare tradition. 

Soldiers wear chain-mail or plate armor, and they wield weapons such as swords and bows. 

Knights gallop across the battlefield on horses, and catapults bombard castle walls. 

Yet, the presence of fantastic creatures and magic supports a more modern kind of warfare, in which flying creatures provide air support, soldiers use camouflage or magic to hide themselves from enemies, and spells that affect a large area can devastate clusters of troops. 

It’s useful to think of D&D warfare as a continuum with historical medieval warfare on one end and modern warfare on the other end. 

Before you take your D&D game to the battlefield, decide where on that continuum you want your battles to be.

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The Guns that Brought Down Constantinople,

By the mid 15th Century, the might Eastern Roman Empire had suffered under centuries of conquest by Arab and Turkish invaders, resulting in the empire stretching no father than the ancient capitol of Constantinople itself. The great city was no better off than the empire as a whole, its population reduced from a million inhabitants to less than 50,000, while the Byzantine Army could muster little more than 7,000 men. In contrast the Ottoman Empire completely surrounded the city, and was amassing a force of 50,000 - 80,000 men to complete the final conquest of Byzantium.

The last hope of the Byzantines were a series of large walls and fortresses which had successfully defended Constantinople since ancient times.  The city walls had fended off many invaders in the past, and Constantinople was considered the most heavily fortified city in Europe at the time. Storming Constantinople would certainly not be easy, however the Ottomans had an ace up their sleeves.

In 1452 a Hungarian military engineer named Urban offered his services as a cannon maker to the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI.  The Emperor had neither the money to pay Urban, nor the resources to craft the cannon which Urban offered. As a result, Urban went to the Emperor’s rival, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, who certainly could pay Urban and had the technology and resources to produce his cannons.

To bring down the walls of Constantinople Urban directed the casting of several large bronze siege guns.  The largest was a massive cannon that fired massive 25 inch stone balls.  Weighing 19 tons, it took 2-3 hours to load and had to be transported by a team of 60 mules.

The Siege of Constantinople began on the 6th of April 1453.  Over the next 53 days, the Ottomans pounded the city walls with Urban’s guns. After nearly two months of constant bombardment, the walls of Constantinople could no longer hold out against the attack resulting in several breeches. On May 28th, the Ottoman Army stormed the city, easily overwhelming the outnumbered Byzantine defenders.

With the exception of the short lived Empire of the Trebizond, the Ancient Roman State had fallen for good. Mehmed II made Constantinople the new capitol and quickly sought to take on the mantle as emperor of a new Roman Empire, declaring himself Kayser-i Rum (Caesar of Rome), and declaring the Ottoman Empire as the “Third Roman Empire”.

Feeble’s Ultimate D&D DM World-building and Improvising Golden Rule #1

(hmm maybe that title is a little long… nah it’s fine)

Whenever I home-brew or create anything for my D&D games I follow one simple rule:


This is literally my starting point for EVERYTHING I make as a GM. In 4e & 5e D&D the DC rules that I use can be summed up like so:

  • 0 = Effortless. Even a no-name NPC will be able to do this, players won’t even have to roll.
  • 5 = Easy! Everyone should be able to do this unless they’re having a terrible day.
  • 10 = Medium. This will be challenging to some people but most PCs should be OK.
  • 15 = Challenging. This is going to be difficult for anyone without specialised skills but still achievable.
  • 20 = Difficult. Only specialists will be able to achieve this, unless someone’s having a very good day.
  • 25 = Demanding. Even specialists will struggle with this.
  • 26-29 = Legendary. A feat of epic proportions would be needed to succeed.
  • 30+ = Impossible. Only the truly foolhardy and extremely lucky would ever attempt this.

The good thing about these DC rules are that they scale with the adventuring party. A Level 1 party might never attempt anything Difficult but a Level 15 party, where some of the players could have a +10 (or more if they have enchanted items/special feats) to certain rolls, might be attempting Demanding tasks regularly and even try tackling Legendary ones.

The second good thing about this is that it applies to pretty much anything… (see under the cut for some rad examples)

Golden Rule #2

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8 and 83 with Prinxiety

8. You’re so f*cking hot when you’re mad.
83. You’re just leaving me here? At least have the decency to finish me off with a stick.

Believe it or not, I was hoping somebody would give me #8. I’ve got ideas, and prinxiety fits perfectly into them. That other one is really random though. And again, I don’t cuss and neither does Thomas so forgive me for using substitute words.

Roman ran through the fairy tale forest as fast as he could. He felt fire catch on the trees behind him because the heat was so intense.

Today’s daydream wasn’t exactly going according to plan.

“GIVE IT BACK” a voice boomed across the landscape.

“Never! You will have to defeat me first!” Roman yelled behind him.

Though, this was pretty fun. Maybe he should trick the emo jerk into playing with him more often.

Roman ran into a huge stone wall. A fortress? When did that get there? Was Anxiety adding to his landscape? That fiend. He had just gotten it the way he liked it.

He stood his ground with his back to the fortress and his katana in hand. A fire burned to form wall in front of him, barring his escape. Anxiety emerged from the fiery wall not wearing his hoodie. The snow on the ground melted around him. He pointed to the black hoodie tucked into the prince’s belt.

“Give it back, Roman,” Anxiety said. “Or at least let me make a new one. Or do you want me to ruin you day?”

Roman smiled mischievously. “You’re so amazingly hot when you’re mad,” He said.

Just as he predicted, Anxiety’s flame grew hotter. Roman laughed dramatically. “Wasn’t I supposed to be the fire elemental, you witch?”

“Oh, so you want a witch do you?” Anxiety said. “Be careful what you wish for, your stupidness,”

“Alright, that is your worst insult yet. I can stand being burned, but if you are not going to put half an effort into your insults then… What are you doing?”

Anxiety moved his arms, and the fire turned black. It twisted and turned and warped until it formed itself into a tornado around the prince, trapping him. Then it forced him further and further back until the tornado of black magic collapsed the stone wall behind him, pinning him under several feet of stone bricks.

Anxiety began walking away. Roman didn’t know what to say here, so he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“You’re leaving me here? At least have the decency to finish me off with a stick!”

Anxiety broke a stick off a nearby tree and pointed it at Roman in a very Harry Potter type fashion. The hoodie flew out of Roman’s belt and Anxiety caught it and put it back on.

“Daydream over, Princey,” Anxiety said. “And don’t let me catch you barring me from doing things again,”


Words: 6,985
Sam x Reader
Warnings: language (Umm, ya, I wrote it so obviously there’s swearing… you should just take this warning as a given always for my fics), mentions of blood and injury, anxiety and fear
Summary: Sam tries to get to Y/N and wake her while Dean, Cas, and Crowley wait for their showdown with Rowena.
A/N: Alas, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with this story. I hope you enjoy reading this conclusion as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is the final part of our Mess Is Mine series.
This is part of a series! Read the other parts here! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Your name: submit What is this?

Dean was watching the flames and smoke rise higher and higher beyond the point where Sam had disappeared into the tangled mass of thorns. He paced in his fiftieth frantic circle and stopped in front of Cas.

”I don’t like this,” he said. His green eyes were wide and frantic, and his stomach was twisting.

The angel nodded. “I know. But give him time.”

”How much time?” Dean asked. “There’s no way for us to know if something goes wrong. We can’t see shit in there!” Dean turned again to face the crumbling, smoking ruins feeling helpless and sick.

Suddenly, Crowley’s voice behind them snapped their attention elsewhere.

”We’re about to be otherwise engaged,” he said. “Hello, Mother.”

The angel and Dean whipped around to see Rowena standing just beyond Crowley, a fierce and wild light in her eyes, her red lips pressed together in a thin line. “Fergus,” she said through her teeth. “Have you not yet learned your lesson about meddling in things that don’t concern you?”

“It’s not that I don’t learn,” Crowley said. “It’s just that the thought of torturing you forever and having you at my complete and utter mercy after your betrayal is much too appealing.” He raised a hand and pressed his middle finger and thumb together.

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the promptis disney date nobody wanted

bleh okay so i told myself no more @promptisfanweek prompts till i update my fics, buuuut… well. you know how many times i’ve threatened to write a promptis disney date? IT HAPPENED. nobody will appreciate this, nobody, but i’m gonna post it anyway. written for day 3: promptis date~ 

Noctis hates a lot of things.

He hates crowds, and really, he kinda hates people in general. He hates lines, and waiting around for things, and he really hates being awake early.

But more than Noctis hates all those things, he loves Prompto, and so he’s here, hand-in-hand with his boyfriend, walking down Main Street. Prompto is grinning ear-to-ear, their twined fingers swinging back and forth between them. The smile is worth it, Noctis tells himself, even though he’s quite sure he looks rather grumpy. Prompto has gone all out, as he always does, and it appears that Disneyland is the one place where that is entirely acceptable.

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So in many Zutara fics Zuko is afraid of being like his father and especially when he has his first child with Katara in the fics they show him being really worried that he might turn out like Ozai, to me this is totally fine but you see these antis they say Zuko is a "pussy" or an "emotional ass bitch" acting like this and it's very ooc of him, I totally disagree, I just wanted to ask what are your thoughts on this since you write as Zuko and are prolly one of the best at it.

First of all, thank you so much for the compliment! That means a lot as I try to portray Zuko as accurately as possible, sometimes in line with more Ehasz’s material and writing. Thank you!

Now to address this– that disappoints, but does not surprise me. This is a horrible way of thinking. It’s incredibly sexist and horrible. To call a man a “pussy” for showing emotion is so sexist and wrong. This is the reason why men feel they can’t be vulnerable or express themselves ever, and a great deal as to why the rate for suicide among males is so high. I know Zuko is just a character, but the claims being made carry over into real life. As they say, art imitates life. 

Zuko was severely abused, neglected, and berated to feel like nothing as a child. He was emotionally abused, belittled, called names, put down, insulted, and also starved of love intentionally. He was also physically abused extremely. Zuko’s trauma is very severe and I think people underrate what he went through. From the time he was born, his father was grooming him to believe he was worthless and inherently a failure. That fucks with a person’s head so much. Nothing he did was good enough, he was never given love by his father, and it was intentional. When Ursa left, he had no one for years until Iroh came back. He was alone, with no one as a little boy, not only unloved, put abused. He was so severely physically abused as well. Then, he was kicked out from his own as a seventh grader. It’s so sick and disturbing what happened to Zuko. 

He is an incredibly strong person and character to withstand all of that hardship at such a young age, yet still come full circle, stand up to his abuser, and take on a crown all by age seventeen. He is anything but weak or a “pussy”. The fact that he grows to let some people into his fortress, and put his walls down shows even more strength. That’s so hard, and he does it for those he trusts. How could he not show emotion? Any human being would show emotion being put through what Zuko was. Every human being, regardless of gender, has emotions. I don’t know why people assume that men are this alien creature devoid of feeling. 

When I portray Zuko on the brink of fatherhood, expecting a child, I always like to delve into the natural fear that he would become Ozai. In the comics, we see this fear fleshed out. He’s scared of politically becoming Ozai. He’s seen the hell and havoc his father has wreaked upon the world, and it’s a nightmare scenario to him to come close to the tyrant Ozai was. Now, put this into fatherhood, something that has so deeply wounded Zuko even worse than politics and war. Of course– of course– he is going to be fucking terrified. It’s natural. 

We see Zuko with children as early on as Zuko Alone. He’s great with them. He’s sweet, patient, understanding, loving, and kind– intrinsically– even before his redemption. We see him with Kiyi, he’s sweet as pie. He’s a natural with kids, he loves them, and fatherhood would clear be a dream come true to him, so it seems silly to an outsider, or someone who knows and loves Zuko especially that he could even think he would be like Ozai, particularly in that regard, but Zuko was heavily abused and conditioned. He’s insecure from this already on all angles. He was conditioned to think he was inferior and useless. So take into account his greatest doubt? No question he would be mortified of being a bad father, and also horrified to be a bad husband. 

Of course, time would prove this wrong. Zuko would struggle with some things. He would struggle with punishment a lot. He would know that it is necessary, but he would be scared to inflict it. He would be adamantly against corporal punishment, but even grounding his kids would make his stomach go sour. With encouragement from Katara, he would ease into it gradually, but I think he’d always be uneasy about it. Fights would seem bigger, make him more anxious, despite knowing logically that everyone fights. Things can get warped and anxiety is fickle. You know it’s illogical, but your gut and heart can scream for reassurance amidst some trivial doubts. 

Zuko would be horrified to be like Ozai. This is canon. This is so obvious, as well. Antis always say Zutarians didn’t watch the show, but the things they say really make me wonder whether or not they ever have seen it, or if they paid any attention.

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Here's a title :D "Blood Maelstrom" Honestly, I don't know how you're going to make that a story--

send me a made up fic title and i’ll write a fic for it

(i felt compelled to start with this one because you basically challenged me)

Blood Maelstorm

“You arrive at Graystryke’s city gates,” Yakov says, glancing at the players over his laptop. “The city is a fortress, with tall stone walls guarding the city against the valley, and no guards seem to be around. You can hear nothing but the sound of the cascade to your left…”

“I climb the wall,” Yurio says, leaning back in his chair and grabbing his D20. He rolls it despite Yakov’s sigh, not waiting for an answer as he does a quick math. “Fuck. I don’t, apparently. Got a six.”

“You run face first into the wall,” Yakov grunts.

“That’s bullshit,” Yuri kicks the table, making all players fumble on the surface to keep their dices in place. “Shadowcraft is not that dumb. What kind of wall is that?”

“A magical wall that does not like asshole rogues like Shadowcraft. Find another way in.”

“Can I roll for perception?” Yuuri asks, earning a quick nod from Yakov that makes him reach for his die immediately. He hums something under his breath. “I, uh… 23? With modifiers.”

“OK. You notice there are people watching you, hiding in the cliffs. It’s not very tall, though, and you can see maybe five of them.”

“Are they friendly?” Yuuri bites the tip of his pen, Yakov simply shrugs. “Fuck. Right, um. I tell our party that.”

“I’ll fuck them up,” Yuri announces in his character voice, raspy and low. “Alright, Yakov, don’t let me down this time. I’m going for it. I’m climbing the fucking cliff and piercing a dagger through their fucking skulls.”

“What if they’re friendly, though?” Victor asks.

“Why would they be hiding if they’re friendly, you idiot?”

Victor shrugs, “They could be scared. Maybe there was an attack on the city.”

“Do you think the whole city is just five people?”

“They could be survivors,“ Victor shrugs, wrapping his arm around Yuuri’s shoulder.

“They hear you discussing and come down from their hiding spot,” Yakov says, monotone, his dice rolling behind the makeshift screen between players and DM. After some thinking, and the character’s general fuss over a possible attack as the DM starts taking notes on their stats, Yakov speaks again. “Everyone, roll for initiative. They are bandits, and two of them come right to you, Victor. Two archers stay behind, while a taller, stronger warrior falls behind, his eyes trained on Yuuri- I mean, Atsushi. What do you do?”

“I stand in front of… Peregrinus Toughbutt,” Yuuri tries his best to say Victor’s character’s name without laughing. “I draw my sword and say nothing.”

“I hide,” Yuri says, showing his die. “I got a natural 20. They don’t even know I exist. I’m going to hide behind a rock with Mila and sharpen my daggers.”

With a smile curling Victor’s lip, he says, “I cast Lube on their feet.”

The table looses it. Except for Yakov, who rests his head on his hands. 

“Honestly, Yakov, what were you expecting? It’s my only spell so far.”

“It’s called Oil and you know it,” Georgi chuckles. “And you know a basic healing spell too. Maybe Fireball?”

“Nope, I thought about getting Fireball but chose to improve Lube instead.” 

“OK, I have Fireball, we can combine spells.”

“Why do you need Lube anyway?” Yuri rolls his eyes, resting his feet on the table. “It’s such a dumb spell.”

“I need it for Yuuri’s sword,” Victor winks, making Yuuri shudder dramatically in response, and if there was any chance of getting through the battle seriously that opportunity is completely wasted. It’s all sexual innuendos from there on. 

The fight takes a good hour to finish, with all characters taking turns to attack, Victor’s Lube on fire on the floor, Mila and Yuri popping in and out of the fight and Yuuri killing pretty much all bandits single-handedly. 

“Vitya, love…” Yuuri hums after the fight. “Can you change your spells, maybe?”

The look Victor gives him is of utter betrayal, his jaw dramatically dropping in mock-offense. “Yuuri?”

“I mean… I appreciate your thought and all, but maybe focus on healing spells while Georgi focuses on destruction magic?” He asks with a sheepish wink. “To balance the party, I mean.”

“Yes, Vitya, please I’m begging you,” Yakov murmurs, rubbing his temples. “Anything but lube jokes.”

With a sigh of defeat, Victor agrees with the proposal, receiving a new character sheet from Yakov all too quickly along with a spells book.

“Just make sure to grab at least attack spell,” Georgi murmurs as he goes through the spells book with Victor, helping him find all the healing spells they would need. 

And Victor wouldn’t be Victor if he wasn’t a dork. 

“Can I pick Arcane Punch?” He asks Yakov, who nods dismissively as he listens to Mila’s action. “Great. I’m calling it Toughbutt’s Magic Fisting.”

Yuuri bursts out in laughter and Yakov gives up on the campaign for the day. 

US 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division advancing into the port city of Brest in Brittany. (location - the junction of Rue de la Duchesse Anne and Rue Albert de Mun in St.Marc, Brest.)
9th September 1944.

US forces began their final move on Brest on 7 August 1944 and encountered heavy resistance from a very well organised defence.
The commander of VIII Corps, General Middleton, reported that the defence network was the original French works that had been improved upon by the German defenders. The Allies encountered a complex series of fortifications that blocked all the approaches to the city. The German defenders also had a huge store of artillery ammunition for the costal batteries that had been modified so they could fire inland.
At the heart of the German defensive network was the 2. Fallschirmjägerdivision led by General Herman Ramcke. In support were the 266. and 343. Infantrie divisions with various other supporting elements mostly in the form of anti-aircraft batteries and Festung kompanies. This elite corps gave the Germans a solid backbone to ensure that every inch of ground was contested.
The main objectives to secure the path into the city were hills 105 and 90. These were the two dominant terrain features of the countryside. The assault on hill 105 took place on 1 September 1944 by the US 2nd Infantry Division. The hill was heavily fortified and held dual-purpose anti-aircraft guns that dominated the area yet the infantry were able to succeed on the first day with the help of their engineers. Hill 90 could not be assaulted until after the artillery stores were replenished so the 2nd Infantry Division had to wait until 7 September to begin this assault. Hill 90 was fortified in the same manner as Hill 105 and, although it was very difficult fighting, by the end of the day the position was taken. Once these two hills were taken the drive to the city out skirts became much easier.
The last phase of the encirclement of the fortress wall began on 14 September as the Allies attempted to assault Fort Montbarey. The assault was led by 15 Churchill “Crocodile” flame tanks. The first attack was repulsed, but on the following day the fort fell. With the capture of Fort Montbarey the German positions finally began to collapse. On the night of 15 September US forces began crossing the old fortress wall and by 17 September they were closing in on the last pockets of German resistance. General Ramcke surrendered on 19 September 1944 and 20,000 German soldiers were taken prisoner.

The important port city of Brest was liberated on the 18th of September 1944 after a 39 day battle.

(Colourised by Royston Leonard UK)

40k vines

Magnus: “I accidently broke your psychic wall protecting the Webway Project." 


Dorn: “Hey Perturbo how’s that fortress wall”

Russ: “So I say ya hanging out with psykers yesterday!”

Magnus: “Russ it’s not what you thin-”

Russ: *pointing bolter* “I WON’T HESITATE BITCH!”

The Parasite of Mortrex is a bat-winged Tyranid creature the size of a Tyranid Warrior that has a barbed tail tipped with a hollow tube, like a snake’s fang, capable of implanting its still-living victims with Ripper parasites. Within hours, or even as short as a few heartbeats, the Ripper parasites mature and devour their hosts from the inside out.

The Parasite of Mortrex was first encountered on the Imperial Fortress World of Mortrex in the Ultima Segmentum. The solid Imperial Guard defenses held back the Tyranid invasion for days… until the tenth day when the Parasite first attacked. Each victim it claimed added to a swelling horde of Rippers and soon only armoured units dared to leave the fortress walls. However, even tanks couldn’t withstand the massive numbers of Rippers. Two weeks later the planet was completely overrun by vast swarms of Rippers. A single transmission was sent out as the planet fell, warning of the Parasite of Mortrex. Fortunately for the Imperium, it has not been sighted since Mortrex.