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So I noticed some really undeserved hate being directed at the TF2 community, and I’ve noticed that we’re getting smaller in size and that a lot of major contributors to this fandom are leaving or moving on to other things, so I thought I might as well try to give everyone a little reminder.

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The Ice Fortresses of World War I,

 The Italian front of World War I was one of the most unique battlegrounds in history.  When it comes to World War I, most people envision muddy trenches, the Italian Front of WWI was mostly fought in the Alps.  Thus, entire armies were fighting on steep cliffs and frozen glaciers, often thousands of feet above sea level.  It was not uncommon for both the Italians and Austro-Hungarians/Germans to carve large and intricate ice fortresses within Alpine glaciers, complete with machine guns, artillery ports, miles and miles of tunnels and rooms.

One of the largest ice fortresses was a complex created by the Austrian Army and designed by Austrian engineer Leo Handl.  Called “The City of Ice”, the fortress consisted of a complex of buildings and fortifications which were carved directly out of the ice of Marmolada glacier on Mount Marmolada in the northwestern corner of Italy.  The complex featured 5 miles of tunnels, enough barracks to house 1,500 troops, a number of artillery and machine gun ports, trenches, a cafeteria, a chapel, an armory and a saloon.  The Italians had a similar size ice fortress called cittá del ghiaccio.

The Italian Front of World War I was an especially brutal war, where just as many men died due to storms, exposure, and avalanches as did bullets and bombs. In one fateful night in 1917, massive storm caused several avalanches, killing up to ten thousand men.  Today, melting Alpine glaciers are revealing the detritus and frozen corpses of World War I.

So Vader has a castle. In it, he has a room, the password to which is something along the lines of, “I am Anakin. Let me in.” And the only thing he kept in that room? Obi-Wan’s lightsaber

I mean this is a kids’ book and from before the prequels but holy shit, where to even begin unpacking Vader’s thought processes here? Most of the time the narrative is Anakin is dead and I killed him, but HERE where he remembers Obi-Wan…

American Aircraft at Pearl Harbour


During the attack on Pearl Harbor a few of these P-40 Warhawks managed to get airborne and score a few kills against Japanese aircraft.


Along with the P-40 some P-36 fighters managed to get in the air on the day as well. These fighters manged to get themselves at least two recorded kills on zero fighters.


There were about 14 P-26 peashooters based on Hawaii luckily none were destroyed.


A few B-17 bombers where stationed in the area at the time, at the end of the attack 4 B-17′s remained undamaged.


Although by ‘41 the B-12 was no longer the best of the bombers the US had there were still some stationed at Hawaii during the attack. By the end of the attack 3 remained undamaged. 


At the time of the attack there were 33 B-18 bombers stationed on Hawaii none of which managed to get in the air in time, at the end of the attack only 11 remained of the 33.


There was one photo reconnaissance variant B-24 at Hawaii but it was destroyed during the attack.


A few of the A-20 Havoc bombers were destroyed during the attack. After the attack on pearl harbor the surviving A-20 Havoc’s were sent out in search of Japanese ships.


February 14, 1945, started with the RAF bombing of Dresden continued the U.S. air force.

From 12:17 until 12:30 311 bomber Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress dropped 782 tons of bombs, having as purpose railway parks. B-17 was accompanied by 72 fighter North American P-51 Mustang. After the bombing, a group of 37 fighters P-51 started to attack the roads leading out of the city, which were filled with refugees.

Jason Todd Headcanons

1) Jason and Damian are probably the closest of the brothers.

2) They both participate in pranking the family. Replacing the cream in oreos with toothpaste and then filling up the empty tubes with peanut butter.

3) When one gets in trouble, so does the other.

4) Jason and Damian love horror movies.

5) Damian won’t admit it, but he does get scared from time to time.

6) It usually ends with Damian sneaking into Jason’s bed at night and waking up the next morning to find Jason hugging him.

7) Jason doesn’t mention anything since when they get flashbacks/nightmares from when they died they usually find each other.

8) When winter starts, there are competitions every single day.

9) Full out fortress and snowball wars ensue. Armies of snowmen can be seen from virtually every window in the manor. Sled trails are on every hill.

10) Alfred stitches up all the wounds from their snowball fights.

11) Jason and Damian settle down at the end of these days with a cup of hot cocoa in one hand, snuggled up on the couch in dozens of blankets, fire blazing, and a horror film playing.

12) Jason’s motto is, “Any season’s horror season.”

13) They use the cold as an excuse to sleep on the couch together. Jason’s hulking body mass encompasses Damian ti the point of where you can’t see him.

14) They’re both hardcore rollercoaster fans.

15) They often go on trips around the country to amusement parks. Cotton Candy is a must.

16) Last, but not least, Jason is constantly smiling in Damian’s presence.

“The Japanese aircraft carrier Soryu maneuvers to avoid bombs dropped by Army Air Forces B-17 Flying Fortresses during the Battle of Midway, on June 4, 1942.”

(US Navy)


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