Archaeological dig at ancient fortress site in Egypt reveals massive gate and graves of fallen warriors

At the ruins of the ancient fortress Tjaru in Egypt, archaeologists have found fragments of a massive gate which secured the military road – the Way of Horus – against invaders. The gate pieces are almost 50 feet long, and bear inscriptions of Pharaoh Ramses II. Graves and skeletal remains of ancient soldiers have also been discovered.

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“The Last Stand” - The Forgotten Wartime Structures of Great Britain

A book by photographer Marc Wilson.

  • Front Gun Placements - Portland, Dorset, England
  • Pillbox - Abbott’s Cliffe, Kent, England
  • Fort - Brean Down II, Somerset, England
  • Anti-Tank Wall - Lossiemouth II, Moral, Scotland
  • Pillbox - Studland Bay I, Dorset, England
  • Anti-Tank Obstacles - Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, England

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Even from the outside, the looming fortress known as Rocchetta Mattei looks like a cobbled together hodge podge of architectural influences, and the interior is even crazier thanks to the castle’s more-than-a-little eccentric creator Cesare Mattei who is best known as the father of “electrohomeopathy,” a medical practice said to cure cancer.

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