avengers academy stevetony:

  • steve the sweetheart jock who’s beloved by everyone and is ofc running for class president bc unlike 95% of the candidates he genuinely cares abt the measures he’s campaigning for
  • tony the sarcastic smart ass genius who cANNOT for the life of him understand why everyone is so hung up abt this rogers kid like why bother have an election why not just give him the presidency and a cROWN to go with it jfc
  • tony being ridiculously affronted when all of his friends (pepper and rhodey those traitors) mention steve being super nice and chill
  • tony going out of his way to rile the guy up in politics classes and ofc they’re both on debate team
  • tony signing up for art classes with pepper bc ‘know your enemy’ and all that sun tzu shit, keep them closer or whatever
  • steve doing his sunshine thing in the corner having no idea abt tony’s internal struggles lmao, being nice and friendly and all around the amazing guy tony never stops hearing abt
  • and really their friend groups are pretty much the exact same circle, it was just a coincidence that tony and steve were the two that lowkey never got to know each other
  • tony… genuinely… shockingly… taking an interest in steve’s art and his interests and vice versa. steve can’t get over the fact that he could be graduated from MIT already and has his own pet AI and he loves seeing the way tony light up when he’s talking about things he actually cares about (space, robots, space travel the future). tony showING up at the football games and art shows he’s never once cared to attend before. 
  • one day in class steve and tony getting into this hEATED ASS fight (the rest of the class is just like ok wtf we’re like 17 why u two going so hard over school) and landing themselves in detention
  • steve freaking out and being super furious bc he’s runing for student body president he can’t end up in detention????
  • tony blowing him off and having no idea why steve is so worked up over some dumb school election like pfft rogers c’mon you don’t think you’re actually going to be able to chANGE anything right
  • and steve’s like. no. that’s exactly what i think. i’m not running because i want the popularity or the power. i want to change things. bc there are things in this school going unnoticed that i think i can do something abt.
  • tony finding out steve was this skinny little stringbean who used to get bullied just bc of his size?? bc he stood up for people and himself??? bc there are kids everywhere going through shit with zero support from a school that should be helping create a safe space, bc their arts program genuinely needs funding and school resources are being wasted where they could be invested for better use, bc he believes in what this school could be
  • tony hearing him go on with this big moving classic Steve Rogers speech and just feeling his soul slowly slip out from under him because okay. okay. he cOULD be wrong and in fact he probably is but there’s the tinIESt stupidest smallest chance that he’s totally gone for the guy. that the reason he’s been obsSESSED with trying to figure him out is that he’s in love w/ him.

Mine and Toni’s english professor had a “wage gap 101″ class where she tried to explain it from the most feminist perspective. She said she was a proud feminist and that everyone should be one, even men. Thanks but no thanks.

She showed us some feminist videos and some (*heavy sarcasm* totally not biased) feminist site where they “debunked” all the reasons as why people think the wage gap exists and why it isn’t a problem. One of the reasons was that women choose lower paying jobs and safer jobs and the site said that it just wasn’t the case by listing no explanation what so ever.

She also said that women working the same job earn 16% less because of an invisible glass ceiling that prevents women from getting promotions. I said to her that paying one person a different amount then another of the same job is illegal. To that she responded that it was, yet it’s ‘still happening’. Then why not report it?

I could go on and on about everything she tried to feed us, but the most ridiculous thing she said is that male cashiers will all get promoted as bosses just because they’re men. By whom? The great lord of the patriarchy?


Highlights of AOU Whedonism Bingo

Whedon self-insert

Something originally a joke becomes a point of tragedy

  • You didn’t see that coming?

Tony and Steve Sniping

  • Basically their only interactions aside from two (being generous)

OOC Rhodey

  • “He was like that WARMACHINEROX joke from IM3 embodied as a person”

Comic personality that is totally out of line with established MCU personality

  • Tony what were u doing that whole movie
  • Tony why were u laughing about Ultron for
  • Tony what
  • T H O R

Unnecessary romance

  • Nat/Bruce
  • Quicksilver/Wanda tho
  • Clint/Laura???????

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

  • n a t
  • but also Wanda

Overly Asgardian Thor

  • he was so fucking asgardian
  • randomly fucking leaving
  • oh lol humans are so tiny
  • What the hell was that thing in the cave
  • Why was Selvig necessary????/ no “because Selvig was necessary but god forbid we bring in Loki” WHERE IS JANE THO

Completely OOC joke

  • most of them

Unnecessarily self-destructive Tony

  • We might not make it out of this etc etc, blowing up the electromagnet from THE BOTTOM OF THE FUCKING EARTH HEAP

Pissy Cap with no sense of humor


BRAINWASHING <- everyone.

Strong female character established by unnecessary Action Scene

  • Wanda @ end “I’M GONNA BE AN AVENGER” + ripping out Ultron’s heart????????????????

Posh villain with too many monologues

no clear motivation for villain

Hand-waving magic

Snark with no character depth

  • tony/steve

Unnecessarily GIANT final battle

Betrayal by: Tony or Bruce


Self-loathing character with the potential to do great evil

  • e v e r y o n e


Unnecessarily repeated word

  • tbh everything ultron said it was like listening to a kid who hasn’t slept
  • also MONSTERS

Mass destruction establishes villain

Steve call’s Tony’s motivations into question

  • That’s it that’s the movie

Major plothole from someone’s incompetence

  • Wait this is it this is also the movie

Hulk and Nat as Beast and Beauty

  • Wait this is it this is also the movie

Hulk > Bruce Banner for screen time

  • GOD

Maria Hill as humorless bitch

  • Like a bad version of IM2 Pepper Potts

All characters are either snarky or boring

People’s words coming back to haunt them

  • T o n y (World @ Peace etc)

Some kind of Avengers 1 throwback

  • Wait no THIS was it this was the movie

ULTRON: badly recycled dialogue from Loki in Avengers 1


Tony gets bitten in the ass for playing God

  • Getting repetitive, but this was also the movie

Reference to humans as “ants”

  • Not quite but not that far off (we’ve moved up to being dinosaurs i guess)

Insane character who predicts the future


Quicksilver as protective chaperone of Scarlet Witch

Super old-school M/F relationships