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Make Me

A/N: it wouldn’t surprise me if the person who sent this prompt in has forgotten they’ve sent it in given it was so long ago but it was too cute to pass up alright

it’s funny cause these are pretty much my own thoughts at night lazily fashioned into a semi-romantic duologue

prompt: college au, d&p sharing a dorm room and at night dan is afraid of the dark so he talks and talks and phil is extremely annoyed until one day he tackles dan in bed “would you shut the fuck up already” “make me” and they kiss 

words: 2,440


It’s like sharing a room with an eight year old, to be honest.



“Phil…?” Dan nibbles his lip, stirring in his bed to face his roommate’s bed.

Followed by another expected silence.

“Are you awake?” Dan whispers again, his voice penetrating the heavy quietness between the two beds in the dimly-lit room, with only Dan’s laptop screen with Netflix as an effective enough nightlight, although Inception had finished hours ago.

“I am now.” Phil hisses, and Dan doesn’t need the light to sense Phil’s glaring the shit out of him.

“You went to sleep ten minutes ago.” Dan narrows his eyes. “No-one can fall asleep that quickly, surely.”

“When you’re tired as fuck, it’s surprisingly possible.” Phil replies through gritted teeth, his sleep deprivation due to having to go through this every fucking night finallygetting the better of him. In all honesty, he can’t remember the last time he’d slept solidly for longer than half an hour the nights Dan’s in the room, and he aches with the memory of how heavenly his bed had felt when Dan visited home for a weekend. “Anyway, seeing as it has only been ten minutes, you’ve barely given me any chance. ”

Dan gives him a tentative smirk, although he’s unsure if Phil’s looking at him or not. “What’s the time?”

“Late enough for you to go the fuck to sleep.” Phil mutters, followed by a brief, obedient pause, and a quiet shuffling and moment of a glowing phone screen. “Two forty-five.” He sighs, horror flooding his voice as he remembers it’s only four hours until his lecture and the only attempts at sleeping he’s made are undeniably very pathetic ones.

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Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)

Dracula (1931)

Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

The Invisible Man Returns (1940)

Phantom Of The Opera (1925)

The Mummy (1932)



It has been officially confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis will be reprising her role as Laurie Strode in a brand new Halloween movie due to be released in 2018.

The studio announced her casting saying that this will be Laurie’s final confrontation with Michael Meyers, the masked figure who has haunted her for over forty years! 

Horror legend, John Carpenter will serve as creative consultant and executive producer on the film along with Get Out’s Jason Blum who will also produce while David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have written and will direct the film.

Halloween is due to be released October 19, 2018.

The Best Day

Gruvia week, day 7, prompt:  answer

Slightly over 2500 words of fluffy Gruvia fun ~ rated teen

The light snow coming down had turned into a thick flurry. Juvia wasn’t able to see Gray from a block behind anymore. She hastened her pace and gradually lessened the distance. The flying snow had in turn obscured her for a long time. He’d turned around at the exact time she’d been visible under a street light. Freezing in place hadn’t worked. Gray had called out to her and demanded she give up or join him.

Not knowing what to say, Juvia meekly trudged over to the waiting man. He shook his head and offered her his arm. “I thought you gave up following me.”

“Juvia did, but sometimes Juvia misses…” She bit her lip and spoke softer, “watching Gray-sama go about his business.” Juvia lowered her eyes to the snowy sidewalk.

“Tch.” Gray patted Juvia’s hand, now in the crook of his elbow. “You were doing so good - you’ll have to give me a forfeit now. Mmmm, what do I want?” He began walking down the sidewalk, towing Juvia with him. “I’m heading back to my apartment now, you wanna watch a movie?” Gray turned to face Juvia as he asked, paying no attention to the conditions underfoot. He slipped, pulling Juvia down on top of himself. She shrieked in surprise as he yelped. “Shit!”

“Is Gray-sama okay?” Juvia struggled to pick herself up and help Gray rise to his feet. He acted as a dead weight and sabotaged her efforts.

“I think I’m fine.” The ice mage began laughing, clutching onto Juvia as she wriggled. “I’ll never be able to live slipping on ice down.”

“Juvia will never tell!”

“I know what I want now, though.” Gray grinned up at Juvia, entwining his fingers with hers. “A kiss.”

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Talk Dirty to Me || Geoff x Reader x Ryan

Pairing: Geoff x Reader x Ryan
Words: 2,318
Rating: R
A/N: Sequel to Excuse My Garter; I’m a little disappointed with this one but I couldn’t do much else. I hope you all enjoy! P.S. I fucking love women in power.

Preview: If someone had told you a year ago that you would one day have a three-way with Ryan and Geoff in your boss’ bathroom, you would have laughed yourself into the hospital. If that same person had told you that twenty minutes after being fucked by the two men you would get a promotion from Burnie, you would have probably laughed yourself into your grave.

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