I drew more Ford Prefect/Arthur Dent because I feel as though the world needs more of this sort of thing right now. Have some poorly-drawn Ford/Arthur holding hands with a little heart inexplicably over their heads.

Also, I gave this drawing the magical mysterious quality of being transparent. Now you can have poorly-drawn Ford/Arthur holding hands with a little heart inexplicably over their heads, but TRANSPARENT.

Drink up. The world’s about to end.

My Forthur fic, as promised:

Ford Prefect took a long sip of his drink and a long look at his human. The monkeys were such excitable creatures, but alcohol always seemed to do the trick when it came to calming them down. In a way, he missed the funny little primitives. But there was no point dwelling in the past. There was nothing he could have done.

Well, maybe there was. Some would say he should have started planning in advance, found a way to save a small group of them, to keep the species alive. Some would say he should’ve saved the greatest minds on earth, and the greatest ambassadors for peace. But, as fine an idea as preventing genocide is, is it really worth the hassle? Ford couldn’t have coped, being responsible for the lives of a bunch of empty-headed, motor-mouthed, barely evolved imbeciles.

He saved Arthur Dent though. Arthur Dent was different. Arthur Dent was his favourite human. Arthur Dent was his human.

Arthur Dent continued to need saving, the little idiot. And Ford was always there to be the one who saved him. Well, he didn’t want all his hard work saving him the first time going to waste, did he? Besides, he was nice to have around the place. He babbled a little, but he was amusing, and friendly, and good company.

Ford hoped he wasn’t going soft.

Ford had even begun putting himself in danger, the one thing he thought he’d never do. Looking out for number one was the most important thing. Except when it came to saving Arthur. Arthur was worth it.

He’d even got himself stranded on a primitive world several thousands of years earlier than he had any right being, just through trying to look after his human. He should’ve been cross. That should’ve been it. And yet, somehow, when the opportunity arose to escape, he couldn’t bring himself to leave straight away. Not without Arthur.

Just because it’d be boring travelling alone, of course. Not because he was going soft.

Still, that was all in the past now. Several thousand years in the past, to be exact. They were finally free, and what did the little idiot decide to do? Drag them into saving the universe! Ford was furious, of course. Somebody else was bound to come along and do that for them. Somebody more qualified. Arthur had almost got himself killed already. Ford was seething at how inconsiderate of him that was.

As far as Ford was concerned, the universe was terrible. It didn’t deserve to be saved. Especially not if the cost was Arthur’s life.

As far as Ford was concerned, Arthur was more important than the rest of the universe.

Ford Prefect took a long sip of his drink.

It was late at night last night and I was listening to “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats (I think we all know the one)

and it was probably the line “we can act like we come from out of this world” but I got into my head the image of Ford Prefect singing the song and addressing it to Arthur Dent

like honestly I can envision a scenario in which Ford’s trying to convince Arthur to dance with him (and Arthur needing to be convinced to dance, because let’s face it, he would probably need to be convinced)

and some of the lyrics (“your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, they’re no friends of mine”, “you can act real rude and totally removed and I can act like an imbecile”) sounded like reasoning Ford might have

it just made sense at the time

and I distinctly recall, when I formed this scenario, thinking, “This is going to seem ridiculous tomorrow”, but you know what? It still makes sense to me now.

tinfoilrobot  asked:

So. Do you think Ford bought that crying towel for Arthur, or vice-versa?

1. I love the fact that, upon looking at that picture, you know that one of them bought it for the other.

2. It was definitely Ford getting it for Arthur, and if you presented this question to them, Arthur would (mildly exasperatedly) inform you that Ford has no need for the crying towel, because he has never seen Ford cry and suspect that he’s incapable of it. Ford, on the other hand, would be able to list off plenty of times where Arthur has shown that he’s perfectly capable of crying (and Arthur would try to shut him up in a way that finds itself somewhere in the intersection of “tactful” and “blunt”).

So I was listening to the album “69 Love Songs” by the Magnetic Fields the other day and I wasn’t particularly paying attention to the lyrics, but I heard one line - “When I drink, I don’t panic” - and I got excited because I’m in the habit of listening to song lyrics and imagining they’re about things they’re definitely not about (like my ships) and my OTP (as some folks might now) is Arthur Dent/Ford Prefect (from Hitchhiker’s Guide), and my thought was, “That line. That is a Fordish sort of line. I must remember the name of the song so I can later analyze its lyrics and think it’s about my OTP.”

But like an idiot, I forgot to note down the song’s title, and I was suddenly struck with a desperate need to find out what it was, and so I’ve got the track listing for that album in one tab and a lyrics site with Magnetic Fields lyrics in another, and I am searching the songs to find the song with that line in it so I can analyze it and imagine it’s about my OTP, using my amazing skills of deliberately misinterpreting things (usually song lyrics).


Various Uses for Towels #1 - Shock Blankets

So I’m writing a series of fluffy Hitchhiker’s Guide fics (Ford/Arthur) in which various uses for towels are demonstrated. You’ll get these semi-regularly, I think. Here’s the first one, which involves a towel used as a shock blanket. </fails at introducing and explaining things right now and in general>


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Fun fact: This gif from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy TV show -

- the gif that serves as my sidebar image is saved as “sjdklhgsfht”, which I only did because I couldn’t think of anything to call it, so I made its title a keymash. However, if one knows that these two chaps are my OTP, one could easily assume I’m interpreting this action as them “doing the OTP thing where they look at each other” (or however shippers tend to phrase things) and the keymash is the result of my excitement.

Either interpretation is reasonable.

So I may or may not be spending my night alternately studying and making OTP playlists (the OTPs being Ford/Arthur and Aziraphale/Crowley). And I may or may not have downloaded some songs specifically for this purpose. And I may or may not have made it a point to intentionally use a Queen song on the Aziraphale/Crowley one.

Who am I trying to kid. I am doing these things.

girlatsunrise-deactivated201401  asked:

How does shipping forthur make you look weird? It's like the single best thing ever.

*shrug* I always thought that shipping characters from Hitchhiker’s Guide was kind of weird, because it seems like one of those fandoms where you are simply Not Actually Supposed To Ship The Characters. But do you realize how pleased I am that you not only like the ship but you think it’s “like the single best thing ever”. I personally perceive that as a very good opinion yes.

(Also, the fact that you immediately referred to the ship as “Forthur” made me happy, because, and I might be attributing too much importance to myself in the H2G2 fandom, but I remember having a long and thoughtful conversation with a friend of mine who I had sort of “corrupted” into shipping this ship in which we tried to figure out what to formally call the pairing. To best my knowledge, no one called it “Forthur” until we started calling it that. I think I’m rambling; I’m sorry.)