Bizarre visit from LAPD

On the evening of Oct 4, Officer Gavin of the LAPD stopped by #FortHernandez to stir up some problems with supporters at the home. As everyone remained silent, Gavin went off for 15 minutes trying to get a response out of ANYONE! After finally realizing no one would fall for the bait, he left, but not before asking if anyone wanted to join the LAPD. Who wants to be a cop and loose their mind?

The visit came the night after a morning sneak attack at 5:30 in the morning.  40 riot police crept up Leadwell st. at 5:30 in the morning with batons raised and ordered those who were outside to get out of the way. They came for the couches, tables, and even personal photos of the Hernandez children. LAPD even went as far as towing an occupiers car stating it wasn’t mobile despite the fact that the car had been driven a few days before that. 

The couches the officer points out in the video were picked up that morning from other homes in the area that have no families in them due to fraudclosure.