hello everyone! this is a giant thank you to everyone for so many reasons. first off, I reached 1000 followers (now 1345), which is a such an honor and i am so glad to be able to reach over 1000 people daily and touch their lives. secondly, it’s my tumblr birthday today! thank you all for such a fantastic year in such a fantastic environment of loving people like no other. i have grown so much as a person over the year, and i couldn’t have done it without every single one of you. lastly, this post got soooo many notes, and it is such a neat thing to see how many people understand my weird thought process. again, i couldn’t have done it without all of you great people, from my followers to my friends to everyone who’s reblogged just one of my posts, i am so thankful for each one of you.

People Who I Follow and Love

thank you guys for gracing my dash with your glorious and wonderful posts daily. you rock!

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People Who I Follow and Who Follow Me and I Love♥♥

again, you guys are super duper awesome sauce! thank you so much for being there to look at my posts, show me your posts, and being the ultimate support network. 

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whether your url is one is see daily on my dash, ive talked to you a few times, or i just really love your posts, thank you thank you thank you for your constant support and love! it really means a lot that i can count of this group of awesome people for great posts and constant notes!

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People Who I Love So So So So So So So Much♥♥♥♥♥

what can i even say? you guys rock. i love talking to you, obsessively reblogging everything you post, and obtaining traits and skills from you. thank you for the support and love, the stream of amazing posts, and being as obsessed and deicated to theatre as i am!!! love you!

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People Who I Love Boundlessly and Endlessly♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

oh gosh basically i love you all so much and i cant go a day without seeing a post or a note or something from you and smiling because i know i have a group of people who care about me and i care about and thank you for your amazing things that you post because theatre and such also just thank you i dont even know how to put words to it but thank you.






i honestly love you all so much, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU


This or That - forthenexttenminutesago asked SMASH or glee?

“my crew is my family… is there anything you would not do for your family?”

The Crew

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PD Network


I probably forgot a lot of people so I’m sorry!! And a lot of the people on here probably don’t follow me back but I really like your blog. Also, I made the graphic on MS Paint and it’s my first ever and I’m sorry. Yay.

these are some really neat-o people in my life that i need to thank.

really fun people who are fantastic and super great and a joy to follow

awesomestuffwithnorealtheme - camberleighfauconbridge - chachahorel - coreymichaelcott - enjolraswould - fuckyeahthebarricadeboys - grranderre - helpmemakethemusicofthenight - holyfiremolotov - idinamenzealot - inspiringcamelsofmilwaukee - justanotherphangirl- - kindaindieandprettyhot - lesmisblog - lesmizbway - let-your-mind-start-a-journey - magyck-of-musicals - mizzerablyquotes - multifandomination - musicaltheatreandbroadway - musicaltheatrejunkie - nannerls - neverendingtheater - ninemilestogo - notgoodnotnicejustright - patroclusfellfirstphantomloveneverdiesphantomoftheoperaforever - phantom-of-the-parasol - phantom-of-the-tardis-67 - rumpelstiltskinned - sapphicdalliances - swirlofgown - thatirishgirl078 - thingsiloveabouttheatre - twofoursixtveit

thank you for everything. i really enjoy seeing my dash full of your wonderful posts and you are all really important people.

other really awesome people who dont correspond with my blog but are still super fantastic and awesome and fun to follow

bbcsherlockftw - colesprouseofficial - johnlockstreet - moriarty - princebenedictcumberbatch - sir-mycroft - until-youbreak

by the standards of non-thespians, you’re the top (yes that was a theatre reference). thank you for occasionally reminding me that there are awesome things that do not take place on a stage in the world. 

people who are either famous and/or i look up to as famous

albinokid1026 - annaohbyrne - carriehopefletcher - cutejolras - elphabaoftheopera - enjolrasthechief - incorrectlesmisquotes - juanjoltaire - lesmisconfessions - lesmisscreencaps - mittenjolras - peterjoback - phantamxrose - pleasestopbeingsadshow-lyrics - thereallesmiscaptionsthingsmusicalstaughtme

you people are all amazing and beautiful and rad and inspirational. thank you for being really great people and unique and awesome.

mutual followers that are hecka great

acciobarricadeboys - a-heart-full-of-love - alive-in-living-color - angrygavrochethenardier - bookofneilpatrickharris - candy-flosss - colm-wilkinsons-eyebrows - cometakemyeyes - ennjjolras - fiyerosass - forthenexttenminutesago - fuentizzle-fo-shizzle - greenowl888 - hazzaslittlenerd - heaven-by-the-sea - keep-calm-and-unhook-the-stars - kooleviolet - lauraosnss - ldihawk - lesmismakesmehappy - let-the-storm-rageon - lindseyluv31 - littlebarricadegirl - littledramaticalotte - mendedpixie - mermaidoftheopera - oneoftheguiltyones - partyatthebarricade - procrastveitor - raleighthejaegers - sing-your-melody - smileyfacewinkwink -  theentireworldisastage - the-leader-in-red - thepowerofsuperwholock - tiawnasauras

you people are my super great support network. daily, you’re there for me, so thank you. know that im always here for you! you people are super awesome and amazing and great and the bestest.

i see your stuff and reblog it a lot or you do the same for me on top of mutual follower-ship and/or the occasional message or ask (you are hecka hecka great)

a-jawn-worth-fighting-for - allourloveismadnessandrewlloydawkward - angel-or-madman - benonceandthefankettes - blagdogsandtveitortots - bloomingbanana - crisises-and-confidantsenjypendragon - floweredprouvaire - girymeg - grantaire–enjolras - mental-mind-fucked-by-broadway - montparnsnazzy - nataliescrushedcat - officialjackkellysarastro - sterekmyassbuttstrallenscarlettthesirentrick - thetheatrefreakgeek - tioalberto - tybalt-yousaucyboyxyolophone

you guys are all really important to me in so many ways. every time i open up my tumblr, i know if i have a problem that i want to talk through or even if i just want to look at some really awesome blogs, i can head to your blogs. thank you for your support and care–i couldn’t ask for better friends.

if there was like a super cool and cute and nice and great and friendly and kind prize id give it to all of you because you guys like talk to me or whatever and thats hecka hecka hecka great.

armed-with-books-and-a-sonic - barricadefairytales - broadwaywolf - daxnfuzzygraynames - leahxleah - oopsimageek - wowponies

i dont even know how to say it but you guys are the bestt for many reasons including lots of notes (of the inbox kind and of the post kind) and just basically being super nice and awesome and great friends and idk even just thank you ten billion times over for everything you do.

i know there a whole lot of people who aren’t on here to whom i owe my thanks–so thank you to all of those people as well! i love you alll–this is a dream come true!

–my love, musical-theatree

(aka lydia, nosuchthingastoomuchlesmis, etc)

Hello everyone! It’s Easter time and I think thats a great reason to show off some of the great blogs I follow!

Broadway Love****

thatslifeinthe-theatre , feminist-stage-fairy , inmyownlittlecornerofthesky , gotta-be-loud , nexttoonormal , broadway101 , hisangelofmusic , the-land-of-lola , osne-s , bonnieparkar , elphabaoftheopera ,  electricportcullis , i-am-the-mask-you-wear , forthenexttenminutesago , meganhilty , suttonnfoster , sierraboggessthings , teamrierra , boggesssierra , elphiegravity , thoroughlypredictable , stopandsmellthehope , andymientass , ginabeck , carefulthe-thingsyousay , southerncalcosette , fuckyeahphantomoftheopera , fuckyeahlauraosnes , lauraosnes , adamljacobs , favoritewickedthings , hopefuleponine , blindfoldedoptimist , broadwaysexual , thosenightsonbroadwaycouragefortherestofmydays , mariuseponines , ozdustmasquerade , broadwayandothermysteries , bogges-s 

Disney Love*****

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Multi Fandom + RL Friends 

goodnightlistners [Aleesha] , sweeneyharknesstargaryen [Andre] adipossession [Katrina] inkinhart , hawthorneonfire , trustmeimadoctorwho , i-am-a-time-traveller , snakes-in-the-tardis , kendralipbaum [Broadway also though] , patinaamiller [James] georgeblagdiddy 

I apologize  in advance if you’re listed twice or not listed! I've probably forgotten half the people! Have a great Easter! [Tomorrow for us Australians]