This list is nowhere near complete or is it everyone i wanted to put on literally just go and look at this +blogroll because i have always forgotten someone (also the season of changing url’s so i get confused). but this is a list of people who have turned me from casual fan to utter raving lunatic /okay that was supposed to be a compliment/ this is my second christmas on tumblr and you have made this year just fantastic.

ABC → acciomisswatson. aryawaterrs. awolfamonglions. bonwrights. centaurarrows.

DEF → donnermaysilee. dumbledoreknits. fudgeflies. fuckingniall.

GHI → hermionified. hufflepuffprodigy. i-am-lord-trolldemort. iamiweasley.

JKL → lestranges.

MNO → murderathogwarts. marauderssnowfight. madeingodricshollow. nearlyheadlessfinnick. ohremus. ohyeahronhermione. ohdear-prongs. onequibbler.

PQR → -

STU → sherlockmafloy. sourpatchwatermelon. santasnaping. the-last-enemy. thatsbloodywicked.

VWXYZ → wandlesstribute. youtellthemreindeers.

THERE IS ONE MORE PERSON. Sarah aka fortheloveofnargles. who has kept me sane for the past year she will help without reason and is hands down one of the most amazing people ever. my loverly unicorn ♥

'Follow Sunday'

I actually don’t even have time for this but since it’s been so long I just wanted to make a quick follow sunday for you! Even though I find it toooo difficult to choose people for this (and I’ll probably forget some people, don’t hate me!), you should all follow these lovely blogs (no particular order), because their owners make my time here on tumblr so wonderful. And I’m sorry I don’t get the chance to talk to you all as much as I did before, but I love you guys!

Sam - Lynn - SarahDionne - JorinMaria 

Elin -Valerie - Netta - Ilma - Simay - Lily 


All aboard the ship!