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You asked for SilverFlint prompts? I know this is probably a pretty common thing to write about when it comes to silverflint but I could never get enought of it - Flint meeting 'Captain Flint', Silver's new best, feathered friend, for the first time, please?

“What the hell is that.”

“Ah, Captain, have you finally grown bored of your juvenile attempts to ignore me?” Silver grinned as Flint kicked his cabin door shut behind him.

“I’ve not been ignoring you,” Flint scowled, though at the bird rather than Silver. “And you didn’t answer my question.”

“Ah right, you’ve just been avoiding me for four days. Honestly James I’ve been in your cabin every night, where have you even been sleeping?”

“I’ve not been – oh for fuck sake just tell me why you have a brightly coloured bird perched on your shoulder.” Flint was all but massaging his temples, it was nice to know that even after all this time Silver still had an uncanny ability to annoy him.

“Well, as you would know if you hadn’t been ignoring me, this is a parrot.” Silver explained, his metal leg thudding on the wooden floor as he approached Flint, shifting the bird to his hand and holding him out to Flint, who eyed it suspiciously. “Really James it’s only a bird not an English conspirator.”

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i wanted to join the angst train!! So here’s some lovely Captain Swan domestic fighting over secrets and stuff. @optomisticgirl @xemmaloveskillianx I hope you like it!

He finds himself with a strong sense of déjà vu. He’s been through this before; played this game with her before. But this time there’s something different.
She’s pulling away from him again. Shutting him out. He’s used to it by now, but after all that has happened between them, he finds his patience growing short at her reluctance to trust him.
Only this time it’s not harsh words and a cold shoulder.
She has moments where she’s vacant. Off in her own little world and staring straight through whatever her sight is focused on. When he brings her back to reality, he can see her physically shrinking back into herself. She shrugs it off and changes the subject, pulling forth the closed-off version of Emma that’s all business.
Just when he thinks he’s finally going to go against all of his codes and confront her; force her to open up to him, she bounces back.
She becomes overly affectionate, constantly touching and kissing him; smiling as if she hasn’t a care in the world. She blows off patrol and holds him hostage on the couch, threatening to pour away his good rum if he even thinks about moving from their tangled embrace. She laughs as she accidentally smears ketchup over his stubble as she feeds him fries and he can’t bring himself to ruin these moments when she’s so carefree and loving. Her smile lights up his world and he swears to himself he’d never take that look off her face no matter what troubles loom over her.
It’s when she begins blowing off her responsibilities that he begins to truly worry. When she’s desperate for them to remain curled up in bed rather than answer Regina’s messages for help that Killian realizes something is truly wrong. This isn’t like her.
He tries. He knows approaching the subject can go one of two ways: end with her reluctantly opening up or pushing her further away.
It’s the latter.
As soon as he questions her, her face changes. She shuts down, becomes indifferent and irritated. Rushes to put on her jacket and shoes and announce she’s off to work and is closing the door on his apologies and pleas to talk.
Emma becomes even more isolated.
She’s home late, throwing herself into helping the visitors from another land, avoiding his attempts to meet for lunch and dinner.
It makes him angry.
He begins to dish it back. 

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Make-up wearers of Tumblr....

I just had an idea that *I* think is hilarious but I cannot carry it out, so I am going to share it with you all in the hopes that some of you will take it out and test it in the real world to see if it works. 

Specifically, women [or any make-up wearers really] of Tumblr, next time that a “nice guy” on social networking or a dating sight or wherever tells you:

“You know, you’d be so much prettier without make-up. I really prefer the more natural look…” or anything like this….

Respond by giving them TIPS on natural-looking make-up application. Tell them that their skin tone is probably [xyz] so some tinted moisturizer or a sheer powder would help with the oiliness. Suggest a good nude lipstick. Send them a link to a good “natural look” contouring tutorial. Basically, just keep sending unsolicited make-up advice until they block you [maybe mention that they could get their eyebrows cleaned up without losing their natural shape.] Etc. Etc.

I would really like to do this myself but (a) I don’t actually know that much about make-up and (b) I think Monotasker would frown on me joining a dating site just to troll obnoxious guys.

So could some of you all do it for me [and if someone wanted to reblog this with some actual make-up tips you could recommend, that would be great, because I think this post shows how little I actually *know* about make-up]?

Husband Reacts to Harry Styles: Another Man Magazine Covers

Hi friends!

Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted one of these, but we’ve been super busy with moving and unpacking and getting settled in our new home. But I just HAD to do a quick Husband Reacts to the amazing Another Man magazine covers that were released this week!

But first, I had to subject Hubs to the weirdness and confusion of Harry’s three blank instagram posts…

“What? He posted this on instagram?………………”

(stares for a minute and gets a slight smile, looking back and forth from the photo to me)

“Did he forget to take the lens cap off?”

“Wait he posted TWO white photos on instagram… that a different shade of white? Is this some artsy shit I don’t understand? Lemme guess, the third one is white too?“

“Oh my god this white photo has 725,000 likes. Naturally. It’s probably the best thing ever posted on stupid intagram. It’s nothing. Is the next one all white, too? Is it a penis picture? I swear to God if it’s a penis picture, I’m not prepared for that….”

(stares for a few long seconds) “Okay he’s gone emo. What’s with the spiderwebs? Are they supposed to make him look all tough and two-faced?”

“Is he doing gay porn now?! He’s got some kind of collar around his neck? He’s doing gay porn! He’s dressed as a fuckin’ beast of some sort? He’s doing gay porn! HE. IS. DOING. GAY. PORN. PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE.”

“Also, Another Man sounds like a gay porn magazine. It sounds like something Tobias has hidden in the secret room in the Bluth model home.”

(As usual, he’s not entirely wrong……)

(making fun of the tagline) “OH BOY!! He looks like Mark Hamill. And Bugs Bunny with those buck teeth. I don’t understand the 60′s vibe, is he supposed to be Paul McCartney?”

I will say that he looks better with the short hair. The long hair makes him look like a petulant child. I’m not entirely sure what petulant means, but I wanted to use it.”

“So if the second one was inspired by Paul McCartney, is this one inspired by Michael Jackson? With his pasty white face and his nostrils, the hair, and the collar…it’s Michael Jackson. I expect him to break out into ‘Thriller’ at any minute.”

“I’m worried that if I lean forward, I will see his snot. It looks like he was trying to be edgy and have a GQ-esque photoshoot, but I’m not sure if that was achieved.”

At this point, I mentioned to him that I bought the third cover.

“Ohhhh my Goooood, you actually bought one?!? Shipped to this address? With our last name on it? Is the mail person gonna see it? Are we gonna have to move now?! I’m cutting you off from my credit card.”

Any final reactions?

“Why didn’t you buy the cover that was all white?”

Fall Classic Masterpost

I decided that I’m a glutton for punishment and I wanted to do another fic prompt series specifically for Caught Looking Garrett/Anders. Again. While I’m working 50 hours a week and getting ready to finish my first term of grad school and have about 15 other WIPs. If you guys know me (or my fic, I guess), you know how much baseball means to me. And the end of this season has been pretty rough so I will admit I kind of needed this (not that baseball will be mentioned any more than usual).

So here’s the deal: there are 31 prompts. Starting on October 1, I will be posting one prompt per day, a la 24 Days of Handers. As I upload each day’s fic I’ll update this post with a link to that specific prompt. I made up this list myself, so if you’d like to use it, feel free! 

Everything will also be available on AO3.

The official summary - Garrett loves fall, and he loves it even more now that he has a big, new house and yard to enjoy. Anders loves the postseason, with the Champions making a strong case for a World Series appearance - thanks in large part to Anders’ stellar pitching. But what both men love even more is coming home each day to each other, the comfort and excitement of life with all the uncertainty gone. 

Or: Garrett is just as excited about Halloween as he is for Christmas. Expect ridiculous adventures, lots of overenthusiasm, and yes, everyone will be forced into costumes by the end.

I should note that this prompt series is taking place more than a year from where we are currently in CL (ch. 18). There will be some references to things, but, you know, stuff changes in the span of a year. So don’t necessarily expect everyone’s relationships (minus Garrett’s and Anders’) to be the same. 

Full prompt list:

  1. Autumn Weather
  2. Decorating for Fall
  3. Apple Picking
  4. Cooking/Foods
  5. Fall Smells
  6. Pranks
  7. Full Moon
  8. Autumn Clothing
  9. Pumpkin Patch
  10. Ghost Stories/Scary Stories
  11. Leaves
  12. Apple Cider
  13. Superstitions
  14. Traditions
  15. Animal Fun
  16. Fear
  17. Fall Sports
  18. Childhood Memories
  19. Lazy Fall Day
  20. Harvest Festival
  21. Hayride/Corn Maze
  22. Horror Movies
  23. Ghost Tour
  24. Pumpkin Carving
  25. Haunted House
  26. Bonfire
  27. Candy Shopping
  28. Monsters
  29. Preparing for Winter
  30. Costume Party
  31. Trick or Treat

A few quick things I want to mention -

  • chapters will also contain ratings/warnings as they are posted. All prompts are between 1-2k words each.
  • most of these will be silly/fluffy pieces, but some will contain smut and will be marked appropriately
  • you don’t need to have read CL, but it would really help cause I reference stuff from it a lot
  • FAIR WARNING, mostly to assuage myself of my guilt, but due to life, there might be a day or two I don’t update on time. I’m going to do everything possible to do so, but in the event I miss a day, that prompt WILL be posted the next day. Hold me to that. 
  • everything will be tagged “Fall Classic” if you want to block it

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eh why not? 💗

oh, Kelsie. what can I even say? you’ve been a part of my tumblr life for longer than I can remember, a cornerstone and foundation of me, here since…well, pretty much forever. which is something that no one else really knows, because they don’t see your likes and reblogs and messages and IMs. which may all seem small things singularly, but when added up… well, your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your creativity all make you up to be a wonderful person. plus your blog, in my opinion anyway, is just…A+. <3

which is all to say: frankly, I wouldn’t be Seren without you, and I think you’re absolutely fantastic.

What I have been thinking ever since I have seen Schindler’s List: When Maxima returns to Tevinter I am very sure that is how she dealt with most figures of importance and other magisters, probably the same way that Schindler did. Gifts ( bribes ) masked as gratitude, favours disguised as friendly request, a lot of parties and a lot of smiles. It just resonated a lot with what Maxima would do.

The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

A/N: Long title for a little feelsy, woods smut drabble. Dedicated to my girls at the OUACS podcast, especially @smorgan4

        It has been a long while since Emma and Killian had a moment to breathe. Ever since coming back from New York and the Land of Untold Stories, respectively, they hadn’t been able to find time to be alone. So they finally made time, asking Regina watch Henry and putting their phones on silent. They would probably regret that later, but at that moment, they didn’t care. They decided a nice walk in the woods would be nice, just to clear the heads. They breathed in the fresh pine scent and listened to the birds chirping, walking hand-in-hand through the autumn leaf-covered woods.

           “This is nice,” Emma said, swinging her arm back and forth in his.

           “Aye, it is. I normally prefer the open sea, but there is something to be said for a secluded forest.”

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I’m considering having torrie delete their blog ic and just go to have them being a strictly longer rp type of blog. They would be able to maintain contact with a few individuals through their phone, but they wouldn’t have to deal with their dash anymore, nor would they be able to talk to people on tumblr.

I want to do longer rps, and the whole Facebook style of interraction while nice at points is honestly beginning to become more trouble than it’s worth and I feel like it is beginning to hinder my writing. In an explosive SmackDown LIVE main event, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose battled it out with John Cena looking on from commentary.

Styles and Ambrose held nothing back in their attempts to obtain the most prestigious prize in all of WWE, bringing their absolute best to the Team Blue battlefield. The two went back and forth with several near falls. But when the action moved outside the ring in what would be the final moments of the match, The Phenomenal One opted to engage Cena, decking him on the outside. But, when the visibly frustrated leader of the Cenation climbed up on the ring apron, the referee became distracted. From there chaos reigned with Styles being able to ultimately seize the moment, grab The Lunatic Fringe’s tights and roll him up to retain the championship.

However, the action was far from over after the match, with Cena laying out both Ambrose and Styles out with Attitude Adjustments, clearly making a statement toward claiming his 16th World Championship at No Mercy.

Executive Dysfunction/A Shoe In My Shower

I was emailing back and forth with my ex today (who does a lot of mental health support stuff for me) and trying to explain to him how I can be so smart and capable and good at my job and yet struggle so much with day to day life. So I told him this story:

Until half an hour ago, there was a shoe in my shower. Don’t even ask how it got there; that’s a long story on its own. Just picture the shoe in the shower.

I see the shoe every time I go into the washroom. Instead of picking it up and putting it back where it belongs, though, I put "clean bathroom" on my to-do list. Three weeks pass, and the shoe is still in the shower. Some days I just step around it while I get washed and some days I get so panicked at the thought that the shoe is still there and that I haven’t cleaned the bathroom yet that I just get washed in the sink instead. I get so overwhelmed that I shut down because the task “clean bathroom” is so vague I don’t even understand how to go about it. Cleaning the bathroom means removing the shoe but also cleaning the tub and the sink and the mop bucket from the corner and the mirror and the toilet and sorting my makeup and the medicine cabinet and oh yeah I forgot I’m supposed to be taking Vitamin D and I thought it was in there and it wasn’t so I have to go find where I put it but the whole house is such a disaster that I have to go fire up my laptop and make sure to put “find Vitamin D” on my to-do list which will spiral into at least another two week ordeal..

…and in the meantime,  there’s still a fucking shoe in my shower.

But to anybody who walks in and sees that, it just looks like I’m lazy or don’t care. And it’s so frustrating because I care so much, I’m so embarrassed about the mess and I hate living like that but everything is SO OVERWHELMING.

I don’t really fully understand why I can’t just pick up the fucking shoe. I don’t understand at all. I do know though that every time I go into the washroom I feel anxiety that the shoe is still there. I’ve tried breaking my to-do lists into smaller tasks, but then “clean the bathroom” becomes a list of 50 tasks and I’m the floor crying because 50 feels like Too Many Tasks. My to-do list has been overcome by Zeno’s Arrow Paradox.

What’s really interesting to me is that at the moment, I am in the longest stretch of my life I’ve ever had without a major depressive episode or any notable general anxiety. I’m doing really well with keeping on top of stuff that usually flummoxes me, like making phone calls and appointments (although those leave me with negative a gazillion spoons for socializing, which does get lonesome). But the shoe in my shower was just straight up Autism-brain, not letting me put the shoe away.

Funnily enough, using the shoe example made me sit down and really think about the WHY of the shoe still being in the shower, and then suddenly it clicked:

Moving the shoe, separate from cleaning the bathroom, was not a one-off either.  Before I took the shoe out of the shower I needed to clean out my shoe bin. Then I was going to put the shoes into a different, sealable bin, but I can really only do that on a weekend when there’s sufficient light in my living room, and even before I do that I have to empty a bin in my room to use, but to do that I need to make room in my closet for the clothing that’s already in the bin, but to do that I need to put together a bag of clothing to donate, and when I think about all those steps I go back to wanting to cry.

But then I thought… okay, it’s not like the shoe is bothering me there because it’s in the wrong place; the shoe is bothering me because it is keeping me from basic hygiene because I can’t even shower. The shoe doesn’t need to go to it’s final resting place right now, it literally just needs to be NOT IN THE SHOWER.

So I put the shoe in the mop bucket under the sink, which led to a significant enough decrease in stress that I was able to cross three other things off the interminable to-do list

And I emailed all of this to my ex and then I texted him to tell him I’d sent him an email and then I panicked that I sounded ridiculous and that I hadn’t explained myself well at all.

And then, just now, my phone beeped, and it was a text from my ex reading:

“You’re a SHOE-IN for my favourite person.”


and like, looking at it now yeah there’s… a lot wrong with persona 3 and persona 4, from the way the game itself is built to some of the scenes, to the plot and characters and so on and so forth.. but for whatever reason i am enthralled regardless! the overall experience is just.. really satisfying, engrossing in a way i couldn’t hope to explain. i’m not completely averse to jrpgs, but it’s also a lil tricky for me to fall into them, but something about those games did it for me

smt/persona 2 is cool too. (honestly.. couldn’t get into the first persona at all though!)

secretly-a-dragon replied to your post “Eddie thawne”

Never apologize for having genderqueer/fluid characters I love them give them to me I’ll protect them

the funny thing is is that for most of these characters I’ll start with they’re a boy or girl, and then I’ll think about it and go… wait a minute, but I could see them every now and then being a different gender,

and I’m already reconsidering Eddie. I said he’s a boy who every now and then feels like a girl, but now I’m thinking I should just get rid of that every now and then. Eddie totally goes back and forth between being a boy and girl all the time, maybe he’s just both, he could be bigender

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To go with the current conversation: One of my favorite U/B heroes is Fixer from Marvel Comics. He's completely amoral, doesn't actually care about good or evil, but he wants to show off his scientific genius in any way possible, and sometimes this means helping lots of people, and often it means acting as a hero. He does go back and forth between villain and hero a lot, but hey, that's part of his charm.

I actually love the Thunderbolts for this reason. Almost all of them are selfish villains who are just nominal heroes. They’re at their best when they’re not just trying to imitate the Suicide Squad.

Cardinal 2016 28 – The molting is over and the colors are bright, Zen Glen, Indian Land, South Carolina, September 27, 2016

When we become conscious,

we become conscious of the allness of the whole,

and how we might work out the contradictions

and make peace.

One of those contradictions

is between the life we are living

and the life that is our life to live–

even now, even yet.

And, we live to find ways

to work our life into our life.

Our dreams help with this.

Each night, our dreams point

to a place in our actual life

where our real life needs to come forth.

If we keep a written record

of our dreams over time,

we see threads and themes

being played out in our sleep,

calling us to consciously

“Attend this!”

“Attend this!”

Of course, we have to remember

that our dreams are metaphors,

including puns and plays-on-words,

not to be taken literally.

Losing your pocketbook

has nothing to do with your pocketbook,

but with your identity,

your values,

the core and foundation of your life.

If you dream of losing your pocketbook,

work to find the your center and ground,

and live out of it

in living the life you are living.