forth street


Luckily, it was a quiet day at the surgery, so John was able to clock out early. Upon his arrival Sherlock visibly brightened up (still no luck with the yellow scribble) and proceeded to push him out the way he had just come from.

They split up, Sherlock going back to the bank and Van Coon’s office, while John tried to get his hands on the second victim’s diary at New Scotland Yard. I popped back and forth between Baker Street and John’s location, so I only managed to catch snippets.

Seems as if Lestrade is busy with another case, because a different inspector named Dimmock was the one overseeing the investigation.

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Needless to say he is not exactly a fan of Sherlock’s, but then, who is after meeting him for the first time? Well, except for John. John was a fan right from the start, but I think we’ve established, that John is the exception to a lot of rules regarding Sherlock.

Their conversation yesterday after the chase and Sherlock’s honest Thank you seem to have touched upon John’s protective streak. When Dimmock started to mentioned Sherlock, presumably to bad-mouth him, John’s hackles rose.

Dimmock: Your friend…

J: Listen, I know what you are going to say and I don’t want to hear it.

But Dimmock’s mild comment about him being an arrogant sod quickly appeased John. Because let’s be honest. Sherlock can be incredibly arrogant, especially when he is feeling defensive or ignored.

Enough of the chit-chat, though. The important thing is, we now have the diary and are on our way to the location noted in it. Are we in Soho? Kind of looks like Soho to me, but I could be wrong.

The streets are busy with passerby milling about. John is focusing on the notebook in his hands, not checking where he is going. He takes a few more steps and promptly collides with a…

J: Oh, Jeeze.

… strangely familiar back.

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Sherlock spins around, eyes lighting up in recognition and before John is able to say hello and find his bearings, Sherlock is already chatting away nineteen to the dozen. Wow. Does he just ignore the need to breathe, or…

After his fifth try, John finally manages to get a word in edgewise. He sounds somewhat exasperated, but who can blame him after having to listen to Sherlock explain the minutiae of his process and search parameters, when has been holding the answer to the problem in his own two hands. With a sigh, he points at a Lucky Cat store across the street from them.

J: Sherlock, it’s that store over there.

S: How can you tell?

J: Look at his diary, he was here, too. He wrote down the address.

S: Oh.

I guess we are going shopping!

so, when the horror writers died
we opened all the windows.
covered the mirrors and forgot why, so
everyone forgot their own faces next.

my sister runs down to the graveyard, runs her hands through dirt
like it’s water and the hands that reach to catch hers -
do not hold. the ghosts skip rope with the children, and the boy
prepared for exorcism, with devil’s eyes
forgets to snarl and the priests forget their rituals -
they let him go.

in the kitchen, my lover unties her hair and apron, whistles.
The corn sings; He, who walks behind the rows, walks forth
wanders down main street, looking for lost memories
while she sings her childhood songs: nursery rhymes
that will never be scary again.

oh, and the abandoned houses falling to decay… we burn them
holding up a round or two of prayer in languages we knew
in dreams, or before the world went sane -
what’s sin? my sister wants to know. what’s a monster?
it’s autumn. we pile cobs in our baskets, cut sunflowers
- my lover’s weaving a crown for the harvest king
my dead brothers laugh and tell half-remembered jokes.
I don’t know, I tell my sister. I don’t know
I don’t want to know.

the only difference between a nightmare and a daydream is press coverage, m.t


Mateo had been sitting on his balcony observing a high school aged boy walking around looking bewildered on a corner, pacing back and forth from the street edge to the sidewalk, for about fifteen minutes now. He was really starting to get concerned.

He exited his apartment, going down the stairs and opening the front door to the complex. Mateo pulled out his phone, tapping on the screen as he approached before displaying it to the young man;

“Are you lost? You’ve been pacing for a few minutes now.”

Christopher O’Neill quotes

“I’m very protective and I also know that the people who are writing things don’t know who we are. They have never met us, they may pretend they do but they have never spent time with us. You get a thicker skin over time and you get to deal with it but it’s always a little painful for sure.” - on the media talking bad about Madeleine & Chris

“We walked through Chelsea and she (Leonore) dropped it (her Kaninen/toy). When we got home, we realised it wasn’t there. I’ve spent 2 hours going back and forth across the street in the rain, I was looking in dustbins. People thought I was crazy. And we didn’t find it, it was terrible.” - Chris on looking for Leonore’s favourite toy after she lost it.

“Madeleine and Victoria as well are born mothers. It’s incredible to watch them with their kids because it’s just so natural. I can see it in Carl Philip as well. When he is either with Estelle or Leonore he sits on the floor and he is playing and wrestling with them. All three are so warm and kind with the kids. That is an amazing thing to see.”

“If women could rule the world, the world would be in a lot better place than it is today. I don’t say that just to say that. I really believe it. Having been surounded with a lot of strong women in my life has done many positive things.”

this city

can we
this city
with the lights off?

I let you interrogate me
Spanish Inquisition style
with the filled knapsac watching
from the red, velvet couch

you got a noise complaint that night
and I left the house with a Desert Eagle,
my sunday’s best, and a Rolex watch.
I skimmed the clear instructions for
the metro bus with street intentions

I left my phone unlocked and awaiting
voyeur hands, so take advantage of her.
Erase the contacts you don’t want contacted;
delete the messages from all my exes;
read my DM’s and PM’s from AM to PM.

I got stress on my mind in this jungle
the blocks lock me up I’m in a bind

starbucks and drug dealers on every corner
in the end it’s all a hustle
we should teach our kids about that in school

the world became tiny
when we learned about
the universe
maybe man was always small


Peter slowly drifted down through the air.  It felt cooler, more crisp than before, not at all like the warm gentle breezes back in Neverland.  The seasons here were different.  They changed, not by a person’s imagination, but by the relentless march of time.  Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn, and Autumn to Winter.  People changed, too.  They grew up.

Far below, Peter could see streets criss-crossing back and forth.  The street lights cast strange shadows that danced across houses and trees as Peter passed over them.  It wasn’t long before he came to settle gently upon a familiar window frame, the same one he’d been coming to every night since…since…well, for a long time.  

Peter didn’t really know why he kept coming back.  He had been playing this game for a long, long time now.  People would come with him to Neverland, some like the Darlings only stayed for a few days, while others like the Lost Boys stayed for much longer.  Those that did decide to go home would grow up and forget all about Neverland…all about him.  So what was it about this one that made things different?

Carefully, Peter inched sidways until he was able to peek through the window and into the room beyond.  Little had changed from his last visit aside from it looking as if (Y/N) had tidied up a bit.  He could see (Y/N) sitting in bed, already tucked in under the covers, book in hand.  (Y/N) always read before falling asleep.  That’s probably why they knew so many good stories.

But (Y/N) didn’t want to play Peter’s game anymore.  They had gone home to their family.  They would grow up and go to school and get a job.  They would forget…

Suddenly, Peter was falling.  The window had opened and, having been caught completely by surprise, he tumbled into the room.  Peter hit the floor and rolled until he was lying on his back looking up at the ceiling above him.

“Peter,” you exclaimed.

“I…uh…,” Peter stammered, getting hastily to his feet, “…your window…”

You frowned.  There was something different about Peter.  This was not the same boy who’d taken you away to Neverland, who’d shown you all over the island, or who’d spent days making up adventures for the two of you to go on.  That Peter would not have been so easily caught.  That Peter would not have had any trouble bouncing back, either.

“Is something wrong?”

Peter didn’t say anything.  Instead, he looked down at the floorboards beneath his feet as if maybe he could avoid answering altogether.  Finally, when that didn’t seem to work, he let out a sigh.  "I don’t know,“ he answered painfully.

"Why did you come here, Peter,” you asked him.

“I…I don’t know…”

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Can you imagine

AU and Dean is in his house just chillin in his living room when he keeps seeing something out his window. So he gets up to look out the window. It’s this guy with black hair and he’s pretty much pacing back and forth up his street. So Dean goes to the door. 

“Hey buddy! Any reason WHY you keep walking past my house?” 

The guy with black hair looks at him and his blue eyes are determined. He motions to his phone. “There’s a growlithe around here somewhere.” 

Dean just blinks then turns on his heel. “Hang on. Let me get my phone.” 

And that is the story of how Dean and Cas met and became boyfriend Pokemon hunters. 


I SAW RITTER! I’m pulling another all-nighter while checking Facebook every five minutes to see if there’ve been any new sightings of her. A woman said she spotted her running back and forth down Oak Street, not far from me. I told her I’d be over there ASAP to set a live trap for Ritter, but as I pulled out of my driveway, I saw a white shape dart out into the lawn across the street.

Ritter actually came toward me a few paces before remembering “Oh, yeah, I’m nervous of everyone!” then took off up the street. I didn’t chase her. That would cause more harm than good. I just casually pulled back into my driveway, hauled the live trap out of the truck bed, baited it with stinky canned dog food, covered it in a blanket that smells like other pups, and left. We’ll see if she goes for it. 

I think that if she hadn’t seen me that she’d actually have come into the yard. Cabal and Jude are on alert now so I’ll know if we catch her. She’s very friendly with other canines so they’re also ‘bait’, as well!