Hello!! i’m Forteh, the creator of the webcomic Pastelmancer and a freelance nonbinary artist!!!

i’ve been wanting to start having savings again as well as rebuilding my wardrobe to better suit my gender/identity as a whole, helping my family and myself with our current financial situation (groceries, gas, bills, etc.) and just be able to start working towards supporting myself with art!

I will NOT draw:

-noncon/underage/incest/hate art

-extreme gore (cartoon is fine)

-complicated mecha

I WILL draw:

-Pretty much anything! Fanart of your favorite cartoon characters doing backflips into each other arms? Done! A picture of your original character? A picture of your original character smooching an anime character? I can do it! Want some ~sexy~ artwork? Heck yeah, let’s do it! (AS long as you’re 18+)

If you want some more samples of my art, examples of the extras listed at the end, or price inquiries, my email is <3 You can also view my current commission queue right here.

Additional characters are 50% of the base price (Example: Bust lineart would be $5+) All these prices are starting prices, and anything extra detailed will be subject to possible price adjustments! Just send me an inquiry and we’ll figure it out.

Payment is expected through paypal, and I expect payment as soon as the commission is confirmed and references and all details are finalized. I also do payment arrangements for bigger pieces if needed!

 You can also check out my Patreon if you’re interested in supporting me that way!

Even if you can’t commission me, a signal boost is GREATLY appreciated!  Have a lovely day! ♥♥

“Oh, don’t you dare look back.
Just keep your eyes on me.”
I said, “You’re holding back, ”
She said, “Shut up and dance with me!”
This woman is my destiny
She said, “Ooh-ooh-hoo,
Shut up and dance with me.”

(ft. landon from pastelmancer)

The Haunters: A Pastelmancer short story

The Haunters is a short story i’m going to be working on in the future that takes place shortly before the main plot of Pastelmancer. When a village contacts Landon with a plea for help, Landon and her friends head down to work their magic. However, things in the town are much worse than they anticipated….

the story will first be availible for my patrons, and then online as a pdf you can purchase for a small fee. and when i start a kickstarter for the first pastelmancer book, certain tiers will include a hard copy of The Haunters. i’m really excited to begin writing this!!