The enigma of meth head Ned

I live in a midwestern town called Fort Wayne Indiana.  It is the second largest city in Indiana, and is about equidistant from the major cities of Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati.  There are many unusual things about my town, but one of them stands out among the rest.  

Many residents of Fort Wayne have reported an experience with a man known colloquially as “meth head Ned” (or occasionally “crack head Ned”) around the south side and downtown.  He reportedly hangs out at the Belmont Beverage on South Anthony by Ya Boy’s Fish and Chicken.  He also frequently comes up to car windows asking for money.  My roommate reports that he came to her car window asking for eight dollars for “fried chicken for his mixed kids and white wife.”  She only had five, so she gave it to him and he got angry and left without the money.  Reports of him asking for money and turning down offerings, and his racially specific descriptions of his family are common.  He frequents the backyard of a friend of mine on the northeast side in the lakeside neighborhood with similar demands.  In that same area, he chased me and a friend of mine to my car (not the only time I have been chased by a deranged man in Fort Wayne.)  He also claims to know/be related to artists like Tupac, Snoop Dog, and Dr. Dre.  

The fact that so many people are aware of this man in a town of more than 250,000 is intriguing.  His fame has sparked local memes:

and multiple youtube videos like this one: 

You can find more by searching for his name and “Fort Wayne Indiana.”  

To my Fort Wayne followers: if you have any more anecdotes or information about this man, please let me know.  In my experience they aren’t hard to find.  If you mention him around a group of people in FW, odds are someone will have encountered him.  It’s fascinating.  

Roommate needed new haven (fort wayne area)

Writing this here too to cover more people. I finally left the guy who’s been mistreating me and he’s moving out without much of a fight, but without his share of the bill paying I’m going to be at risk of losing my house.

I live in new haven and I need a roommate or 2. The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ bath (half is part of master bedroom) and there’s both a family room and a livng room so there’s lots of space. There’s street parking and a driveway that can hold at LEAST 2 cars. Its a pretty quiet and friendly neighborhood. There’s laundry room and a dishwasher.

No drugs, smoking outdoors only, drinking is cool but be respectful of sleeping roommates and all that.

Pets are negotiable, but they’ll need to get along with my cat and be completely house broken.

the room will be $350/month or the master bedroom would be about $450. The smaller room should be able to fit a full sized bed and dresser in with some space to spare. Closet is pretty nice, my favorite in the house. I’ll take whichever room is left. That price includes your share of the water and electric bill HOWEVER if there’s a significant spike in the electric bill with cold weather coming we’ll all split the difference.

I’m in a tough spot right now so if you know anyone who needs a place have them message me or add me on Facebook (name is shayla lee, current profile pic is from the zombie walk).

I have wifi.

The Email and Upcoming Events

The Email and Upcoming Events

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During the middle of the week I sent a email to a photography book publishing company with the outline, some images, and my contact information about possibly publishing “The Naked & the Nude" 

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While a few close friends and my wife know the completed outline for the book. The company wanted one to see if the book was going to be worth publishing or putting effort into it. 

I would be lying if I haven’t been really nervous over the last few days. I check my email almost every couple hours to see if they have emailed me back but I know that they are busy and probably won’t email me back for at least a couple weeks if at all. 

While I am waiting for them to email me back and let me know what they thing, I am planning on more shoots and expanding my work to more art galleries and future shows. The end of last week I was emailing a gallery owner about an upcoming show that I plan on entering in the near future. 

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Undefined Grace and Beyond the Veil are both getting a lot of people interested in the series and starting to show my ability to not only create beautiful images but images that have meaning behind them. 

 I was asked this the other day on my tumblr by an anonymous message. 

"Why do most of your photos have naked models in them?”

This is something that’s been asked by a lot of people in the last few months. The best way I can put it and this explains a lot of my work. Nudity to me is like a painter putting primer on their canvas for a painting. The subject of my photos is never the nudity, nudity is only the canvas and I create the art around it. With someone being nude, you don’t have someone focusing on the clothing, the make up, or the hair. They are focused on the art, the beauty of it, and the ways I display the meaning of the images.

My next blog will be in a few days and it will be about my shoot with Victoria and how it changed how I am looking at things. 

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Thanks for reading,