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The St. Louis Star and Times, Missouri, April 15, 1912

The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Indiana, April 15, 1912

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Author’s Note: Hey guys! @lucifer-in-leather sent this gif in to me a while ago (sorry this took so long!) and I decided to combine it with a challenge…it seemed to fit well! This is for @beckawinchester ‘s Birthday Challenge! Prompt will be bolded in the fic. I hope you enjoy it and as always feedback is welcome and appreciated! I love all of you. If you would like to join my tag list, send me an ask. I don’t bite. ;)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,000-ish

Warnings: Fluff, SMUT, Language

Prompts: #5 “How the hell am I supposed to fit in that?” and #1 Bar (Place)

Song: “Teacher” by Nick Jonas (I highly suggest you listen to this song. I love it!)

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“Fort Wayne, Indiana,” Sam confidently slid his laptop toward you as you sipped on your whiskey while Dean sighed and laid his head back in frustration. “String of female deaths at a bar. Apparently they do an amateur night for girls to dance up on the bar. The girls make some tips while they compete. The top two girls who collect the most cash move on to the finals, ya-da ya-da…”

You rolled your eyes and set your drink down, “Classy.”

“But get this,” Sam started and Dean raised his eyebrows expectantly, “The past three females that have died were one of the finalists. All found in the same dressing room. No forced entry, no sign of struggle. And the cameras show no one going in or out of the room but the girls.”

“Coyote Ugly gone bad,” You muttered and Dean snickered, enjoying your reference. “I will assist on this hunt under one condition…I am not dancing on a bar under any circumstances. You understand me?”

“Crystal clear,” Sam smiled and you stood up, then made your way to your room in the bunker to start packing. “Let’s leave within the hour.”

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The enigma of meth head Ned

I live in a midwestern town called Fort Wayne Indiana.  It is the second largest city in Indiana, and is about equidistant from the major cities of Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati.  There are many unusual things about my town, but one of them stands out among the rest.  

Many residents of Fort Wayne have reported an experience with a man known colloquially as “meth head Ned” (or occasionally “crack head Ned”) around the south side and downtown.  He reportedly hangs out at the Belmont Beverage on South Anthony by Ya Boy’s Fish and Chicken.  He also frequently comes up to car windows asking for money.  My roommate reports that he came to her car window asking for eight dollars for “fried chicken for his mixed kids and white wife.”  She only had five, so she gave it to him and he got angry and left without the money.  Reports of him asking for money and turning down offerings, and his racially specific descriptions of his family are common.  He frequents the backyard of a friend of mine on the northeast side in the lakeside neighborhood with similar demands.  In that same area, he chased me and a friend of mine to my car (not the only time I have been chased by a deranged man in Fort Wayne.)  He also claims to know/be related to artists like Tupac, Snoop Dog, and Dr. Dre.  

The fact that so many people are aware of this man in a town of more than 250,000 is intriguing.  His fame has sparked local memes:

and multiple youtube videos like this one: 

You can find more by searching for his name and “Fort Wayne Indiana.”  

To my Fort Wayne followers: if you have any more anecdotes or information about this man, please let me know.  In my experience they aren’t hard to find.  If you mention him around a group of people in FW, odds are someone will have encountered him.  It’s fascinating.  

I just wrote an article about how much I love and miss the Suncoast Motion Picture Company:

It’s also about a trip my fellow pondercouch bloggers and I took to Fort Wayne to find one of the stores! Go read it!

anonymous asked:

If it appeals to you at all, would you consider writing something for the fugitive phase? Like the highs and lows or something along those lines?

Day 1

“What are we going to do?” Scully asked once the rain had stopped.  Mulder had thought she was asleep.  He was barely clinging to consciousness himself, but still clinging to her.

“There’s a contingency plan,” he mumbled against her shoulder.  “The gunmen-”

“The gunmen are dead.”

“I know.  We worked it out before…everything.  I-we have IDs, passports, papers…money to disappear with.”

“We do?”

“There’s a safe deposit in San Francisco.  That’s what we’re going to do.”

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