I guess I have a thing for transmission troubles and hot springs? 🛠🤒Or just blending the gritty with the charming? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Back in September we were driving down the Alaska Highway when we had to slow down for a herd of Bison. So cool. Then our transmission froze up and died right there. Serendipitously we were just down the road from Liard hot springs, located in a lush boreal forest with black bears scampering about. We soaked for several days before getting towed to the closest town, Fort Nelson, BC, 300 km away. Ouch.
Today as we left Spencer’s hot springs in Nevada, pulling onto the Loneliest Road in America we had an indicator light come on and when we hopped out we immediately smelled the leaking tranny fluid. It’s overheating and boiling out we assume.
Ugh. Geez, Nevada, I was so excited to put my new state sticker on our map. I’m a little conflicted about that celebration now.
But, all I can do is roll with it. Tranny should be under warranty, my brother lives close and I’m looking forward to seeing him and ….. it always works out. We just gotta keep on truckin. 🙏🚛🔮#life


It’s only our second week on the road and we’ve already experience some incredible things. We helped a group of 5 friends stranded on a backroad and they offered us a free night stay in their vacation house (thanks guys!). We took another “backroad” too late in the evening, almost ran out of gas and ended up taking a single car ferry across the Fraiser river and into town. We met an awesome couple on there second year traveling from Argentina to Alaska and spent two nights relaxing and chatting about life on the road. We’re currently in Fort Nelson, Northern B.C. In three days we hope to be in Alaska, but first we must finish the Alaskan highway and hit some Hot Springs everyone has told us are a “must”. We’ve settled into a routine and we all have our respected roles, Driver (Caleb), picture taker (Ariana) and sleeper (Shawn) by day, Set up King (Caleb), Chef (Ariana) and wanderer (Shawn) by night. 

The story goes something like this:  

  • Brother: My hiking partner sucks.
  • Me: I’ll go with you next year!
  • Brother: OK.
  • Me: … beg pardon?

… Which is how I wound up joining a two-week expedition in the Rocky Mountains by Fort Nelson. Not sure where Fort Nelson is? Me neither. I had to look it up a week ago.

As you can see from this map, there are lots of grizzly bears in Fort Nelson. We had to buy a special bear-scaring-away sonar wave thing to ensure we aren’t eaten.

I’m rather proficient at day hiking - got pretty good at indoor climbing - and spent almost every childhood summer glamping with my mom. But I’ve never actually spent time in the back country before. AKA, I’m freaking out.

Being an academic - and firmly believing you can learning anything from a book / article / YouTube video *sarcasm* - this month is going to feature a lot of posts about camping. I have t-minus-25-days to learn how to poop / start a fire / pitch a tent / cook food / emergency first aid / generally survive in the wilderness.

Let’s do this?


So this is what I spent the last 2 days doing. Being the Victorian Mrs Blenkinsopp in our Christmas kitchen at work with the army wife Mrs Atkins and Sergeant Dobson, the kitchen master. Tiring but good fun. And the last picture was taken by our boss with tweeted with the comment “Time for a rest, Merry Christmas from all at Fort Nelson”.
Btw, I’m the one with the awful hat on.