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Grim, hear me out... Let's work together and make the best pillow fort of all time!

( The next time you walk away from a pillow fort you made for a while, you come back, and can’t help but stare. You don’t… remember those pillows - wow, they’re soft as hell, the perfect amount of fluff - and smell slightly of maple, and cloves mixed with winter pine and cold mountain air… the pillow fort’s a bit bigger with a new floor of similar pillows and an incredibly soft blanket, and curiously subtly supported almost as if someone - or, you, right? - knew a significant amount of structural engineering. It’s also got those string lights you had been eyeing at the store… you don’t remember getting them, but you’re glad you did. This is really shaping up to be the best pillow fort you’ve ever made. )

My rats are potty trained so I’ll have them run about on my bed and I have about 80000 blankets and let me tell you they go fuckin nuts for blanket forts. They’re the best blanket fort makers I’ve ever seen. I have a really soft Sherpa blanket and let me tell you. They’re wild about it. I need to get tiny rat Sherpa blankets

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Um hi, I was just wondering about your headcanons on which members of the Lost Light would be the best at building pillow forts? Who tries their best but it ends up collapsing? Who just gives up from the get go and throws all the pillows and blankets on the floor to make a huge nest? I must know for science!

Melly’s Mod Notes: Transformers and pillow forts are a winning forumla! We must discover this in the name of science!! )

Who would be the best at building pillow forts?

Nautica would be amazing at it! She would be the type to look up the best methods of how to make a pillow fort and what type of pillows and blankets would be best for building. She will climb in and hide it, leaving some sort of bait to entice her human to approach the fort - her wrench doing it’s ‘Brainstorm is an idiot!’ call, perhaps? - and snatch them up and drag them in the moment they’re close enough. She’ll apologise profusely if she had scared them real bad and kiss them. The human better not have any leftover work that day because they will end up spending the rest of the day/evening just chilling with Nautica, excitedly discussing anything and everything that comes to both their mind.

To no one’s surprise Rung is an excellent pillow fort maker. Mostly comes from both the willingness to hear out his human’s advice and his patience to start from scratch if the fort ends up collapsing halfway through since it’s fine, they’ll do better next time. He might even be the one assuring his human if they end up getting frustrated. Because of this, the experience he learns over time guarantees a fort that’s comfy, safe, and warm for him and his human. The two will spend the rest of the day inside the fort, relaxing as he pets their hair and reads aloud to them the book he’s currently reading that week.

With steady hands and a dedicated eye to detail, First Aid is also a whiz when it comes to this activity. His human may need to get him to take a break now and then as he tries to figure out how to get this wall of the fort to be as comfy as the other three since he will refuse to rest until ti’s just right. In the end its worth it though because for the rest of the night cycle, the two of them will be inside the fort either taking little naps as they talk or have little kisses/cuddle sessions. It soon becomes a routine for his human and him to do at the end of the week and something he looks forward to greatly.

Who tries their best but it ends up collapsing?

Bless his spark Ultra Magnus tries. He follows the instructions and advice Rung gave him to the best of his abilities but. But it doesn’t really work out and he learns it the hard way when his human sees his work and asks if they can go in to see what it’s like inside. He nearly has a spark spasm when the fort just collapses on his human after they get inside and they’re in it long enough for him to think oh maybe this will work oH NO ARE THEY OKAY. They’re fine, Ultra Magnus. It’s just pillows and blankets. His humans will prove it by still giving him kisses for trying his best.

Like most things in Rodimus’ life, he tends to wing it and hope it works out in the end. At first glance it looks pretty well-structured but the keyword here is looks. Falls on his aft and is in near hysterics when his human goes inside it despite having reservations about it and the fort just collapses on them. He will dig out his human so he can kiss and apologise to them. Just in a bit. He needs to get his vents to work again Primus. After he collects himself and gets his human out of there, he will apologise if they’re mad at him and try to sincerely remake the pillow fort and get flustered every time it just falls over. In the end the two just crawl under the remains of the fort to chase each other around, cuddle/sleep, and try to avoid Ultra Magnus.

Brainstorm’s pillow forts are highly unstable and will tip over at the slightest touch. This vexes him to no end and he’ll end up running off trying to make a machine that will make the forts for him. If you asked him how it leads to several habsuites that aren’t his on fire and several ‘bots in the medbay, he’ll be unsure of it himself but admit maybe trying to make the AI self-learn was probably not the smartest of moves. His human will find his efforts endearing, however, and try their best to help him unwind by giving him lots of kisses and assurances that he tried and it was fun in the end. After he gets out of the brig.

Who just gives up from the get go and throws all the pillows and blankets on the floor to make a huge nest?

Chromedome and Rewind try to make pillow forts after their human expressed an interest in seeing them again after being on the Lost Light for so long. It was supposed to be a surprise but the only surprise the human got was them entering the habsuite and seeing Chromedome frantically going through a mountain of pillows and blankets, trying to find Rewind in the collapsed fort. In the end they just just opt to make a little nest instead. Easier to find their human during cuddling sessions, they tell themselves.

Whirl. just Whirl. His claws do not make it easy for him to do something both strangely precise and inaccurate as building pillow forts. After the failed fifth attempt, he’s going to say ‘Slag it’ and just makes him and his fleshy a nest instead. Surprisingly good at making this because almost instantly his human falls asleep. While he’s tempted to pull a prank on them for being foolish enough to be the first one to sleep, seeing them so peaceful and happy has him decide against that. Instead he kind of curls around him and ends up recharging himself. The happiest birb.

Swerve would try to spin his inability to make a pillow fort into something positive since he wouldn’t want to disappoint his cute human. He’s embarrassed by the fact he can’t get something like a pillow fort right. A pillow fort. Those look so easy to make on the shows and movies he watched! But he’ll try to keep a smile on his face while he makes the nest, talking about how it’s so much better for hugging and lying down together and things like that. His human will probably notice his nerves and do their best to let him know that this is just as nice and even better as he claims. The ‘bot will be just covered in kisses and affection and attention from them so he doesn’t feel bad and it isn’t before long before hours long cuddling session begins.

Even More Single Dad Shiro

Because I adore Single Dad Shiro and no one can stop me, I present even more ideas for the Single Dad Shiro AU. The first two parts can be found here [x] [x] and a drabble can be found here [x]:

  • Shiro took Keith to one of his first memorial services, four years after bring Keith home and four years after his service.
  • During the service, Keith actually ran across the yard, where he wasn’t supposed to, and into Shiro’s arms and Keith spoke for the first time by calling him, “Dad” (Shiro cried that day)
  • Shiro got his prosthetic as a test subject just weeks before bringing Keith home; he was afraid that Keith would be scared of his stump
  • Lance once broke an arm betting Keith that he could jump off the swings (he could), Keith held his other hand the entire ride to the hospital with Lance’s family
  • Pidge’s OCD actually stemmed from their family’s absence as her brother and father were a part of the unit that Shiro had saved in the army
  • They would get extremely nervous when home alone with their mother all day and would clean or organize to keep busy
  • Pidge’s IQ is also near genius
  • So is Keith’s
  • Hunk and Keith sometimes like to play under the slides, where they’re protected away from everyone and pretend they’re in another world
  • Sometimes Keith lets Red lick his face, and he closes his eyes and gets extremely happy by pressing his face so close to the dog
  • A group of bullies, at the park, didn’t understand to leave Keith alone and Red stood between them and a silent Keith, before barking loudly
  • When the kids mother tried to argue that Red was a danger, Shiro was the first to point out the vest on Red and explain her role in protecting Keith
  • They nearly went to court, but it turns out Lance’s old sister is the most badass  lawyer there is and easily turned the case down
  • For Halloween all the kiddies want to be lions, but not just any lions, Red/Green/Blue/Yellow lions
  • Lance tries to get all the other kids to be his girlfriends but he doesn’t want any more boyfriends, Keith is enough
  • Sometimes Keith won’t talk for an entire day and Shiro feels like he’s shut down and they’re going backwards instead of forwards
  • But he never gets mad or upset with Keith on these days
  • These days, Shiro stays home with Keith, puts on Keith’s favorite movie on repeat and the two build a fort of pillows and blankets together. Even though Keith doesn’t speak to Shiro, he shows him his appreciate by falling asleep beside Shiro those nights with a smile
  • Allura teaches both Keith and Shiro sign-language in hopes to help Keith communicate when he’s nonverbal
  • Lance sees this and creates his own version of sign language (which Keith actually understands)
  • Lance and Keith are not allowed to with art supplies together; Allura is still trying to get glitter out of molding
  • Pidge doesn’t like clay; it’s too sticky
  • Hunk’s mom always bakes the best cookies and finds the freshest fruit
  • Shiro’s the Team Dad™ that all the neighborhood moms like to gossip about and swoon over
  • Shiro decides to start a T-ball team to get the kids to hang out after class, thinking it’ll be easy and fun (it’s not, why did he even think that?)
  • But the kids do have fun
  • Zarkon is an old principle from one of Keith’s previous schools, who kicked Keith out, thinking he was “too dumb” to be in their elite Galra school, before Keith had been properly diagnosed
  • Zarkon is the only person to make Shiro lose his temper
  • Lance has so many siblings (older and younger) that sometimes it overwhelms Keith when he comes over to his house, luckily Lance’s oldest brother and sister recognize this and keep everyone away most of the time
  • Red is loved by everyone
  • Lance’s mom decides to get Lance a cat for his birthday, which Lance names Blue
  • Keith thinks Lance is copying him
  • Nuh-uh Keith, Blue and Red are two different colors
    Blue and Red turn out to be the best of friends despite being a cat and dog
  • Hunk’s a pretty good surfer despite his age, having grown up in Hawaii, and shows everyone when they go to a beach for a class trip
  • Lance is pretty good too after he catches on (Keith is not and does not ever want to try again)
  • The kiddies have weekly sleepovers eventually (always at Shiro and Keith’s because Keith can’t sleep anywhere else) and Shiro makes the BEST cookies and he’s actually a pillow Fort Master Maker

Imagine building a fort with Isaac

“Isaac I swear if you knock this whole fort down I will get Derek to kill you” You threatened Isaac as he tried to throw the final blanket on the fort. With the angle he was at it was almost guaranteed that the whole fort would collapse.
“Y/N, I am a professional fort maker, I can do this. It hurts to know how little you believe in me.” Isaac teased.
He then threw the blanket on to the fort. the blanket knocked over a poorly placed pillow, which started the downfall of the fort.
“ISAAC!” You screamed and began chasing Isaac throughout the house. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” It was all in a teasing manner of course, because later you both got tired and fell to the ground beside the fallen fort, you were then laughing and joking around the rest of the night.


Requested by averycm3

“So, how do kids even make blanket forts?” Clint asked curiously once you finished a story about you and a friend making one. “I mean, with a blanket obviously, but what can a kid even move around to put the blanket on?”

“You’re kidding, right?” you asked. “You never made a blanket fort?”

Clint shook his head and shrugged. “Nope,” he replied. “I generally got yelled at if I tried to play with something other than the couple toys I had.”

“Okay, we need to fix this,” you stated, standing up. “We’re making a pillow fort.”

“Really?” Clint asked, seeming a little confused.

“Yep,” you replied. “We’ll have to make it a bit bigger than normal childhood blanket forts. But first we need to pick a spot. Usually next to a large piece of furniture that will serve as one of the supports.”

“Back of the couch?” Clint suggested. The couch was in the middle of the room, so there was room behind it.

“Perfect!” you replied. “Easy to get the dining room chairs over. I’ll get the supports ready, and you grab probably two blankets. Generally anything heavier than a sheet but lighter than a comforter works well. Also, grab as many pillows as you can find.”

“Alright, I’ll do my best,” Clint said with a salute, before going over to the closet to find blankets.

You went over to the dining room and grabbed chairs, setting two facing away from the couch to be the opposite wall, and the other two facing away from each other on either end of the fort. You made sure there was enough room between the two chairs facing away from the couch for Clint’s broad shoulders.

Clint soon returned with the blankets and pillows. “And here we have the framework,” you stated, standing in the middle of your soon-to-be fort. “We have a doorway right here and four walls.”

“Wow, that was a lot easier than I was expecting,” Clint stated with an approving nod.

“Toss me the pillows,” you said. Clint tossed the pillows over to you, and you set them down on the floor, making sure that the whole floorspace in the fort is covered.

“And now the blankets?” Clint asked.

“Yep. You’re a quick learner!” you teased.

“Learning from the best here,” Clint stated with a grin.

Clint helped you drape both blankets over the framework you had set up. You had to get a book to weigh one blanket down on the chair because it kept falling, but it looked great.

“Fancy fort-makers add strings of lights, or multiple rooms, but this is a basic one,” you stated. “Let’s see how it looks from inside.”

“Ladies first,” Clint said, motioning to the doorway.

You crawled through the gap between the chairs you had designated as the doorway, turning around once you were fully inside so you could sit with your back to the couch. “Looks pretty good in here, too,” you commented with an approving nod.

Clint crawled in behind you. “Yeah, looks nice,” he said, crawling over next to you and sitting. “So, what do you do in a blanket fort?”

“Whatever you want,” you said, snuggling into Clint. “Nobody can see what we’re doing in here.”

“And this is a thing kids make?” Clint asked, sounding jokingly scandalized.

You laughed. “Kids usually play video games or read or play with dolls or whatever,” you explained. “But we’re big kids.”

Clint wrapped his arms around you and pulled you over in front of him as he moved to lay down on the pillows. “I want to sleep in here tonight. Can we do that?” he asked. “It’s comfy.”

“Yes, we can do that,” you replied with a smile.

New York City, Downtown Los Angeles

Last Thursday we had a pair of parties — one for each coast — celebrating bustling group shows in both the Gallery at Ace Hotel New York and Segovia Hall at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.

External image

First the sun went down on Warm Up PLATFORMS, our show co-presented by MoMA PS1,  with the work of Warm Up stage designers The PrincipalsFort Makers and CONFETTISYSTEM. That show’s on display through July 31.

External image

Over on the left coast, our lady loves of Inspired Women of Los Angeles celebrated their first anniversary with First Love — a one-night pop-up show with work from Megan Mcisaac, Nouel Riel, Ash Anthony, Future Eyes and more.

External image

Keep an eye out for future developments in the IWoLA x Ace love affair as it develops.

NYC photos courtesy of Kiran Gurung, LA photos from Megan Mcissac.