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Pete grins and pulls him into the fort, locking his arms and legs around him like some kind of demented sloth. Patrick sucks in a sharp breath in surprise before they roll, nearly taking half the fort down with them. Pete just laughs, pulling him in without hesitation and kissing him like it’s been weeks since they’ve seen each other instead of hours.

Imagine building a fort with Isaac

“Isaac I swear if you knock this whole fort down I will get Derek to kill you” You threatened Isaac as he tried to throw the final blanket on the fort. With the angle he was at it was almost guaranteed that the whole fort would collapse.
“Y/N, I am a professional fort maker, I can do this. It hurts to know how little you believe in me.” Isaac teased.
He then threw the blanket on to the fort. the blanket knocked over a poorly placed pillow, which started the downfall of the fort.
“ISAAC!” You screamed and began chasing Isaac throughout the house. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” It was all in a teasing manner of course, because later you both got tired and fell to the ground beside the fallen fort, you were then laughing and joking around the rest of the night.


Requested by averycm3

“So, how do kids even make blanket forts?” Clint asked curiously once you finished a story about you and a friend making one. “I mean, with a blanket obviously, but what can a kid even move around to put the blanket on?”

“You’re kidding, right?” you asked. “You never made a blanket fort?”

Clint shook his head and shrugged. “Nope,” he replied. “I generally got yelled at if I tried to play with something other than the couple toys I had.”

“Okay, we need to fix this,” you stated, standing up. “We’re making a pillow fort.”

“Really?” Clint asked, seeming a little confused.

“Yep,” you replied. “We’ll have to make it a bit bigger than normal childhood blanket forts. But first we need to pick a spot. Usually next to a large piece of furniture that will serve as one of the supports.”

“Back of the couch?” Clint suggested. The couch was in the middle of the room, so there was room behind it.

“Perfect!” you replied. “Easy to get the dining room chairs over. I’ll get the supports ready, and you grab probably two blankets. Generally anything heavier than a sheet but lighter than a comforter works well. Also, grab as many pillows as you can find.”

“Alright, I’ll do my best,” Clint said with a salute, before going over to the closet to find blankets.

You went over to the dining room and grabbed chairs, setting two facing away from the couch to be the opposite wall, and the other two facing away from each other on either end of the fort. You made sure there was enough room between the two chairs facing away from the couch for Clint’s broad shoulders.

Clint soon returned with the blankets and pillows. “And here we have the framework,” you stated, standing in the middle of your soon-to-be fort. “We have a doorway right here and four walls.”

“Wow, that was a lot easier than I was expecting,” Clint stated with an approving nod.

“Toss me the pillows,” you said. Clint tossed the pillows over to you, and you set them down on the floor, making sure that the whole floorspace in the fort is covered.

“And now the blankets?” Clint asked.

“Yep. You’re a quick learner!” you teased.

“Learning from the best here,” Clint stated with a grin.

Clint helped you drape both blankets over the framework you had set up. You had to get a book to weigh one blanket down on the chair because it kept falling, but it looked great.

“Fancy fort-makers add strings of lights, or multiple rooms, but this is a basic one,” you stated. “Let’s see how it looks from inside.”

“Ladies first,” Clint said, motioning to the doorway.

You crawled through the gap between the chairs you had designated as the doorway, turning around once you were fully inside so you could sit with your back to the couch. “Looks pretty good in here, too,” you commented with an approving nod.

Clint crawled in behind you. “Yeah, looks nice,” he said, crawling over next to you and sitting. “So, what do you do in a blanket fort?”

“Whatever you want,” you said, snuggling into Clint. “Nobody can see what we’re doing in here.”

“And this is a thing kids make?” Clint asked, sounding jokingly scandalized.

You laughed. “Kids usually play video games or read or play with dolls or whatever,” you explained. “But we’re big kids.”

Clint wrapped his arms around you and pulled you over in front of him as he moved to lay down on the pillows. “I want to sleep in here tonight. Can we do that?” he asked. “It’s comfy.”

“Yes, we can do that,” you replied with a smile.

New York City, Downtown Los Angeles

Last Thursday we had a pair of parties — one for each coast — celebrating bustling group shows in both the Gallery at Ace Hotel New York and Segovia Hall at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.

External image

First the sun went down on Warm Up PLATFORMS, our show co-presented by MoMA PS1,  with the work of Warm Up stage designers The PrincipalsFort Makers and CONFETTISYSTEM. That show’s on display through July 31.

External image

Over on the left coast, our lady loves of Inspired Women of Los Angeles celebrated their first anniversary with First Love — a one-night pop-up show with work from Megan Mcisaac, Nouel Riel, Ash Anthony, Future Eyes and more.

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Keep an eye out for future developments in the IWoLA x Ace love affair as it develops.

NYC photos courtesy of Kiran Gurung, LA photos from Megan Mcissac.