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The ‘2017 Will Be A Good Year’ Playlist

So everyone will agree that 2016 was an awful year. And for me, it was an awful year for my emotional, motivational, and productive state. So yeah, my 2016 was not so hot. And that’s an understatement.

In 2016, I battled a depressive episode that actually, I am just starting to get out of. I lost interest in everything. In school, in learning, in friends, in even what I normally love. I hardly read any books this year.

There were times when I felt like my brain wasn’t functioning correctly. I thought I was becoming this stupid, unproductive person. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t recall many things I normally wouldn’t have trouble recalling.

This year was bad physically too. My sleeping pattern was completely shattered. I missed meals frequently, resulting in me nearly fainting from low blood sugar one time. Hygiene-wise, also nada. Gross I know, but low morale guys, don’t judge me too hard.

It was scary as hell. It still is.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll give up on myself and on the rest of the world.

I need to get myself back together. It’s a slow process. Baby steps.

It’s hard to get up. Because a part of me wants to stay in this state. Because I know that getting up will mean having to face the world. And the thought of that terrifies me. A part of me likes being in this dark place where I can curl up into a ball and remain uninterested and disconnected with the rest of the world. But the other part of me, is determined to get up. To become better. I am disgusted with myself and how I’ve been for the past few months. And that’s a good thing.

Because I have now admitted to myself that I’m not happy with the way I am and that is the first step towards change.

So I’ve made my decision. 2017 better watch out because I WILL OWN THIS YEAR AND SO WILL YOU.

Even if 2017 turns out to be a bad year for the world in general, I won’t allow it to be a bad year for my own mental and physical state.

I will take care better care of myself this year. I will conquer my negative and depressing emotions and replace with emotions that will pave the way to success.

It’s not going to be easy. And I know that there will likely be consequences waiting for me due to my poor performance this year. Especially in the area of academics. But moving forward slowly and painfully is certainly better than being stuck down here, wasting my potential.

So to kick off my grand plan to make 2017 the year I kick the ass of everything holding me back, I have decided to make a playlist that I can sing along to. A playlist that will motivate me. And a playlist that can motivate you too.

If 2016 wasn’t your year, it’s okay. But you guys also need to remember that if you want to change, you need to admit that you need to change.

So chant the lyrics to these songs with me and let’s kick ass together like the majestic creatures I know we can be.

- Tris

1)      I Lived – Onerepublic

2)      Ordinary Human – Onerepublic

3)      Titanium – David Guetta feat Sia

4)      Alive – Sia

5)      Weightless – All Time Low

6)      Missing You – All Time Low

7)      The Reckless and the Brave – All Time Low

8)      Rise – Colton Dixon

9)      Scars – Colton Dixon

10)   Golden Year – LOLO

11)   Comeback Queen – LOLO

12)   Immortals – Fall Out Boy

13)   Ready To Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) – Panic! At the Disco

14)   All Of Me – Tanlines

15)   Today – Smashing Pumpkins

16)   My Hair – The Maine

17)   Migraine – Twenty One Pilots

18)   Forest – Twenty One Pilots

19)   Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

20)   Do You Want It All? – Two Door Cinema Club

21)   Different Colors – Walk the Moon

22)   Work This Body – Walk the Moon

23)   Just Keep Breathing – We The Kings

24)   Let Your Heart Hold Fast – Fort Atlantic

25) Unstoppable - Sia

26) Warrior - AURORA


June 26, 1992 was the evening I took these pictures of the Rollins Band at Trees in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX.  I was never a huge fan of any Rollins Band LP other than Lifetime.  After begrudgingly going to this show I was a fan of the Rollins Band without fail.  Say what you like about ole Henry but live he and the band never disappoint.  The Toadies from Fort Worth opened the show and played their usually great set.

Mi dispiace dirti che ho bisogno di te, ma non mi importa, non ho paura di amare. Perchè quando non sono con te sono più debole, questo è sbagliato?
È sbagliato che tu mi rendi forte?
—  One Direction, Strong

anembrace  asked:

Hey! I've been following your writing for years now but CP did make me look for you on tumblr. If you feel like it, could you write something from Nikandros POV? His views on Damen+Laurent canon/au/whatever.

The sky is heavy with clouds when they approach the palace gates, and the air is softly promising rain. The sunlight is dulled. There is nevertheless enough of it to catch and gleam on the yellow head that is visible on the ramparts, standing apart from the guards.

Nikandros glances at his oldest friend, who has been alternately chafing and morose for the past two weeks, and who now, gazing up at Laurent, looks like a man coming across a clear stream of water after stumbling through the desert.

“Stop making that face,” Damianos says, not looking at Nikandros.

“I was going to say the same thing to you.”

Damianos smiles and kicks his horse into a final burst of speed, moving ahead of his men, through the gate and into the courtyard.

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Oblivion Playlist

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1. Where’d You Go by Fort Minor | 2. Sierra Leone by Mt Eden | 3. Late Night (Koreless Purple Cowboy Remix) by Foals | 4. (I Just) Died In Your Arms by Bastille | 5. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap | 6. The Funeral by Band of Horses | 7. Genesis by Grimes | 8. Dust Clears by Clean Bandit | 9. I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li | 10. Constant Conversations by Passion Pit | 11. Holocene by Bon Iver | 12. Spanish Sahara by Foals | 13. The Mother We Share (Moonboots Remix) by CHVRCHES | 14. I’m Good. I’m Gone by Lykke Li | 15. Oblivion by Grimes.