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Okay so onto a topic that someone has probably talked about but I never see anywhere except one internet meme so like listen to me. More than eight gyms in region is a thing.

So today I’ve been watching a lot of XY&Z anime, I started with the first episode, “From A to Z!,” with the introduction to Zygarde. Anyway, Sawyer showed up with his Sceptile. After that, Ash and Sawyer were showing off their badges with Ash having seven and Sawyer having four. I happened to be paying attention to both of their badges and I noticed sawyer has different badges.

[Sawyer’s Badges]

[Ash’s Badges]

As I know this is a faint argument being Sawyer is from Hoenn and he could have obtained the fire, water, and flying badges while in Hoenn, but I have an argument for that.

In “A Fashionable Battle,” he only had one badge, which is one of the unknown badges, and in “From A to Z!,” he gained the bug badge the plant badge, and two unknown badges. Honestly, I don’t think he could travel to Hoenn, grab two badges, and return to Kalos. Also, to get into the Kalos league, he has to have at least eight badges from that region

That’s not the only bit of evidence of more gyms than just eight to a region. 

In “All Eyes on The Future!,” Ash wins his seventh gym battle to Psychic type Olympia (which was a fantastic battle, may I add), Ash is about to set off for his next gym battle when Professor Sycamore asks him where his next gym battle should be. Automatically, this confused me because I still thought there were just eight gyms to a region, so I thought i was just a goof on the anime. Apparently not since there’s a fire, water, and flying type gym he could have gone and battled, but ultimately he decided on the Snowbelle City gym since it was closest (where we get the iconic snow fight that always reminds me of “Fort Squidward” in Spongebob. Meme later).

So since there’s two pieces of evidence that there are more than eight gyms in Kalos, there’s proof in Kanto.

[Gary Motherfucking Oak, A Legend]

In conclusion

*mic drop*

tl;dr: There’s more than eight gyms to a region without saying it directly in the anime.

yefimbobrov  asked:

The companions' reactions to seeing snow for the first time! Please uvu


Preston:  Chuckles, shaking his hat clean.  He puts it back on his head and wraps the scarf Sole gave him around his neck.  Joins in on the community snowball fight after patrol.

Piper: Is completely floored by how everything is covered in a blanket of white.  Makes snow angels with Nat on the ground.  Quickly loses interest and runs back inside once Sole dumps snow down her back.

Cait:  Acts as though it’s nothing impressive.  Sticks her tongue out to catch snowflakes once Sole leaves her alone.  Builds a kickass snowfort.

Curie: Makes sure everyone is warm and has on more then 3 layers before they go out.  Prefers to stay inside with Codsworth, as the cold is something she’s not quite used to yet.  Although she does admire how pretty the snow looks.

Codsworth:  Making hot chocolate while watching everyone have fun.  He has already been pelted with enough snowballs to last a lifetime and dislike how the snow get inside and melts and soaks into everything.

Hancock:  Gathers as much in his arms as possible and dumps in on Deacon and MacCready, who have formed an alliance in the “Great Snowball War”.  The one asshole who’s snowballs are filled with rocks.

Danse: Mesmerized by how pristine it is until everyone ruins it with their footprints.  Watches over the snowball fight until he’s nailed in the face with one of Hancock’s “snow” balls.  After taking care of his bloody nose, it becomes a personal mission to destroy everyone.

MacCready:  Immediately drops to the ground and starts making snow angels with Piper and Nat.  Joins up with Deacon and had deadly aim with his snowballs, and Sole has to step in and make a new rule, “NO HITTING THE FACE!”  All the while thinks about how Duncan would love this.

Deacon:  Makes an ugly snowman and points at it, saying to Sole, “That’s you.”  Makes ammunition for MacCready in perfect shape and continues to build up the snow fort like Squidward in that one episode of spongebob.

Nick Valentine:  Has Nick’s memory of snow, so it doesn’t phase him.  Sits in a chair with a pile of snowballs next to him while everyone avoids him.  He was already hit in the face once, but he’ll be ready this time.

Strong:  Has on a large fluffy hat.  Makes a giant snowball, but before he can throw it, everyone runs screaming in different directions.  He hums, pleased.

X6-88:  Doesn’t understand why everyone is excited about the strange, cold white stuff.  It is pretty though.  Wins the snowball fight since nobody can hit him and everyone’s tired of being hit in the neck.

Dogmeat:  cold stuff that taste like water VERY FUN OH YES.  FEET BURN BUT FUN.