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Pillow Forts

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: LAMP
Warnings: None

Summary: Pillow forts are the Best™

A/N: I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and the 1 year anniversary of Sanders Sides seems like the best time for some all-inclusive LAMP fluff.

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Virgil was watching Enchanted with Roman in the commons when Patton came fumbling downstairs in his cat onesie.

“Hey!  Who wants to build a pillow fort~?” he singsonged gleefully as he dropped the mound of pillows and blankets from his arms.  The other two looked up from over the huge pile; Roman seemed surprised while Virgil simply smirked.

“Where?”  Roman asked, absentmindedly handing Virgil one of the blankets before pulling one over himself.

“Here, silly!  I brought these alllll the way downstairs, so now we’re building it here.”  He knelt down in front of the blankets and started separating them into soft little piles.  “Logan’s already agreed, so that’s that.”

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deprivation (3/3)

And the last section is here!! Thank you all for being patient with me; the ending didn’t really want to be written.

Word Count: 1501
Warnings: None

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Part One | Part Two

“I think we need to talk.”

There was another pause, longer than the first. Virgil pulled up his hood so he could sink back into the fabric, fiddling with the drawstrings, but otherwise didn’t try to leave. “…I’m too comfy to run away at social interaction. Yet.”

Logan took a deep, slow breath before letting it out. Yet, when he started to speak, he kept tripping over his words– and that never happened. “Have you. Have you ever heard of–? There’s. Ugh.” Frustrated, he poked at Roman’s feet, still in his lap. “Touch starvation.”

“There’s a name for it?” Roman and Virgil asked at the same time, then turned to stare at one another. Patton, between the two, went wide-eyed.

“I thought you didn’t like hugs.”

“And that is precisely why we need to talk.” 

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Hangover Comfort

So here’s a part two of Drunk Texts.

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Fluff, fluff and more fluff. Enjoy.

Patton made sure to wake up bright and early the next morning, though he was rather sleepy. He tip-toed down the hallway and slipped into the kitchen. He started making tea for the four of them, prepared to deal with the two hungover boys.

Logan was the next to wake. He found Patton setting up some movies at the tv. Logan smiled and went into the kitchen and saw the four mugs on the counter. A mug in one hand, he went to take a seat on the couch. “So, what’s on the agenda for today?” Logan spoke softly. Patton smiled up at him. “Relaxation, warm drinks, blanket forts, cuddling, and movies.” Logan chuckled at the idea of such a calm and peaceful day. “That’ll be quite the contrast from last night.” Patton nods. “That’s the plan.”

Roman and Virgil entered the living room, the scent and atmosphere of the room was very pleasant. They noticed the blanket and pillow fort in front of the tv and immediately knew what they were in for. Virgil entered the fort, seeing a tray of tea and cookies in the center, Logan and Patton sitting beside it. They had been talking, Virgil interrupting. They didn’t seem to mind, however, they smiled up at him. Roman came up behind Virgil. “Movie marathon?” Patton nods. “Movie marathon.”

They all get comfortable in the fort, starting the first movie. The sip at there tea and enjoy the upbeat Disney movie. By the end of the fourth movie, Roman and Virgil are curled up next to each other, Patton awing at how adorable they are. Both Logan and Patton pause the movie and take the mugs out of the fort. Once they get in the kitchen, Patton speaks up. “I’m gonna order a pizza. Does that sound good?” Logan simply nods in response, setting the mugs in the sink.

Patton orders the pizza as Logan looks into the living room. He’s surprised to see the fort in ruins, the shape of the other two obvious with the blankets on them. He hears them giggling and can’t help but laugh a little. “What happened?” Roman and Virgil just laugh in response. Logan lifts the blankets to see two giggling, red faced idiots on the ground. He rolls his eyes. “You’re lucky you two are cute.” Patton walks in, stopped in his tracks. He giggles and smiles at his three friends.

They all decide to give up on the fort and stick with cuddling up on the couch with blankets. When the pizza arrives, Logan gets up, leaving Patton curled up between Virgil and Roman. Patton whines, but Logan says that he’ll be back in a minute. Patton mockingly starts counting down from 60, making Logan roll his eyes.

He comes back with the pizza, the three on the couch cheering. The all dig into the pizza, enjoying each other’s company and chatting. The decide that cuddling for the rest of the day would be nice, and they do. Logan reading a book, Virgil and Roman sharing music through ear buds, and Patton just enjoying the company of everyone.

Introduction to the Victims

In the beginning of Rachel’s Tears, a book written by Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo, there is an interesting dedication introducing some of the victims, telling you a little bit about who they were. Had to share this!

“We would like to dedicate this book to the loving memory of the thirteen beloved people who were the victims of the most deadly school shooting in American history. God gave them all life, but this gift was extinguished far too early.

The Teacher

Dave Sanders

Like many of the teachers and staff at Columbine, Dave risked his life to protect his students. When he heard the sound of gunshots in the school, Dave didn’t run for his life, but shouted out an alarm so others could protect themselves. Then he bravely herded all the students he could find to safety. His actions may have saved hundreds of lives that day, but his selfless sacrifice cost him his own life.

Serving at Columbine for twenty-five years, Dave was a beloved business teacher and the coach of the girls’ basketball team. He inspired his students do their best through both his life and his death. As he lay dying from his gunshot wounds, Dave asked students to hold pictures of his wife and his two daughters before his eyes. He was focusing on those images as he passed from the chaos of that day into eternity.

The Students

Cassie Bernall

Cassie’s mother wrote a book describing this young woman’s struggles with destructive beliefs and negative self esteem as well as the dramatic change she underwent that shaped the final years of her life. Her unquenchable faith in God exposed her to ridicule at school and may have contributed to her death, but her unshakable dedication has helped her become an internationally recognized symbol of Christian commitment.

Steven Curnow

A freshman student who excelled at soccer, Steven loved aviation. His dream was to join the navy and become a pilot of an F-16. He was also an avid Star Wars fan. The new Star Wars movie was scheduled to debut on May 19, 1999, and Steven was eagerly anticipating seeing it. He was a friendly young man who was known for his big smile

Corey DePooter

An amiable boy who loved America and hoped to serve his country as a marine, Corey spent part of Tuesday morning showing friends pamphlets that a military recruiter had given him. Mature beyond his years and cool and collected under pressure, Corey sought to calm nervous students who huddled with him as the killers roamed the school. Friends brought fishing tackle and gear to his funeral in memory of his love of the outdoors.

Kelly Fleming

Quiet and somewhat shy, Kelly expressed herself well on paper. She was writing the story of her life when she was killed. Her dad lovingly remarked that when they killed his daughter, they killed innocence. She was just learning to drive and wanted to get a job at a daycare center so she could save up money for a Mustang or a Corvette. She had a passion for writing and wanted to pursue that as a career.

Matthew Kechter

The night before he was killed, Matt was up until midnight talking on the phone to our son Craig, who was one of his closest friends. A friendly boy with an infectious sense of humor, Matt had hoped to land a starting spot on Columbine’s football team. The following fall, when the team won its first state title, the victory was dedicated to Matt. As committed to academics as he was to athletics, Matt died next to Craig in the library that day.

Daniel Mauser

Danny had just been named the top biology student at Columbine for the school year, but he never knew that he won the honor because he was killed in the library days before it was announced. A smart, quiet boy who excelled at forensics as well as math and science, he had received straight A’s on his last report card. He had been planning to visit France in the summer after school was out.

Daniel Rohrbough

A hardworking boy who helped out at a family business during the school year and at his grandfather’s Kansas farm in the summer, Danny used the money he made to buy gifts and presents for others and was universally hailed as unselfish and caring. A good athlete and dedicated weight lifter, Danny was killed outside Columbine. When he didn’t show up for work that afternoon, his parents grew worried, only to see his lifeless body on the cover of the next morning’s newspapers.

Isaiah Shoels

Isaiah was a friend of our son Craig. He had played cornerback on the school’s football team, where he was known for his tenacity. Small in stature but large in heart and spirit, he held his own with larger players. He was killed next to our son under a table in the library. Some of Craig’s worst memories of April 20, 1999, are of hearing racial slurs flung at Isaiah for several minutes before he was murdered. Isaiah dreamed of becoming a music executive.

John Tomlin

John and Doreen Tomlin have become some of my (Darrell) closest friends. Their son, John, was killed in the library. His Chevy truck became one of the two vehicles seen worldwide as monuments of the tragedy. Rachel’s red Acura Legend was the other, John’s open Bible on the dashboard of his truck was a testimony of his beliefs to all who saw it. He had spent time in Mexico helping build housing for the poor and doing mission work. Weeks before his death, John’s mother had asked him where he would want to be buried if anything ever happened to him. Because of that conversation, he is buried in Wisconsin where his two close childhood friends live.

Lauren Townsend

Potential valedictorian of her senior class, Lauren was a member of the National Honor Society and served as captain of the Columbine girls’ varsity volleyball team. A gifted student who had recently visited England with other members of an advanced English class, Lauren worked at an animal shelter, and she planned to study wildlife biology at college in the fall.

Kyle Velasquez

A dedicated Denver Broncos fan, Kyle was often called a “gentle giant.” Kyle manifested a simple sincerity and a kind heart. He was buried with military honors at Fort Logan National Cemetery. His dad was a U.S. Navy veteran. Kyle was working on a computer in the library when he was cruelly gunned down.

Rachel Scott

Our beautiful daughter’s unique life and deep commitment to God are explored in the following pages.

The two perpetrators of these horrible killings took their own lives that tragic day. We ask that you pray for the Klebold and Harris families, who have been subjected to their own unimaginable grief.”