fort georges


‘Take this for your mascot’

…..this card was included with the previous posted photographs (& with a batch of 67 other images & documents) in the archive at the Fort.

It reads:


'God bless my DEAR DADDY at the WAR and keep him safe’

(Original printed notation)

'With little Duncan’s love’



'Take this for your Mascot’


The owner of these items was Sgt David J McRae, originally a tailor who spent time living in South Africa, he went to France on 1st May 1915. Discharged on 16th February 1919.

Large clapboard house with gingerbread trim, viewed diagonally across board sidewalk and fences (decorative and utilitarian). Three boys lean on board fence. Leafless trees by sidewalk, more houses beyond. Handwritten on photograph front, under boys: “George Root, Wm. Clark, Frank Clark.” Typed on label on photograph back: “This house was erected about 1857 or 1858, for Dr. Augur Clark. The three boys in the foreground are William and Frank Clark, and George Root. The two Clark boys are the sons of the doctor. Mr. James F. Joy lived in the house at one time, and James Joy was born there. It was torn down many years ago, and a row of brick buildings erected in its place. The picture was given me by Mr. William A. Butler Jr. The house is on the north side of Fort Street between Cass and First Streets.” Handwritten on photograph back: “D/Sts_Fort, between Cass & First. C.M.B. (?) Dec. 5, 1908.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Favourite Historical People: Benjamin Tallmadge

Benjamin Tallmadge (25 February 1754 – 7 March 1835) was an American military officer, spy master, and politician. He is best known for his service as an officer in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. In this conflict, he acted as leader of the Culper Ring, a celebrated network of spies in British-occupied New York. He also led a successful raid across Long Island that culminated in the Battle of Fort St. George. Following the war, Tallmadge was elected to the United States House of Representatives as a member of the Federalist Party.  

Post-DM Headcanons

-Yugi becomes a motivational speaker along with his duel career
-Joey becomes a social service worker.
-Tristan becomes a police officer.
-At Anzu’s first show on Broadway, Kaiba flies the gang to NY and they’re her biggest fans.
-Ryou becomes a ghost hunter. He goes to places like the Ancient Ram Inn and Fort George. Ghosts come right in his face, and he just raises his eyebrows.
-Marik becomes a teacher.
- Ishizu becomes an advocate for human rights, the Rights of the Child, and tries to keep Ancient culture alive, and mimimalize First-World countries taking whatever they want.
-Rishid opens a bakery.
-Mai stays in the dueling industry, and does modeling and acting alongside.
-On the topic of Queen Mai, she and Joey get married. They have 2 kids.
-Shizuka and Tristan get married.
-Anzu and Yugi get married. They have a son they name Atem.
-Kaiba never marries, but he does gain a very strong friendship with the Nerd Herd.
-Marik and Ryou get married. Ryou always Skypes him when he’s on the road.
-Duke starts a music career and becomes “the next big thing”
-Yugi and Kaiba are very interested in a kid named Jaden Yuki with a very strange, dark energy about him….


Fort George, one of the world’s most formidable 18th century fortifications, built 11 miles north-east of Inverness in the Scottish highlands as part of the pacification of the final Jacobite rebellion. Completed in 1769 after over 20 years of building at a cost of around £26,000,000 in today’s money, the fort is still a British Army base 200 years on. 


O atleta amador de fisiculturismo na categoria Men’s Physique pela Federação IFBB,George Muchuli posou com exclusividade para oVipado em um belíssimo ensaio clicado pelo fotógrafo carioca, Lëo Castro.

Com 34 anos e 1,74 de altura, o pai de família é hairstylist e make up com 13 anos de profissão. Se na carreira com as tesouras e pincéis George precisa de leveza para conseguir o melhor resultado, na hora de competir a pegada é mais forte. George começou a como “Body Shape” no ano passado e em 2016 estreou como Men’s Physique conseguindo a quinta colocação.

Nos cliques, que terá fotos incluídas no novo livro do fotógrafo, George mostra sua força e leveza em cliques de suspirar.