fort firefly

Things to add to your bucket list:


  • See The Northern Lights 
  • See A Solar Eclipse 
  • See A Waterfall 
  • See Cherry Blossoms in Japan 
  • See The 7 Wonders of The World 
  • See The Mona Lisa, at the Louvre in Paris 
  • See Da Vinci’s Notebooks, Victoria and Albert Museum 
  • Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square 
  • Spend a day at Central Park, New York 
  • Spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans 
  • Spend La Tomatina in Spain 
  • Spend Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico 
  • Use a Cable Car In San Francisco 
  • Visit Anne Frank’s House 
  • Visit Large Hadron Collider 
  • Walk Along the Great Wall of China 
  • Push A Stone at Stonehenge 
  • Wear an Authentic Kimono in Japan 
  • Make A Guard Laugh at Buckingham Palace 
  • Go to an Olympic Game 
  • Travel All Around the World 
  • Stand at The Equator 
  • Backpack Across at Least 10 Locations 
  • Pack Your Bags and Set Off for A Random Location 
  • Live in A Different Country for at Least 6 Months 
  • Set Foot in All the Continents 
  • See A TED Talk Live 
  • Comic Con or Who Con – Any Con 
  • Tee in The Park 
  • Coachella 
  • Go On a Safari 

Achieve Something

  • Achieve My Ideal Weight 
  • Publish A Book 
  • Get Featured in The Media for Something You Are Proud Of 
  • Start A Movement On a Cause You Believe In 
  • Get A Standing Ovation 
  • Get A Street Named After Me 
  • Give £10,000 To Charity 
  • Create A Famous Quote 
  • Start A Phenomenon 
  • Start A Petition 
  • Prove A Theory 
  • Become an Ordained Minister 


  • Be A Matchmaker 
  • Contact A Company  Just to Thank Them 
  • Fold 1,000 Origami Cranes and Give Them to Someone Special 
  • Pie Someone in The Face 
  • Personally Know Someone Famous 
  • Do Volunteer Work 
  • Be A Mentor to Someone 
  • Make A Difference in Someone’s Life 
  • Teach Someone Illiterate to Read 
  • Give A Heartfelt Surprise to Someone 
  • Perform A Kind Deed Without Expecting Anything in Return 
  • Meet A Good Street Performer 
  • Shake Hands with PM and President 
  • Meet Someone You Can Only Dream of Meeting 
  • Collect Autographs from All My Favourite People 
  • Donate Blood and Meet Who It Got Donated To 
  • Get A Pen Pal 
  • Write 365 Letters to Someone 
  • Write Letters to 5 People Who Positively Influenced You 
  • Leave £100 Tip for a waiter/waitress 
  • Befriend A Stranger 
  • Get A Drink for A Stranger 
  • High Five a Stranger 
  • Take A Picture with A Stranger 
  • Give Free Hugs on a side-walk 
  • Hold Sign Saying ‘Talk to Me About Anything’ On A Busy Street 
  • Order Pizza and Send It to A Random House with Note 

Something for Me

  • Get A Pet 
  • Get A Complete Makeover 
  • Decorate My Room – Paint A Cool Landscape 
  • Fly First Class 
  • Get My Portrait Painted 
  • Legitimately Play a Song On Any Musical Instrument 
  • Get A Signed Copy of a Book I Love 
  • Dye My Hair an Unnatural Colour – Purple/Blue 
  • Get The Restaurant Staff Sing for my birthday 
  • Get A Mani/Pedi 
  • Have A Spa Day 
  • Receive A Postcard from All Countries from Post Crossing 
  • Get A Star Named After Me 
  • Get Picked Up at The Airport by Someone with A Sign 
  • Authentic Chuck Taylors 

Learn Something New

  • Learn A New Language 
  • Learn Morse Code 
  • Learn to Say Hello in 26 Languages 
  • Learn Sign Language 

Try Something New

  • Try A Profession in A Different Field 
  • Try Every Single Ben and Jerry’s Flavour 
  • Try to Be Vegan for A Week 

Once in a Lifetime

  • Fly in A Hot-Air Balloon 
  • Do Public Speaking 
  • Act in A Film - Big or Small 
  • Be an Extra in a Big Film 
  • Crowd Surf 
  • Indoor Skydiving 
  • Wash an Elephant 
  • Ride A Rollercoaster 
  • Be On a Big Screen 

Participate in/Organize  Something

  • Run A Marathon 
  • Volunteer at A Hospice 
  • Go in A Corn Maze 
  • Join A Book Club 
  • High School Reunion 
  • Participate in Holi Festival 
  • Attend A Jewish Wedding 
  • Attend A Christian Wedding 
  • Attend A Hindi Wedding 
  • Attend A Sikh Wedding 
  • Attend A Muslim Wedding 
  • Attend An Atheist Wedding
  • Attend Any Wedding … 
  • Attend A Random Wedding as a Stranger 
  • Treasure Hunt 
  • Scavenger Hunt 
  • Masquerade Ball 
  • Murder Mystery Dinner 
  • Organise A Picnic Outing 
  • Organise A Barbeque 
  • Organize a Block Party 
  • Throw A Mega Party       
  • Put On a Fundraiser 
  • Foam Party 
  • Zombie Walk 
  • National Novel Writing Month 
  • MONOPOLY – actually complete it 

Something Sentimental

  • Walk/Dance Barefoot in The Rain 
  • Experience A Sunrise 
  • Experience A Sunset 
  • Go Stargazing 
  • Plant A Tree and Watch It Grow 
  • Go Camping 
  • Road Trip 
  • Fly A Kite 
  • Fall Asleep On Grassy Plains 
  • Ultimate Water Fight 
  • Message in A Bottle 
  • Sleep Under the Stars 
  • Make A Cool Snowman 
  • All Day with No Technology 
  • Water gun and Water Balloon Fight 
  • Bonfire and S’mores 
  • Blanket and Sofa Fort 
  • Catch Fireflies 
  • Collect Seashells 
  • Messy Twister 
  • Let A Floating Lantern Go 
  • Belong in A Secret Society 
  • Collect A Penny Made in Every Year I’ve Been Alive
  • Food Fight 
  • Leave A Note in A Library Book 
  • Leave A Note On A Car Window 
  • Leave A Shoe at A Ball 
  • Release A Chinese Lantern 
  • Use A Fake Name at Starbucks 
  • Pretend to Be a Window Mannequin 
  • Pull A Fire Alarm 
  • Pull an All Nighter 
  • Put A Pair of My Shoes On a Shoe Tree 

Places to go / Things To See

  • Ballet 
  • Beach 
  • Castle 
  • Concert 
  • Drive-in Movie 
  • Factory 
  • Haunted Place 
  • Laser Quest 
  • Museum 
  • Music Festival 
  • Paintballing 
  • Theatre 
  • Zip line 

Make Something

  • Knit A Scarf 
  • Build A Treehouse 
  • Write A Children’s Book 
  • Start A Vlog 
  • Make A Rubber Band Ball 
  • Start A Scrapbook 
  • Do A 365 Day Photo Project 
  • Wreck-This Journal 
  • Make A Bracelet 
  • Bake Something 

f1ndingdori  asked:

Can you do one where Harry and Luke both like you and are trying to 'win you over' and you end up picking Luke but feel bad for Harry, please? Xx

it’s late so I haven’t checked for mistakes yet I’m sorry but it’s 2 in the morning and I’m tired haha. thanks for the request and I hope you like it :) xx

Today was the day. I had to tell them who I was going to choose. Harry and Luke had both confessed that they liked me. I almost fainted when they told me. I mean two perfect people had said they like me. They seemed very chummy about it, like they’d sat down with each other and decided what the best thing to do was. They had it all planned out, it was kinda cute. They sat me down and spoke me through their plans. “Listen Y/N, we both like you and before you say anything we have a plan.” Harry started. Luke stepped closer to me, “We’ve decided that we’re both going to take you on a date. Not together obviously, I meant separate dates. And then let you choose the day after.” “Pretty good huh?” Harry smiled. “Yes, very clever boys.” I giggled, looking at them both, my gaze lingering a bit longer on Harry. I had been a fan of his for years, years before I met him. You see I’ve been friends with Luke for some years now. Obviously at first I had some feelings for him but he never returned them back them. Next thing I’d found One Direction and I fangirled over them hard. I used them to get over Luke. So obviously when Luke found out he was going on tour with them he asked if I wanted to go too. Without hesitation I said yes. 4 months later and I was here, having to choose between my dream guy and my best friend.

Harry’s date was first. It was so surreal. We started the day off with jetting off to New York. He said he heard me say I’ve always wanted to go there and it was true. The tour wouldn’t be going to America for another month and the New York date was 2 months and 3 weeks away, I was counting. He took me shopping because I’d told Zayn once that I needed some retail therapy. My retail therapy is just trying the clothes on though. Harry laughed at me when I told him this. He offered more than once to buy me the clothes but I refused. I couldn’t take his money. Especially since I didn’t know which one I was going to choose yet but mostly because I wasn’t raised like that.

He dragged me into basically every shop on the street. “Come on Y/N.” He pulls me into another shop. “I think you should try this on.” He laughs. He held up a neon green dress that had a meringued bottom made out of foam. These designer stores had the funniest dresses I’d ever seen. “Showtime!” I smiled at him as I walked into the dressing room. “Now, be professional. I’ve been to a lot of fashion shows so I know how it should be done!” Harry speaks through the curtain. “Maybe you should model for me then?” I smirk and open the curtain. He pulls me out of the cubicle and close to his body. His hands land on my hips, swaying them from side to side. “Move your hips like this. And remember, one foot in front of the other.” He lets me go so I can walk. I do as he says and turn around at the end of the “runway”. “Like that?”  “Exactly like that.” He bites his lip causing me to blush. “I should put the next one on.” I awkwardly shuffle back into the changing room. The next dress was made out of fur. Like 100% fur. It had no shape. It was like a bin bag covered in hair. “I feel like a cave man.” I pout while Harry opens the curtain. He starts to hit his chest and stomp his feet. I can’t help but laugh. He starts to comb through my hair, pick out “bugs” and eats them. “Harry, stop it!” It was getting hard to breathe but I didn’t want him to stop. I hadn’t laughed like this for ages. “Okay, okay. Are you going to wear this dress on our date tonight?” “Tonight? So what are we doing now?” “Just having a day out, oh and getting to know each other obviously.” “And what have we learnt today?” “That I’m really fun to be with,” He smirks that cheeky smirk that makes every single girl’s knees weak, “and that you can make anything look good.”

Those words never left my mind. They’re still running through my mind, as I look between the two of them. Both pairs of eyes were on me. Nervous about what words that will leave my mouth.

The rest of the date with Harry was good too. The dinner was just dinner really. A standard good date. It was at a fancy restaurant but we laughed and talked like we were sat at home. It was lovely. But then I went on the date with Luke. It was great. Oh god. He knew I’d be tired from my day in New York so he let me sleep for however long I wanted. I guess him being my friend for so long gave him an advantage. He knew how much I liked my sleep. He’d slipped a letter under my door saying that I should knock on his door when I’m up. So I did. “Finally!” He laughs, “I’m sorry, you know I can sleep for England. I haven’t messed up the date have I?” “No, don’t worry.” His hand grabs my wrist and pulls me into his room. His bed had transformed into some sort of fort. “No way.” I whisper, without noticing. Luke’s soft chuckle lets me know that the words actually did leave my mouth. “This is exactly what I need!” I squeal and run to the sheet and pillow cave. “Which one first?” Luke held up three DVDs, all Disney because he knows how much I love those films. “Surprise me.” I smirk. Flirting with Luke was so natural it didn’t feel like flirting anymore. We automatically cuddled up like we always would. It was strange. It didn’t feel like we were on a date as such. I was just spending time with Luke. It made me think, how good it felt to be with him. How happy I was to just be in his arms. We didn’t need to be doing something special for me to enjoy being with him.

We were now in the middle of watching The Little Mermaid, Kiss the Girl came on. It is my favourite song so I started to sing along. Luke chuckled, his eyes said he knew this would happen. It wasn’t until I started to sing the song properly and look around the room, comparing it the scene on the screen. The sheets were like the branches of the willow tree and the hundreds of fairy lights strung around the fort were like the fireflies in the movie. He had recreated the scene. He knew I’d figured it out because I’d stopped singing. I looked up at him, our eyes connecting straight away. All the butterflies that I’d suppressed for the past years had erupted like a million fireworks. I’ve never wanted to kiss someone so bad in my life. We were already so close to each other but we weren’t close enough. “Luke…” “I know Y/N.” We spoke in hushed tones, not wanting to ruin the moment but we knew we had to.

From the moment I realised what Luke had done I knew I was going to choose him. I just feel so bad for Harry. He’s done nothing wrong. I guess it wasn’t a fair fight. Luke knows everything about me. I’m sure once Harry got to know me better he could pull the same thing off too but it wouldn’t have felt the same. I’d dreamt about Luke and I being in that scene, but we actually kissed at the end. Never in my life would I have thought it would have actually happened. “Okay. So I’ve made my decision. Harry, can I speak to you outside please.” I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t tell them both at the same time. “I’m going to choose Luke.” He face fell, it broke my heart. “I’m sooo sorry. I’ve just known and liked Luke for longer. I had such a good time on our date though, and just between the two of us, if I knew Luke for as long as I’ve known you I would of chose you okay. If you go on a date with anyone else take them on a similar date and say all those words because it works. You made me feel so confident and at ease. I congratulate you on being so modest and normal too. You have to understand this is the hardest decision I’ve had to make.” “Its fine,” he half smiles, “I understand. If you and Luke don’t work out just know I’m always here.” “Good.”

When I enter the room again I see Luke with his head in his hands. “You chose him, didn’t you?” “Luke, look at me.” I kneel down in front of him, “You recreated one of my favourite scenes of all time. Of course I chose you!” “What?” I giggle at his surprise. He really thought I’d choose Harry. “Shut up and ‘Kiss the Girl’.” I did my best Sebastian impression, causing Luke to chuckle before pressing his lips to mine. It was everything I wanted and more. A wave of relief washed over me. I’d definitely chosen the right person.