fort berthold

North Dakota tribe sees $25M a month in energy royalties

The Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation in North Dakota is in the middle of an energy boom but tribal members say they aren’t seeing any of the benefits:
    Blessed with oil-and-gas-rich shale formations underlying Fort Berthold, the MHA government collects about $25 million in royalties a month. All in all, the tribe has collected about $1 billion in oil ​money since the fracking bonanza took off in 2008.

Sitting Bear – Arikara - 1908

SITTING BEAR, Kuinui-tiwit Born in I844 on the west side of the Missouri, opposite present Washburn, North Dakota. He was eighteen years of age before making his first trial at war, and even then he took no part in the actual conflict with the Assiniboin whom his party encountered. The following year he engaged in the fight when a hunting party near the Fort Berthold village was surrounded by Sioux, and he even acquired some distinction by being first to strike one of the horses of the enemy. In all he was participant in twelve battles, himself being the leader six times, but only twice did he conduct his warriors into the enemy’s country. On the other occasions the encounters were brought on by Sioux attacking the village. The first expedition of which he was chief was made down the Missouri in bull-boats. After travelling for nine nights, concealing themselves by day, they killed a woman that came to the river for water, and then made their escape after a minor engagement with the men of the hostile camp. Sitting Bear was the leader of the Arikara in a combined party of Hidatsa, Mandan, and Arikara into the Sioux country. A camp was raided and Sitting Bear captured five horses. The retreat to Fort Berthold consumed six days. Sitting Bear counted a first coup in a fight near Fort Berthold, being the first Arikara to strike one of the enemy, although a Hidatsa had already counted coup on him. He married at nineteen, and like his father and grandfather he became the tribal chief.

So in my History class we’ve been learning about the frontier and Western expansion and all the forts that were built. And apparently there’s one called Fort Berthold in North Dakota.

So basically I spent the entire lesson giggling over that because Fort Berthold is the worst name for a fort you could ever think of how long do you think that fort’s gonna last.