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Amazing that two days before this hurricane hit, I had no idea there was even a storm coming, and now I’m trying to fall asleep in a home that isn’t mine, without a bed, without my cat, as the sound of rain melds with the static of panicked voices of adults and the newsman, talking of the record flood. I’m luckier than most and very grateful, grateful that I’m in a house with food and that my sister is two states away, and that my home is still dry inside though I’m away from it. I have hope, and that alone is more than some have. I’d like to thank God and the Cajun Navy, and the folks in my community who have banded together to help those in need. Stay safe and stay dry, y'all. We’re Texas Strong 💪

So I’m writing a piece (might be a multi-part post, might be a video) on why I think Texas could be a swing state as soon as 2020, and I decided to look at the 15 most populous counties in Texas, which account for about 18 million of the the 27.5 million (or about 65%) of Texas’ population. Here’s a quick map, for reference, Harris is Houston, Bexar is San Antonio, and Travis is Austin:

So, see how that sea of Red in the Panhandle is? Those counties have only a few thousand each, some only have 1,000 voters if that, but there’s so many of them that they overcome the large cities. Because if you take just those top 15 counties, Clinton would have won Texas by over 500,000 votes.

But notice something else? The red counties have larger voter turnout than the Blue counties. Nueces county (Corpus Christi) has 60,000 fewer people than Cameron county (Brownsville, boarder city), but 10,000 more voters. That adds up. Even some of the very red counties just outside the top 15 out turnout Cameron by quite a bit.

Look at the drop between Collin (Plano, 10% Latino) and Hidalgo (Rio Grande Valley, 90% Latino) and El Paso (79% Latino) despite being not that much smaller.

The key to turning Texas Blue isn’t just following the current population trend, but getting on the ground and registering people and getting them out to vote. Also turning out not just urban residents (Houston and San Antonio also underperform turnout wise) but pushing educated Suburbanites that really hate Trump (Fort Bend, which inculdes very wealthy Houston Suburbs like Sugar Land).

At this point, population trends are in the Democrats favor, Texas is getting younger and less white, but they actually have to try to make it happen. People won’t vote for you if they think you don’t care about them. They can’t do what they did when they totally abandoned Wendy Davis despite polling in single digits behind Greg Abbott but ended up losing by 23% because of lack of support.

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Shance prompt! Shiro knows Lance adores the colour blue and finds these glowy blue shells or rocks and collects a bunch to give to Lance and they make like a pillow fort and decorate the fort with them :)

I made this one pre-shance and it’s ridiculously fluffy. thank you so much for the prompt! I hope you like it! just as an aside, this is the song i had on repeat while i wrote this.

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The planet that they land on is what Shiro would describe as “tropic”. There’s lush greenery surrounded by a beautiful beach, and Shiro suddenly feels apologetic for Lance, who so often talks about his hometown’s beach. He lives for the water.

There doesn’t seem to really be civilization here, only wild animal aliens and vegetation. Still, there are things here that could be useful.

“I’m going in to search for what Hunk listed here,” Keith announces as he walks up to him, pointing out to the forest. “I’ll take pictures and samples, too.”

“Good idea. I’ll scour the beach for anything useful the ocean might’ve brought in with the tide. Be careful.” They both nod at each other, and take off in different directions, Shiro making his way along the water.

It’s slightly bluer in color than even their ocean, startlingly clear. The sand here is dark, almost black, and the contrast is shocking, but pretty.

There’s not much he finds in his search, some seaweed he grabs for Hunk and a collection of sand he grabs for later study. It’s always good for them to understand the planets around them, and the materials available from each planet they visit. It’s almost like his mission to Kerberos, except much farther reaching. 

By the time he gets the samples and bottles them, it’s getting darker.

“There’s not enough light for me to find anything else,” Keith says, over the comms.

“Meet back at the lions,” Shiro says, eyes catching something further into the water. His curiosity gets the better of him. Getting closer, he reaches down and picks up what looks to be a seashell from under the water. It’s glowing faintly in the light, and he cups his hands around it, peeking between his fingers and affirming that they are glowing a luminous blue in the shadow.

He immediately thinks of Lance again, knowing he’s become quite attached to the color blue. He’s seen Lance collecting blue items from their travels, with incredible care. This would be perfect for him, could remind him of home, too.

He gathers as many as he can, placing them somewhere secure and taking off to meet with Keith. 

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Could you do an imagine about the episode where Reid is kidnapped and the reader has feelings for him but she has always been afraid to say them so when they find him she blurts them out?

I’m not ready to let you go

Contains: angst, .01% of fluff at the end.

((Had to go all the way back to season two in this. That’s why my lovely Gideon (aka Inigo Montoya) has returned!))


“Any sign of him yet?” Prentiss asked one of the cops working with the team. He was standing next to the medical examiner who was making sure JJ was okay.

“No.” You snapped bitterly. “No sign of him because he’s not here. He’s gone!” You felt tears well up in your eyes and you wiped them away harshly. You knew he wasn’t in the house, and since he wasn’t in the barn, he must have been kidnapped by Tobais.

Emily gave you a sympathetic look, walking over to envelop you in a hug. Even if it seemed trivial now, she knew that you had a hard time with your feelings, and now the object of your affection was missing.

“We should focus on finding him.” You squirmed away from her.

“We can"t find Reid?” JJ asked, still a bit dazed. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, even though you knew it wasn’t her fault. But if she hadn’t agreed to split up with him, maybe he would still be here and you would’ve caught your unsub. If she hadn’t been so foolish, maybe you would already be on a plane to Quantico, sitting across from Spencer, trying (but failing) to beat him at chess. Gideon would probably be sitting next to either one of you, smirking as he read his book because he already knew you’d have lost and that checkmate could be played in two moves.

You heard Morgan drag Emily away, but not before giving you a soft look. You return his stare with one of your special harsh glares, trying not to break down. He turns away from you to talk quietly to Emily about the whereabouts of Spencer.

“He was dragged from a cornfield?” You ask, intruding in on their conversation. Your fists clenched and you ran your hand through your hair. The next thing you knew, a sheriff told one of his men that someone who fit Hankel’s description had passed by him not to long ago, and you were on your way to Fort Bend.


“Welcome to our nightmare.” You heard JJ mumble and you looked up to see her facing someone behind you. Following her gaze you turned around to find Garcia (your best friend) looking at the house with disdain.

“Penelope.” You whimpered, getting up and hugging her. She rubbed your back, whispering soft reassuring words in your ear. You pulled back and gave her a sad, grateful smile, letting her followed Morgan upstairs.

Everyone slowly trickled out while you kept researching at the million of papers that surrounded the house, leaving you with your thoughts. His name echoed through your head like a mantra, his voice and face imprinted in your mind. With no one around to talk to you your thoughts drifted off to the worst-case scenario.

He was perfect to you. One of your best friends, and your (in teenage terms) “crush”. What would you do if he was gone? You couldn’t stand to think of seeing him again, only to be put in a body bag. The thought of him having to have a funeral, only at 25, made tears brim in your eyes.

You believed you would probably never see his infectious smile, or hear his voice ramble on again. You would never again get to ogle at him, his coffee-colored eyes or his dark, long hair, pale skin, and pink lips.

You can remember the feel of his arms on the rare occasions you were blessed with a hug. The feel of his chest against you, hair tickling the nape of your neck, made you shiver, goosebumps appearing on your skin.

You swore right then and there that if you got to Spencer while he was still alive you would tell him your feelings.


You were with Garcia as she tried to look at everything that was stored on Tobais’ computer when Morgan came in, asking her to sign in as Charles. It had only been a few minutes of the same exploding/war films shown in the screen when the system got hacked. A live feed of Spencer tied up appeared on a couple different screens and you let out a gasp, your hand going to touch his face on one of the computer screens.

“Guys! Guys get in here!” Morgan called, and everyone came rushing in. They all seemed to be talking at once, Garcia’s fingers typing furiously as she tried to locate him. The server kept changing but she didn’t give up. All you could do was stare at Spencer on screen as he fought with what seemed like Charles.

“I won’t choose who gets slaughtered and have you leave their remains behind like a poacher.” Spencer mumbled, the blood on the side of his head noticeable. You whimpered, some of the members looking at you with pity. You didn’t want their pity, you wanted Spencer to get home.

“Dammit Spence just do what he says so you won’t get hurt!” You whispered. You gasped again, body jumping as Charles picked Spencer up, Spencer being completely defenseless as all of his limbs were tied to the chair. When dropped back down again Spencer hesitantly complied, the security footage being cut off not even a second later.

“No!” You yelled, running out the door, Morgan following behind you, fist slamming into the door. Would you ever be able to see Spencer again?


“It’s the internet sir! Once it’s out there, it’s out there.” You heard Garcia trying to calm down Gideon as he paced behind her. You entered to room, standing by the doorframe.

“Can you please to something! Anything? I don’t want him thinking he has a pulpit!” Gideon yelled, fists clenching and un clenching. You placed a hand in his back and got him to sigh, releasing a tiny amount of the tension that filled the air.

“I"m going to say that the video is a virus.” Garcia said, furiously typing once again as she warned everyone linked to the video feed.

Suddenly the camera turned back on again, Tobais slapping Spencer harshly across the face. You whimpered, tears softly running down your cheek.

“Confess!” The man roared, and Spencer shuddered with fear.

“I haven’t done anything.” His voice sounded like he had been sobbing, the camera to far away to reveal if he had been crying. Spencer received another slap, making your teeth clench.

“I’m going to tear this guy apart limb from limb.” You growled, trying to hide the crack in your voice.

You heard Spencer call out for Tobias and whimper, and you presumed that Charles was once again torturing him, silencing Spencer with yet another slap. You blinked rapidly, trying to devoid your eyes of tears so you could focus on anything that could reveal Spencer’s location.

As Spencer was pushed to the floor, still tied on the chair, gasping for air and jumping on the floor you couldn’t help grabbing on to Gideon’s arm, letting out a few quiet sobs. When Spencer finally stopped you couldn’t tell if he was breathing. Was he dead? You didn’t know. All you could do was scream and cry into Gideon chest.


It was Tobais this time, trying to bring Spencer back by pumping his heart. You had your arms wrapped around you, biting your nails as you watched. Spencer jolted, gasping needfully for air as he awoke.

You sighed with relief, calming yourself down as you kept repeating he was alive. He was alive. He was alive. He was alive.

“How many members on your team?” You tuned back in, legs shaking. You were biting your lip so fiercely you were surprised you hadn’t drawn blood.

“S-seven.” He lied. Why did he lie? The team all gave each other a confused look.

“Choose one to die.”


“Choose and prove god’s will.” Raphael took the clip and spun it around before pushing it back in to the revolver, pointing it at Spencer’s head.


Click. You jumped, hand on your heart as your eyes were glued to the screen. This happened three more times before Spencer finally complied.

“Aaron Hotchner.”

What was he doing?  He had to be bluffing, lying. Spencer and Hotch were close. But then again, Spencer was being tortured. You didn’t know what to think. You flinched as Raphael pointed the gun away, shooting the actual bullet.

It could’ve been Spencer.

You stayed put, everyone coming back to where you and Garcia were, figuring out that Spencer was at a cemetery. You almost smiled at how close you were to finding him, but you knew you didn’t have much time.


You had your gun and flashlight, looking around frantically to try and find Spencer before it was too late. You heard a gunshot ring out and you panicked.

“Spencer! Spencer!” You screamed, trying to follow the sound.

“Over there!” You heard someone shout, following their direction. You almost cried again when you could see Spencer’s figure over Tobias’ dead body. Running up the hill you plan he’d your gun back in it’s holster, running over to Spencer and falling on your knees, enveloping him into a hug.

“Spencer, I thought I lost you. I love you. I love you so much. I couldn’t imagine life without you. I  love you.” You cried hysterically into his chest, afraid that he was going to be a dream and you would wake up at any moment. “Why did you lie? About there only being seven of us?”

“I didn’t want him to hurt you. I love you too y/n.” He whispered, his shaking hands wrapping around the back of you, eyes fluttering shut and leaning his head into the crook of your neck. You didn’t mind that blood smeared against the side of your cheek and neck, all you cared about was Spencer, being here and being alive. He loved you, and you loved him.

And nothing would ever tear you two apart ever again.

N.E.L.A. (Never Ever Lovve Again)
N.E.L.A. (Never Ever Lovve Again)

In 2011, I caught feelings for my bestfriend and asked her to be my girlfriend.. (Just like in the movies)

By the date of our one year anniversary in 2012, I realized I was madly and foolishly in lovve.. (Just like in the movies)

After that, we broke up and got back together so many times like it was nothing, and it wasn’t healthy for neither one of us love-stricken 18 year olds..

First week of 2013, we got into a childish slug-match on twitter in which we called each other out on all the mistakes we had made in our relationship, as the whole of fort bend and Alief jeered at our public collapse. We began to drift away from the lovve I got used to in the previous two years and for the first time the idea of us breaking up and staying away from each other surfaced. I couldn’t imagine moving on without her so I did everything in my power to sell her the idea that we were perfect for each other.. I let her take advantage of me that year because I thought it would all be worth it in the end.. I was catastrophically incorrect tho, the more I went out of my way to make her smile, the more she neglected and abused my care.. This tore me apart inside, but I just could not give up, not after two years of commitment.. 

We tried the “just be friends” strategy but that proved ineffective time after time, because of how close and intimate or relationship actually was..Honestly, I never stopped seeing her as my bestfriend, however, I could not put myself through the pain of being let down anymore.. (Just like in the movies)

In 2014, I transferred schools as I set out to truly move forward and “Leave that girl alone” as my close friends urged me to do.. Unfortunately, she was still the number I dialed on numerous nights that I felt alone, and didn’t want to be bothered by thotties.. We would always talk about anything and everything, or nothing at all, as I recall many times just saying hello and falling asleep on the phone.. I really don’t know if I needed her more than she needed me or if it was the other way around but slowly and steadily we communicated less and less until it came to a complete halt..

It was always hard seeing her in public with other dudes, which happened way too often.. It was hard seeing a tweet of hers that entailed her dying need of a man to cuddle with, retweeted onto my TL late at night.. I slowly grew disgusted by the woman that I once was willing to give my life for.. In the summer of 2014 I wrote this song called Never Ever Lovve Again.. I had no intentions of ever recording or letting anyone hear this record, I just wanted to let it all out in the most effective and healthiest way I knew how.. (just like the movies lol)

Here it is tho, NELA..  Im only able to write all this and let the world even hear it because I finally moved on from the toxic disease of feelings I had for her.. 

This is not a diss song & this is not a lovve song.. THIS song and all the others that my little sister and I wrote for this project was the cure to my madness, and I thank God for blessing me with the talent to release my joy, as well as my frustration, in a beautiful way.. 

Notice of Public Meeting

Fort Bend County and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will conduct a public meeting regarding the proposed improvements to FM 1093 from SH 99 to FM 1463 in Fort Bend County. The meeting will be held on October 27, 2011 at Seven Lakes High School, which is located at 9251 South Fry Road, Katy, Texas 77494. The meeting will be held in an open house format from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to gather public input on the proposed widening of FM 1093 from SH 99 to FM 1463. FM 1093 within the project limits is currently a two-lane undivided rural roadway. The proposed project would consist of a four-lane divided tollway with non-tolled, two-lane continuous frontage roads.

Exhibits showing aerial photography and schematic plans of the proposed project corridor will be presented at the meeting. Representatives from Fort Bend County, TxDOT and their study team will be available to answer individual questions. Public comments are encouraged. The schematic plan showing the proposed alternatives is on file and available for inspection at the Fort Bend County Offices at 1124-52 Blume Road, Rosenberg, Texas 77471 and the TxDOT Houston District Office at 7600 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas 77007. TxDOT and County offices are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding state holidays.

Additional right-of-way would be required for the proposed project and some displacements would be necessary. Personnel from the TxDOT Right-of-Way Section will be available to discuss TxDOT’s Relocation Assistance Program that provides benefits and services for those that may be displaced. Information about the tentative right-of-way acquisition schedule can be obtained from the District office.

Persons interested in attending the public meeting who have special communication or accommodation needs are encouraged to contact TxDOT’s Public Information Office at 713-802-5072 at least two working days prior to the meeting. Since the public meeting will be conducted in English, any requests for language interpreters or other special communication needs should also be made at least two working days prior to the public meeting. TxDOT will make every reasonable effort to accommodate these needs.

All interested citizens are invited to attend this public meeting. Written comments relative to the proposed project may be presented at the meeting or submitted to the Director of Project Development, Texas Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 1386, Houston, Texas 77251-1386, at any time on or before November 10, 2011. Comments may also be emailed on or before November 10, 2011 to HOU-PIOWebMail@