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HOUSTON More than 15 Asian women in Houston and Fort Bend County have been attacked after leaving work, investigators said Monday.

The person used a crow bar to smash her passenger side window in. A neighbor watched, not knowing what happened.All you hear is boom boom and then you hear a shatter, said Tristina Wilson, a neighbor.

The victim tried to defend herself. Minutes later, she ran across the street for help.In June, we showed you video of crooks using stolen credit cards at a gas station. Now, officers believe the same group of men is going around targeting Asian women.

The victim’s family says investigators aren’t doing enough. They re afraid someone might end up dying if the robbers don’t get caught. They’ve used six different cars in the crimes, including a blue Dodge sedan. According to the Fort Bend County Sheriff s Office, most of the crimes involve women who were followed home from along Bellaire Boulevard on the west side of town.Police do not have detailed suspect descriptions.  Information which leads to the apprehension and filing of charges could earn a reward of up to $5,000. Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS (8477). “They target them because they’re helpless and defenseless and they know they won’t do anything. You know, they…don’t have a voice and they know that. They’re cowards…to pick on women.”

Notice of Public Meeting

Fort Bend County and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will conduct a public meeting regarding the proposed improvements to FM 1093 from SH 99 to FM 1463 in Fort Bend County. The meeting will be held on October 27, 2011 at Seven Lakes High School, which is located at 9251 South Fry Road, Katy, Texas 77494. The meeting will be held in an open house format from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to gather public input on the proposed widening of FM 1093 from SH 99 to FM 1463. FM 1093 within the project limits is currently a two-lane undivided rural roadway. The proposed project would consist of a four-lane divided tollway with non-tolled, two-lane continuous frontage roads.

Exhibits showing aerial photography and schematic plans of the proposed project corridor will be presented at the meeting. Representatives from Fort Bend County, TxDOT and their study team will be available to answer individual questions. Public comments are encouraged. The schematic plan showing the proposed alternatives is on file and available for inspection at the Fort Bend County Offices at 1124-52 Blume Road, Rosenberg, Texas 77471 and the TxDOT Houston District Office at 7600 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas 77007. TxDOT and County offices are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding state holidays.

Additional right-of-way would be required for the proposed project and some displacements would be necessary. Personnel from the TxDOT Right-of-Way Section will be available to discuss TxDOT’s Relocation Assistance Program that provides benefits and services for those that may be displaced. Information about the tentative right-of-way acquisition schedule can be obtained from the District office.

Persons interested in attending the public meeting who have special communication or accommodation needs are encouraged to contact TxDOT’s Public Information Office at 713-802-5072 at least two working days prior to the meeting. Since the public meeting will be conducted in English, any requests for language interpreters or other special communication needs should also be made at least two working days prior to the public meeting. TxDOT will make every reasonable effort to accommodate these needs.

All interested citizens are invited to attend this public meeting. Written comments relative to the proposed project may be presented at the meeting or submitted to the Director of Project Development, Texas Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 1386, Houston, Texas 77251-1386, at any time on or before November 10, 2011. Comments may also be emailed on or before November 10, 2011 to HOU-PIOWebMail@

Photos: Nigerian man stabs fiancee to death at their home in the US

Photos: Nigerian man stabs fiancee to death at their home in the US

10 April 2015 | 1:12 pm

A Nigerian man named Osa Alohaneke, 56, (pictured) has been arrested and is now facing murder charges after he allegedly stabbed his 52 year old Cameroonian fiancee, Evelyne Ebane Epiepang, to death at their home in Fort Bend
County, Texas on Wednesday April 8th.

According to what police said in a statement, the victim had called police to their home around 5pm on…

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Nigerian Man Accused Of Stabbing His Fiancée To Death In The US (PHOTOS)

Nigerian Man Accused Of Stabbing His Fiancée To Death In The US (PHOTOS)

10 April 2015 | 1:08 pm  

More details have been released after a woman was found apparently stabbed to death and her fiance was found nearby splashed with blood Wednesday night at a home in Fort Bend County.

Authorities have released more details in what they say was the apparent stabbing death of a a 52-year-old woman whose fiance was found nearby splashed with blood Wednesday night at a home…

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Fort Bend spotlights film that focuses on human trafficking -

Fort Bend spotlights film that focuses on human… in nine cities in the United States, with Houston being the last city, Speed said. “The money that is made from this goes back to those organizations (who combat sex trafficking),” she said. “The one thing we were


The Rosenberg Police Dept (a suburb of Houston) is stating on their Facebook page (or trying to strongly imply it) that we need “God back in our schools”.

What is it with theocrats and their desire to push their religious beliefs on the
rest of us through the government?

Children aren’t adults, they don’t have the reasoning skills to see through the B.S., as when they are older.

That is why theocrats try to get kids young. Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and the Freedom from Religion Foundation work to ensure that the state and church are separate. Please check them out. Thanks.

Dance Du Coeur studio is a state of the art Sugar Land dance center located at 19875 Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land Fort Bend County Greatwood Community. We offer a complete variety of dance class styles for all ages including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pointe, Tumbling, Drill, Mime, and Stage Combat. We also offer Zumba, Yoga, Pilates and boot camp fitness classes.

Do you understand your property rights?
Do you understand your property rights?


Harris and Fort Bend County Toll Roads offers residence quicker access to central Houston as well as surrounding areas, however these toll roads can cause problems for landowners who are in the direct path of the development.  After speaking with a few land owners who reviewed “Eminent Domain” letters from their city or county, I thought I should touch up on my land rights as well as my viewers.  Below is Section 17 of the Bill of Rights for the Texas Constitution.  

Sec. 17. TAKING, DAMAGING, OR DESTROYING PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC USE; SPECIAL PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES; CONTROL OF PRIVILEGES AND FRANCHISES. (a) No person’s property shall be taken, damaged, or destroyed for or applied to public use without adequate compensation being made, unless by the consent of such person, and only if the taking, damage, or destruction is for: (1) the ownership, use, and enjoyment of the property, notwithstanding an incidental use, by: (A) the State, a political subdivision of the State, or the public at large; or (B) an entity granted the power of eminent domain under law; or (2) the elimination of urban blight on a particular parcel of property. (b) In this section, “public use” does not include the taking of property under Subsection (a) of this section for transfer to a private entity for the primary purpose of economic development or enhancement of tax revenues. © On or after January 1, 2010, the legislature may enact a general, local, or special law granting the power of eminent domain to an entity only on a two-thirds vote of all the members elected to each house. (d) When a person’s property is taken under Subsection (a) of this section, except for the use of the State, compensation as described by Subsection (a) shall be first made, or secured by a deposit of money; and no irrevocable or uncontrollable grant of special privileges or immunities shall be made; but all privileges and franchises granted by the Legislature, or created under its authority, shall be subject to the control thereof. (Amended Nov. 3, 2009.)