forsyth and co


Forsythe Canyon Trail
Nederland, CO

Today we got up early to hike with A’s sister and her husband! This trail was a little over an hour away and noted as an easy, dog friendly hike. Although I definitely enjoyed it, I would say it was more of a moderate hike due to a lot of narrow rocky areas and a lot of steep paths. I was thankful for the good workout though! It felt great.

This was only hike 6/26 so far this year so basically I need to up my hiking game if I’m going to reach my goal. I need to get some hiking shoes soon because we are hoping to hike my first 14er in late August or September. I seriously love that A loves doing these things, too!


Forsyth lock pistol

Manufactured by Forsyth & Co. In London, United Kingdom c.1807~1810′s - serial numbers are overrated anyway.
.49 caliber twin smoothbore barrels, scent-bottle percussion lock, swivel ramrod and gold inlays.

A very rare type of lock, Forsyth’s design worked a bit like a rotating pez dispenser filled with mercury fulminate priming pellets.