Final Rights for the Beloved

Seel ye gods, hear me now and see this soul to safety
For they are good, their heart is true and beat ever bravely

Bragi, into your hall do welcome
This soul of artistry
With words of lifeblood, and hands of love
That wroughts emotionally

Forseti, into your hall do welcome
This ever-just moderator
Questing for true fairness
To both victim and instigator

Freyja, into your hall do welcome
This fierce and lustful spirit
Fickle as a feline
For their pleasure, not with limit

Freyr, into your hall do welcome
This soul both bold and wistful
A garden-tender, virile-mender
Encompassing boar and bull

Heimdall, into your hall do welcome
This spirit, ever-vigilant
Alert all-times for danger
To guard ally and descendant

Hel, into your hall do welcome
This serene soul of dignity
Straw death, corpse-communer
Which seeks peace and dark so quietly

Idunn, into your hall do welcome
This vivacious soul of youth
Wide-eyed and innocent
Never showing length of tooth

Loki, into your hall do welcome
This cheeky norm-shirker
Fire-blooded, lightning-tongued
A levitous distraction-bringer

Njord, into your hall do welcome
This seafaring, sun-baked soul
Braving storms in ship and heart
Ever-pursuant of any goal

Odin, into your hall do welcome
This spirit of wisened mystery
Concerned for the future of all things
Finding knowledge in our history

Sigyn, into your hall do welcome
This staunch and loyal soul
That bears the weight of realms
With no complaint nor moral fall

Skadhi, into your hall do welcome
This sadist soul of vengeance
Hunter of beasts, man or meat
Demands retributed justice

Thor, into your hall do welcome
This spirit, chivalrous and strong
A protector of the innocent
And sworn enemy of all wrong

Tyr, into your hall do welcome
This martial soul of honour
Bound by word and oath
Does seek no trick nor cover

Ullr, into your hall do welcome
This stoic soul of sport
Joyous in game or vital bout
Victorious on street and court

Vali, into your hall do welcome
This soul taken premature
No chance to show their nature
Kept eternal, and ever pure

Seel my gods, now ye have heard; so see this soul to safety
For they are good, their heart is true and beats forever bravely


This poetic prayer was inspired by the last ask I received.
To be used in the event of the death of any loved one; The way I have written and intended for it to be used is so that the reciter can choose whether to recite it in full, partially, or even with just one of the stanzas - depending on specific circumstances and whatever feels most appropriate

Health Care Bill Prayer

In this time of need, I call upon you gods for the sake of those like myself, for the sake of those who are in more dire need of your assistance! I call to you!

Odin, god of wisdom, travelers, homeless, magic, and All Father! I call to you! Bring those who share your pain and know your way into a great fortune! Do not let this forsaken healthcare bill pass!

Tyr, god of law and rightful doings, hear me! Do not let this bill health care bill pass! 

Hod, god of the blind and less fortunate, see the pain that is wrought from those who would seek to take your own into the depths of unnecessary death! Do not let this health care bill pass!

Forseti, god of justice and presiding, see the injustice in this health care bill and do not let it pass! 

Thor god of storm and of the common folk, see the pain of the many and less fortunate, protect them in this hour of need!

Skadi oh huntress, give the people your courage and power in this time of great need!

Freya, goddess of magic and warriors, guide us to victory and away from strife, lead us into battle to come out victorious! Do not let this health care bill pass!

The Signs As... Norse Gods

Aries: Fryr (sacral kingship, virility, prosperity,fertility, brother of Freyja)

Taurus: Njördr (sea, seafaring, wind, wealth, father of Fryr and Freyja)

Gemini: Frigg (wife of Odin, foreknowledge, matriony and motherhood)

Cancer: Baldr (summer sun, radiance, beauty, son of Odin)

Leo: Thor (thunderstorms, healing, hallowing, protector of mankind, son of Odin)

Virgo: Heimdallr (precognition, keen eyesight and hearing, wisdom, watches of the gods and the Bifröst)

Libra: Forseti (justice and reconciliation, fair judge, son of Baldr)

Scorpio: Skadi (bowhunting, skiing, winter, mountains, wife of Njördir)

Sagittarius: Loki (shapeshifting, amoraliy, trickster, son of Odin)

Capricorn: Odin (Allfather, war, battle, death, royality, poetry, music, prophecy, franzy, runes, rules Valhalla and Asgard)

Aquarius: Hel (death, Queen of the underworld the Hel, daughter of Loki)

Pisces: Freyja (love, sexuality, beauty, gold, war, teacher of Seidr daughter of Njördr)

Norse Gods (And Other Deities) List

Having seen various incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate lists of Norse gods circulating Tumblr, I have decided to write my own and also include common terminology alongside. I will also include other beings who exist within the old lore and modern traditions.

I have opted to include the names in Norwegian, with translations in parenthesise after, along with a brief summary of some of the associations given to some of those gods. Be aware that, as an overview, brevity is necessary here and the individuals should not be oversimplified to basic aspects in your practice!

Æser (Æsir, Male Gods)

  • Balder (Baldr, Baldur) - Light, purity, rebirth
  • Brage (Bragi) - Poetry, eloquence, wisdom and music
  • Delling (Dellingr) - The new day, dawn
  • Forsete (Forseti) - Justice and reconciliation
  • Frøy (Freyr) - Vaner, virility, fertility, the sacred religious position of royalty, prosperity, good weather and sunshine
  • Heimdall (Heimdallr) - The senses, premonition or foreknowledge
  • Hermod (Hermóðr) - Bravery, spirit, possibly a former mortal hero/king elevated to the Æsir
  • Hjuke (Hjúki) - Man, lunar activity, lunar phases, moon craters, brother of Bil (the Scandinavian children in the moon)
  • Hod (Höðr, Hodr) - The blind god, darkness, rebirth, second chances
  • Høne (Hænir, Hœnir) - Survival, sense/spirit, beauty,
  • Lodur (Lóðurr) - Blood, warmth, life, 
  • Loke (Loki) - Change, creativity, ambiguity, impulsiveness
  • Lyter (Lýtir) - Premonition, foresight, prediction, prophecy
  • Magne (Magni) - Strength, development, son of Tor
  • Meile - Son of Odin, brother of Tor
  • Mime (Mímir) - Wisdom, knowledge, memory, advice
  • Måne (Máni) - The moon, the night sky
  • Njord (Njörðr) - Vaner, the sea, harbours, ports, seafaring, wind, fishing, wealth/prosperity, and crop fertility
  • Od (Óðr) - Madness, fury, eagerness, excitement
  • Odin (Óðinn) - Father, war, battle, victory, death, wisdom, runes, magic, poetry, charms
  • Tor (Þórr, Thor) - Thunder, lightning, storms, rain, strength, protection, hallowing, healing, fertility
  • Ty (Týr, Tyr) - Law, sacrifice, heroism, glory, war
  • Ull (Ullr) - Skiing, archery, hunting, weapons, shields, personal combat, oaths
  • Vidar (Víðarr) - Vengeance, atonement, preparation, survival, silence
  • Vilje (Vili) - Will, willpower, moderation, the middle, wit, intelligence, touch, sense, motion
  • Ve (Vé) - Countenance, appearance, facial expression, speech, hearing, sight
  • Våle (Váli) - Revenge, bravery, daring, marksmanship, survival, rebirth

Åsynjer (Ásynjur, Female Gods)

  • Bil - Woman, lunar activity, phases of the moon, sister of Hjuke (the Scandinavian children in the moon)
  • Eir - Help, healing, protection, mercy, grace, calm
  • Fjorgyn/Jord (Fjörgyn/Jörð) - Earth, the world, nature, greenery
  • Frigg - Mother, love, fate, prophecy, marriage, birth, midwifery
  • Frøya (Freyja) - Vaner, fertility, love, passion, sex, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, magic, war, death
  • Fulla - domesticity, cleaning, housekeeping, listening, confidant, secrecy
  • Gersemi - Precious, beauty, blonde hair
  • Gjevjon (Gefjun) - Virginity, plowing, female independence 
  • Gnå (Gná) - Messenger, errands, crossing planes of existence, travel through land, air and water
  • Hnoss - Treasure, beauty, brunette hair
  • Idunn (Iðunn) - Youth, vigour, apples, love
  • Ilm - Fragrance, aroma, smells
  • Irpa - Guardian goddess, Hålogaland
  • Lin (Hlín) - Weddings, domestic sphere, flax, onion, fabrics
  • Lovn (Lofn) - Benevolence, kindness, gentleness, consolation
  • Nanna - Loyalty, empathy
  • Njorun - Soil, the land
  • Rind (Rindr) - Princess/goddess/giantess, mother of Våle from the East
  • Rån (Rán) - Sea, protection from drowning, fishing
  • Sigyn - Loyalty, burden, sadness
  • Siv (Sif) - Fields, wheat, fertility, family, wedlock
  • Sjavn (Sjöfn) - Love, sex, desire
  • Snotra - Wisdom, intelligence, cleverness, appropriate conduct
  • Sol (Sól) - The sun, warmth, daylight
  • Syn - Refusal, denial, speaking out, legal defence
  • Såga (Sága) - Seeress, all-seeing, companionship, drinking partner
  • Torgerd Hølgebrud (Þorgerðr Holgabrúðr) - Guardian goddess, Hålogaland, heathen shrines
  • Var (Vör) - Honesty, awareness, caution, carefulness
  • Vår (Vár) - Oaths (and punishing oath breakers), pledges, agreements, betrothal

Jotner (Jötnar, Elemental Giants)

  • Aurvandil - Star, planet, Orion & Big Dipper constellations
  • Bauge (Baugi) - Farmer, money, wages
  • Dag (Dagr) - Day, light, rides Skinfakse
  • Fornjot (Fornjótr) - Ancient giant, ancestor, original, owner
  • Frosti (Jökull) - Cold, winter, frost, ice, icicles, glaciers
  • Fårbaute (Fárbauti) - Hitting, striking, cruelty, danger, violence
  • Geirrød (Geirröd) - Entrapment, cruelty, aggression, violence
  • Gyme - Hills, Mounds
  • Helblinde (Helblindi) - “Hel Blinder”, “All Blind”
  • Hyme (Hymir) - Brewing, cauldron, thick skull
  • Kåre (Kári) - Wind, scathe, howl, sails
  • Loke (Loki) - Change, creativity, ambiguity, impulsiveness
  • Loge (Logi) - Fire, wildfire, 
  • Mime (Mímir) - Knowledge, wisdom, memory, counsel, Mimes Brønn (Mímisbrunnr)
  • Mokkurkalve - Clay, life, innocence, childishness
  • Norve (Narfi) - Narrow, oppressive, closed in, difficult birth
  • Rungne (Hrungnir) - Strength, brawling, fighting, whetstone
  • Snø (Snær) - Snow
  • Surt (Surtr) - Fire, heat, burning, blackness
  • Suttung (Suttungr) - Mead of poetry, orphaned, eagle
  • Tjaste (Þjazi, Thiazi) - Abduction of Idunn
  • Torre (Þorri, Thorri) - Black ice, frost, cold, winter
  • Trym (Þrymr, Thrymr) - Uproar, King of Jotner, 
  • Vale (Vali) - Unlucky, wolf, murdered his brother Norve
  • Vavtrudne (Vafþrúðnir) - Riddles, weaver of tales
  • Utgards-Loke (Útgarða-Loki) - The outer places, magic, illusion, beyond society, an alternate plane
  • Yme (Ymir) - The big bang, primordial, birth, the ancestor of all, elemental
  • Æge (Ægir) - Sea, ocean, sea creatures, protector of sailors

Gygrer (Gýgr, Elemental Giantess)

  • Angerboda (Angrboða) - Grief bringer, sorrow, Iron Wood
  • Aurboda ( Aurboða) - Gravel, mountains
  • Bestla - Mother to Odin, Vilje and Ve.
  • Driva (Drífa) - Snowfall
  • Fonn - Snowdrift
  • Gerd (Gerðr) - Beauty, light, fertility, earth
  • Grid (Gríðr) - Greed, vehemence, violence, impetuosity
  • Hel - Death, Helheim (the underworld), Náströnd (“Corpse Shore”)
  • Hyrrokkin - Fire smoked, smoke, strength, wolves, serpents
  • Jernsaksa (Járnsaxa) - Iron knife, mother to Magne
  • Lauvøy (Laufey) - Needle, slender, weak
  • Menglød (Menglöð) - Lives in a castle guarded by Fjölsviðr
  • Mjoll (Mjöll) - Powdered snow
  • Natt (Nótt) - Night, darkness, nightfall, counting time, rides Rimfakse
  • Skade (Skaði) - Damage, archery, hunting, skiing, winter, mountains

Vetter (Vættir, Beings) & Other

  • Alver (Elves) - Light/Dark/Black, personification of nature
  • Andvare (Andvari) - Dwarf, “careful one”, waterfall, fish, wealth, magic ring called Andvaranaut
  • Ask og Embla - The first humans, ancestors of humanity
  • Diser (Dísir) - Female protective deities/spirits, fate
  • Dverger (Dvergar) - Dwarfs, metallurgy, wisdom, smithing, mining, crafting
  • Einherjer (Einherjar) - Honoured dead, fallen in battle, sent to Folkvang or Valhalla
  • Fenrisulven (Fenrisúlfr) - Death, destruction, rage, the end of times, fen-dweller
  • Fjolne (Fjölnir) - Swedish king, Vaner, son of Frøy and Gerd
  • Gullveig/Heid (Heiðr) - Volva, seid, enigmatic, “Lust For Gold” or “Golden Drink”
  • Kvase (Kvasir) - Wisdom, knowledge, skaldship, poetry, mead, blood, juice
  • Midgardsormen (Jörmungandr, Midgard Serpent) - Sea serpent, poison, self-reflexivity, cyclicality
  • Norner (Norns) - Weavers of fate, Wyrd, destiny, birth, death
  • Sigurd Fåvnesbane - Stag, hero, wisdom, prophecy, speak to birds
  • Starkad (Starkaðr) - Jotun, hero, great warrior, many arms cut off by Tor
  • Troll - Isolated natural landmarks, strength, slow, dim witted, 
  • Valkyrjer (Valkyries) - Choosers of the slain, Odin’s maids, spirits, ferocity, death, ravens, wolves
  • Vanlande (Vanlandi) - Hero, Swedish king, Vaner, “Man from the land of the Vaner”, 
  • Vedfinn (Viðfinnr) - Father of Hjuke and Bil
  • Vetter (Vættir) - landvette, skogsvette, husvette, vannvette, sjøvette, havvette, hulder, nøkken, draugen, nisse, troll, huldrefolk, deildegasten, dradokke, trollkatt, basilisk, krake, utburd, lyktemenn, varulv, marmæl, lindorm
  • Volund (Völundr) - Blacksmith, magical powers, sword maker, hero, alvedrotten (Chieftan of elves)
A Blessing from the Gods

O’ gods
May you hear me
And grant these gifts
‘pon my son!

Odin! All Father, may you grant him much wisdom!
Frigga! Great Mother, may you grant him encompassing love!
Thor! Mighty Thunderer, may you grant him immeasurable strength!
Loki! Sly Trickster, may you grant him enduring luck!
Bragi! Honey Speaker, may you grant him soothing speech!

Tyr! Left Warrior, may you grant him indomitable will!
Heimdall! Ever Watcher, may you grant him unmatched perception!
Skadhi! Cold Huntress, may you grant him merciless determination!
Ullr! Brisk Athlete, may you grant him perfected accuracy!
Forseti! Just Decider, may you grant him Unbiased Judgement!

Idunn! Youth Giver, may you grant him vigorous age!
Freyja! Fierce Lover, may you grant him joyous freedom!
Njord! Tidal Sailor, may you grant him secure ventures!
Freyr! Lustful Propagator, may you grant him intimate prowess!
Vali! Fresh Avenger, may you grant him expert efficiency!

Heilir, my gods! Heilar, my goddesses!
May you watch over my son
See him come to no harm
And grant, to him, your blessings!


This blessing was requested by -mothernorth-


I’ll just be uploading the portraits from the stream but a big thanks to the lovely @zehnart for our d&d group’s character portraits! Go check out their tumblr & commissions and come check out our weekly D&D podcast on twitch!

Mythology Based Quetions

Send a god into the askbox 

  1. Bragi: Do you like poetry/Have a favorite poem?
  2. Ares: What do you fight for?
  3. Thor: Are you afraid of thunder?
  4. Demeter: Do you have a green thumb?
  5. Frigg: Would you like to be married sometime down the road or would you rather stay unmarried?
  6. Lofn: Have you ever had a bad relationship?
  7. Nemesis: Have you ever crossed a line for the sake of revenge?
  8. Forseti: What is Justice to you?
  9. Geb: What’s your favorite thing about the Earth?
  10. Var: Do you keep your promises?
  11. Idun: How important is youth to you?
  12. Ra: Do you prefer night or day?
  13. Ptah: Would you describe yourself as a creative person?
  14. Baldr: What’s your greatest weakness?
  15. Hades: Would you rather die before all your loved ones, or after all of them?
  16. Nut: Do you like to stargaze?
  17. Dionysus: What kind of alcohol, if any, do you prefer?
  18. Thanatos: Do you fear/have you ever feared dying?
  19. Apollo: Do you have a favorite music?
  20. Hephaestus: Are you good at making things?
  21. Kuk: Are you afraid of the dark?
  22. Tyche: Are you a lucky person, or unlucky person?
  23. Zeus: Do you like flying?
  24. Wadjet: How far would you go to protect someone you cared about?
  25. Aphrodite: Fond memory of a past or current relationship?
  26. Poseidon: Happiest memory with water?
  27. Loki: Best trick you’ve ever played on someone?

An ‘exercise’ I did during February, basically trying to draw one portrait of the norse gods per day ouo/ Some are bleh, some are less bleh, but it was fun nonetheless~

This part has some group portraits in them, because, well, I was losing inspiration for individual gods, and there are a few that are always in a group of two or three :’D

Part 01

Part 02


“Europa” von Forseti (Dunkel die Wälder, 2007)

“Europa, Europa
Europa, Europa
Europa, Europa

Europa, Europa
Europa, Europa
Europa, Europa

Wir können nur wandern und bluten dabei 
Im Schlachthof Europa 
Nur sterben macht frei

Ein Heil dir Europa, ein Heil in den Tod 
Wirst niemals erwachen 
Wirst bringen nur Not 

Europa, Europa
Europa, Europa
Europa, Europa

Europa, Europa
Europa, Europa
Europa, Europa


In Norse mythology, Nanna Nepsdóttir or simply Nanna is a Goddess associated with the god Baldr. In the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, Nanna is the wife of Baldr and the couple produced a son, the god Forseti. After Baldr’s death, Nanna dies of grief. Nanna is placed on Baldr’s ship with his corpse and the two are set aflame and pushed out to sea. In Hel, Baldr and Nanna are united again.

Los signos como dioses nórdicos

Aries: Loki; dios astuto, es concebido como el espíritu del fuego con todo lo potencialmente beneficioso o dañino que este puede ser.

Tauro: Odín; rey de los dioses, mayormente conocido por ser el dios de la sabiduría, la guerra y la muerte, y en menor medida, el dios de la magia, la poesía, la profecía, la victoria y la caza.

Géminis:Heimdal; poseía una vista aguda, un fino oído y podía estar sin dormir varios días, por eso se le designó guardián de la morada de los dioses.

Cáncer: Vali; era representado y venerado como un arquero, el portador de luz, el despertador de sentimientos tiernos y el patrono de todos los amantes.   

Leo: Thor; dios del trueno, tenía influencia en el clima, las cosechas, la protección, la justicia, los viajes y las batallas.  

Virgo: Blader; hijo de Odín, era el dios favorito, poseía rasgos de gran belleza, era considerado el más sabio y elocuente de los dioses.

Libra: Var, diosa que oye los pactos de fidelidad entre las mujeres y los hombres; se venga luego de que éstos no los cumplen.

Escorpio:  Viðarr; conocido como el dios silencioso, su intención no era herir, sólo hacer venganza y/o justicia.

Sagitario:Tyr; dios del cielo, la guerra y la justicia, el más valiente de los dioses, el que podía decidir el resultado de las batallas.

Capricornio: Bragi; dios de la poesía, era enorme su sabiduría y elocuencia, hábil con las palabras.

Acuario: Forseti; dios representante de la justicia, resolvía las diferencias entre los dioses y los hombres, escuchando pacientemente.

Piscis: Eir; la diosa de la sanación y la salud, ella conocía las propiedades medicinales de las hierbas y era capaz de la resurrección.


pd1: sé que iba a hacer de dioses griegos, pero esta me pareció más original
pd2: no tiene nada que ver con mi reciente obsesión con vikings
pd3: en la pd2 estoy mintiendo😂♥