> [Suho] “Neither of us could have forseen this coming, so don’t blame yourself.”
> [Chen] “But mating ceremonies are super important, like… like how weddings are for humans! And since you’d become a prince as well, it’d also be your crowning ceremony… We should’ve had it earlier, but I was too distracted… And if we never get out of here…”
> Suho tilts Chen’s face towards him by his chin, looking at him directly.
> [Suho] “Don’t say that, Chen. We’ll find a way to get out of this mess, and we’ll have that mating ceremony some way or another. After all, officially becoming your mate does have a nice ring to it.”
> [Chen] “Junmyeon… I love you so much…”
> [Suho] “I love you too, Chen…”
> Suho and Chen share a kiss while ahead of them, Tao awkwardly averts his gaze.

If Jane Austen wrote The Empire Strikes Back:

He dueled him for many a long minute, and then trapping him at the end of a gantry, removed his hand from his wrist. Luke was surprised, but said not a word beyond his cry of pain. After a silence of several minutes, Vader came towards him in an agitated manner, and thus began,

“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to offer you a place at my side to throw down the Emperor and reign over this galaxy.”

Luke’s astonishment was beyond expression. He stared, coloured, doubted, and was silent. This Vader considered sufficient encouragement, and the avowal of all that he felt immediately followed. He spoke well, but there were feelings besides those of the heart to be detailed, and he was not more eloquent on the subject of tenderness than of ambition.

“You do not yet realize your importance, and only now have begun to discover your power. Join me and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.” 

In spite of his deeply-rooted dislike, Luke could not be insensible to the compliment of such a Sith Lord’s offer, though his intentions did not vary for an instant. He attempted to compose himself to answer Vader with patience as per the training Yoda had attempted to, but the pain from the end of his arm and the longstanding list of offenses against his friends gave Luke great trouble in this manner, and he replied thusly,

“In such cases as this, it is, I believe, the established mode to express a sense of obligation for the sentiments avowed. It is natural that obligation should be felt, and if I could feel gratitude, I would now thank you. But I cannot – I have never desired your good opinion, and you have certainly bestowed it most unwillingly. I will never join you.”

Darth Vader, who was leaning against the railing of the gantry with the gaze of his mask fixed on Luke’s face, seemed to catch his words with no less resentment than surprise. His fist tightened with anger, and the disturbance of his mind was visible in every movement. He was struggling for the appearance of composure, and would not speak, till he believed himself to have attained it. The pause was to Luke’s feelings dreadful. At length, in a voice of forced calmness, he said,

“And this is all the reply which I am to have the honour of expecting! I might, perhaps, wish to be informed why, with so little endeavour at civility, I am thus rejected. But it is of small importance.”

“I might as well enquire,” replied Luke, “why, with so evident a design of offending and insulting me, you chose to hand me this offer after removing my own? Was not this some excuse for incivility, if I was uncivil? But I have other provocations. You know I have. Had not my own feelings decided against you, had they been indifferent, or had they even been favourable, do you think that any consideration would tempt me to accept the offer of the Sith Lord, who has been the means of hunting my friends across the galaxy?”

He paused, and saw with no slight indignation that Vader was listening with an air which proved him wholly unmoved by any feeling of remorse.

“Can you deny that you have done it?” Luke asked.

With assumed tranquillity he then replied, “I have no wish of denying it. I have done everything in my power to crush the Rebellion and rejoice in my successes.“

Luke disdained the appearance of noticing this civil reflection, but its meaning did not escape, nor was it likely to conciliate, him.

"But it is not merely this affair,” Luke continued, “on which my dislike is founded. Long before it had taken place, my opinion of you was decided. Your character was unfolded in the recital which I received many months ago from Obi-Wan Kenobi. On this subject, of my father, what can you have to say?”

“You took an eager interest in that Jedi’s explanations,” said Vader in a less tranquil tone, and with a heightened colour.

“Who that knows what his understanding of the Force has been, can help feeling an interest in his worldview?”

“The Force” repeated Darth Vader contemptuously; “yes, the Light Side of the Force is great indeed. I am convinced in my knowledge that Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.”

“He told me enough,” cried Luke with energy. “You have long ago killed him!”

“No” said Vader, as he leaned across the railing towards Luke, “I am your father. Examine your feelings; you know it to be true.”

Luke felt himself growing more ashamed at this revelation, and despite his utmost efforts, a distraught denial left his mouth.

“You can destroy the Emperor,” continued Vader. “He has forseen this, and this is the estimation that I hold you in: it is your destiny. If you would but join me, together we can rule the galaxy as father and son. Come with me; it is the only way.”

Trapped as he was on the end of the gantry, it was clear what decision lay ahead for Luke, and again his intentions remained unaltered. With a calm descending upon him, Luke spoke with composure when he said,

“You are mistaken, Vader, if you suppose that your entrapment of me will mean the entrapment of my loyalty. From the very beginning, your actions, impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your murders, and your imprisonment and torture of a young woman, were such as to form so immoveable a dislike that I had not known you a day before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to call father.”

To conclude his statement, and provide great shock to Vader, Luke stepped off the gantry.

@epix-elle​, this is the result of your “Darcy Vader” comment

BSG: Literally tells you that Laura is dying ever since the first episode.
BSG: Reminds you that Laura is dying almost constantly throughout the series.
BSG: Literally calls Laura “ The Dying Leader”.
Me when Laura dies: Shocked. Appalled. Totally unprepared. Who could have forseen this? My feelings will never recover.

The Hundred Times Castiel Killed Dean Winchester, and the One Time He Didn't.

The first time, he flat out refused to do it. “Kill Dean Winchester” Naomi screeched, but he wouldn’t do it. He would never hurt Dean again. So they brought out the angel blades, and dug into his skin. He could feel his blood boil, his grace struggling to escape, every instinct yelling at him to stop, and just give in, but he won’t do that. He would not hurt Dean. So they continue to carve him, and slice into him. After what feels like an eternity, they stop. Gingerly, he raised his head, and he sees green. “What’s the matter, Cas?” Dean stresses over the syllables, like a taunt. Castiel hates it.
“This ain’t anything new you know. You’ve fucked up so many times. We’re so much better off without you.“ Castiel begs him to stop, but he continues “Do it, kill me angel, everybody knows you’ll do it anyway. Nobody cares. Because here’s the bottom line - We don’t need you.”
So Castiel does it, he picks up the blade and stabs that - that abomination, just to get him to stop. It tears his insides out, he feels pain, and his eyes glaze over as he struggles to stay on his feet.

The thirtieth time, Castiel cries. He cries like he never has. He just wants it to stop. He considers plunging the blade into his own chest, but Naomi having forseen it, had charmed the blade to not hurt Castiel. The gross mimicry of Dean continues to make its comments, goading Castiel to kill him. She continues to have the angel blade dug into his shoulders, it hurts and Cas just wants it to stop. He wants everything to stop.

By the sixty second time, his senses have started to numb. He remembers green eyes, a warm smile, and distant thoughts at the back of his head, but he just can’t connect the pieces together. He mechanically continues to stab the figure lying in front of him. A voice in his head is screaming at him, telling him to stop, but he pays no heed to it.

The Eighty fourth time around, Castiel is sure of his mission. He will kill the pathetic human lying in front of him, he has his mission, his mission to serve God, and he will see it through.

Hundred is dead before he hits the ground. Castiel is heaven’s most feared weapon again.

The one hundred and first time, Castiel does not stop, not even when he hears the sickening crunch of bones breaking underneath his fists. He has his mission, and he will complete it. He reaches for his blade, to deliver the death blow, showing no sign of relenting even when an arm reaches for him. “Cas, I need you”.
And suddenly, all at once, Castiel starts to feel. He feels longing, he feels pain, he feels green eyes over his own, comforting him when he was lost. But most of all, he feels Dean Winchester. And just like that, he drops the blade. He will not hurt Dean.

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So yesterday I met a friend of a friend and somehow we got on the topic of Harry Potter/Houses. He said I must have felt bad for being in Hufflepuff and I asked why he'd think that. He said it's (and I quote) "the leftovers House" because everyone who isn't smart, cunning or brave gets into it. He said it's the lazy House. That really pissed me off. Why does Hufflepuff get such shit? And why do people think we're leftovers? We're NOT leftovers!

The fact that Rowling used the phrase “Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest
and taught them all she knew” was an unfortunate mistake. Its meant to imply inclusivity and that Hufflepuffs are the sort to not want to leave anyone behind, but it has come across to a lot of people as meaning “the leftovers who aren’t ‘good enough’ for the other houses”. It was a poor choice of wording that she couldn’t have really forseen as having the affect it has.

As for the lazy thing….Hufflepuff canonically is a house of hard workers…

Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;”

“For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
Most worthy of admission;”

^straight from the sorting hat….

No clue where people are getting lazy from.

But its irritatinng as hell

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

DAY 3349

Jalsa, Mumbai                     May 29/30,  2017                  Mon/Tue 12:38 AM

I do not have no pictures to put,

There are some but not of perfect cut …

They were there on the pitch at the 102,

Not many found them, of interest for few ….

‘tis hot and humid and filled with sweat

Lucky are they, that wishes correct ..

Small boy little boy, all within me now

Often wonders and questions how to keep it …  just how …

Responsibility looms large within the portals of this  - ‘cyclo’  .. this is what we wanted as an inspiration. Inspiration be damned and we move along .. just play along and weather each storm .. high low and with immense adjustifieable affair ..

lethargy sets in these days with the Gen , well then forget these human and . and forseen this before .. I would have taken charg3 leqst hesitate ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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Hollyyy in the trailer when they were looking at the book and talking about balance it reminded me so much of Children Wake Up!! Have you FORSEEN? (tbh bc of tumblr I'm going to be mildly surprised when I watch the film and Kylux isn't actually canon aha)

YESSS that made me so happy!! The first appearance of a paper book in Star Wars movies, I think?? 

And yeah after rolling around in Kylux for two years by the time I see this thing I’m gonna be weirded out when Hux isn’t like cradling injured Kylo in his arms at the start lol


Sure wish I’d forseen (real word?) how much I’d enjoy Shadow War and painting scouts. I wouldn’t have left all those mold lines on them! Not quite done but almost there.

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Why did garnet form instantly into an adult?

when they started the ritual, there was no guarantee would come from it. they could have gotten a baby, an amorphous amalgamate creature, a conscious person that combined their sizes and strength, it might not have worked at all etc. because there was a forseen possibility that what they created would be a baby and they were treating this very much as an offspring’s birth, a moses basket was bought and the moms to-be would keep an open mind until they saw garnet for themselves. no matter what she had turned out like, they would have loved her.

The Dream, part 1

First in a series of short stories detailing how Atal became a druid, done mostly for my own fun but also for anyone who’s curious about it. Decided to write and post it in parts because uhh it’s gonna get kinda lengthy for tumblr.

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Betting Within The Proffesers
  • Dumbledore: Dammit Minerva, why didn't he kiss Diggory? I wanted him to get with Diggory dammit!!
  • Minerva: smirks and hold out hand.
  • Snape: I thought he would be with either the Granger girl or one the the younger Weasleys.
  • Trelawny: It was forseen by me-
  • Minerva: All of you shut your crap and pay up.
  • Fred who was listening outside: Snape thought Harry would get with Ron. Ew
  • George who was also listening: Its cause he's messed up.
The Fall of Blue

All was well in Evillious when all of a sudden, an east wind brought forward a ship from the Island in the West. Disembarking from this ship was the King of Blue, Kyle Marlon. He set out for Lucifenia on a quest for his fiancée’s hand. However, once he reached the palace he was met with unexpected resistance: the Daughter of Evil was guarded by her Servant of Evil -or should we say the Son of Evil, for he was her twin brother-.

The Daughter of Evil seemed happy with the King of Blue’s arrival, but the Servant of Evil would have none of it.
“Begone with thee!”, he declared, “For the Princess is my love, not thine!”
Schocked, the King replied how she was his fiancée and -heavenly yard forbid- it would otherwise be incestuous!
“Thou fiend”, the Servant scamperd “hath broken my beloved’s heart! And for that, I shall make thee pay dearly!”

In battle, the Servant outwitted the King yet by forces unkown he did not die when his head was severed fron his torso. Then, something else occurred which the King had not forseen. The Maiden of Green, having borrowed the Sniper of Green’s gun, contracted the Demon of Wrath and shot clean through the Lust-possessed King. Red stained Blue and the monarch was no more.

The tale, however, does not end there. In the aftermath of battle, the Sniper requested back her gun which the Maiden, now plagued by the Demon of Wrath, did not return. In order to protect his Princess, the Servant too had made a demonic contract, which now trapped him in the Hellish Yard for fourteen days.

In order to bring her beloved back, the Daughter devised a plan. She requested the Duke of Lust to assist her - their plan succeeded. For a brief moment, the Servant was able to leave his shackles behind to protect the one he loves, but once her safety was secured, he was pulled back down. The Duke of Lust was left cut in half, but healed.

And has the Princess not been endangered since, the Servant still resides in Hell.

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JUNSHUA WILL RISE -marshmallow anon


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What are you thinking about Germany's and Prussia's human names? Is Ludwig and Gilbert common in Germany?

OH MAN I COULD RAMBLE FOREVER ABOUT HOW HAPPY I AM ABOUT THEIR NAMES! Particularly the name Ludwig for Germany ahahaha…. I’ll write out my little ramble under the cut!

First though, Ludwig and Gilbert are rather outdated. I’ve heard the name Gilbert only as a last name of a person so far! So they might’ve been common once, but today you don’t see those names often here.


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“There is, actually, only one person in all humanity of whom God has one picture and in whom there is a perfect conformity between what he wanted her to be and what she is, and that is his own mother. Most of us are a minus sign, in the sense that we do not fulfill the high hopes the heavenly Father has for us. But Mary is the equal sign. The ideal that God had of her, that she is, and in the flesh. The model and the copy are perfect; she is all that was forseen, planned, and dreamed. The melody of her life is played just as it was written.”
— Archbishop Fulton Sheen

skywalker dramatics
  • anakin: I'm going to do this sick flip and you can't stop me
  • obi-wan: anakin no
  • anakin: DARTH VADER YES *does a sick flip and gets all his limbs chopped off*
  • anakin: there's no possible way to have prevented this
  • ***
  • luke: old dude I knew for a couple of days told me all about you bitch!!
  • vader: omg really? he still thought about me? what'd he say? tell me everything
  • luke: said you went ham on my dad!
  • vader: bitch the fuck ! I am your dad! obi and are gonna have a talk damn
  • luke: nOOOOOOOO *jumps into the abyss to avoid this conversation*
  • vader: I'm sure he's fine
  • ***
  • kylo ren: shit fuck ok forgot the script what did grandpa say?
  • rey: ???
  • rey: nah bruh
  • kylo ren: there's no way I could've forseen this
  • Partner: And this Pancham, this is all part of my strategy. While you’ve wasted time, blinded by your jealousy, I’ve forseen the outcome of this charade! Ahh! This Anime is obviously a romantic school comedy. Hero and I are the main characters so that means we are love interests.
  • Pancham and Shelmet: Yeah, then what are we?
  • Partner: You boys… are the homosexual supporting cast. So please make sure you don’t step across this line.
  • Pancham: You’ve gotta be kidding…