BSG: Literally tells you that Laura is dying ever since the first episode.
BSG: Reminds you that Laura is dying almost constantly throughout the series.
BSG: Literally calls Laura “ The Dying Leader”.
Me when Laura dies: Shocked. Appalled. Totally unprepared. Who could have forseen this? My feelings will never recover.

i saw a post on @omegastation‘s blog about miranda becoming an alliance doctor post-me3 in order to reconstruct shepard after her fall from the crucible, and i liked that, because it’s 100% what i would like to happen as well.

when miranda first sees her, shepard is broken.

she is little more than charred skin and shattered, distorted limbs; almost every bone in her body is broken, each cybernetic implant little more than ashes after her fall from orbit, her left arm blasted to pieces inside her armour from when it exploded after she hit the stratosphere. they wheeled her in on a gurney, the surgeons to afraid to remove her hardsuit in case shepard fell to pieces in their arms. but to miranda this is the strangest sense of de-ja vu: she’d seen this before, back after the sr-1 had been destroyed, after shepard had fallen victim to the vacuum of space.

when miranda first sees her, shepard is almost dead. not quite. almost. never really, truly dead - shepard has the odd talent of slipping beneath the grim reaper’s scythe time and time again, of surviving when nobody else could. the surgeons are still too afraid, so miranda does it for them, operating the theatre like she used to for cerberus. she does not sleep. she barely eats. her primary focus is shepard. only shepard.

miranda extracts each frazzled circuit, each fried wire, each shattered titanium plate. she replaces them with perfect precision, and the surgeons can only watch, entranced by the speed and precision with which she worked. nothing phases her. she tells shepard it will all be okay, even though she knows shepard can’t hear her. she stitches shepard’s skin back together until sweat blinds her and her hands begin to shake from exhaustion.

this, miranda realises, is nothing like cerberus. she has no resources, no credits. all she has is her dedication and her love, her admiration, her utter devotion to the woman she’d come to call family. with cerberus, shepard had been a weapon. something miranda wanted to install a black box into; the thought still makes her skin crawl.

when miranda next sees her, shepard is breathing. she’s sleeping, a patchwork doll of black sutures and newly-installed cybernetics that might just keep her alive. and miranda cries, because she could never have forseen that her carefull-engineered weapon could become someone she cared for so deeply, or who mattered to her as much as her sister did. she sits by shepard’s bedside for days. barely sleeps. barely eats.

and shepard sleeps. breathes. until one day, when miranda lies exhausted and hopeless at her bedside, the fingers clasped between hers give a squeeze.

The Hundred Times Castiel Killed Dean Winchester, and the One Time He Didn't.

The first time, he flat out refused to do it. “Kill Dean Winchester” Naomi screeched, but he wouldn’t do it. He would never hurt Dean again. So they brought out the angel blades, and dug into his skin. He could feel his blood boil, his grace struggling to escape, every instinct yelling at him to stop, and just give in, but he won’t do that. He would not hurt Dean. So they continue to carve him, and slice into him. After what feels like an eternity, they stop. Gingerly, he raised his head, and he sees green. “What’s the matter, Cas?” Dean stresses over the syllables, like a taunt. Castiel hates it.
“This ain’t anything new you know. You’ve fucked up so many times. We’re so much better off without you.“ Castiel begs him to stop, but he continues “Do it, kill me angel, everybody knows you’ll do it anyway. Nobody cares. Because here’s the bottom line - We don’t need you.”
So Castiel does it, he picks up the blade and stabs that - that abomination, just to get him to stop. It tears his insides out, he feels pain, and his eyes glaze over as he struggles to stay on his feet.

The thirtieth time, Castiel cries. He cries like he never has. He just wants it to stop. He considers plunging the blade into his own chest, but Naomi having forseen it, had charmed the blade to not hurt Castiel. The gross mimicry of Dean continues to make its comments, goading Castiel to kill him. She continues to have the angel blade dug into his shoulders, it hurts and Cas just wants it to stop. He wants everything to stop.

By the sixty second time, his senses have started to numb. He remembers green eyes, a warm smile, and distant thoughts at the back of his head, but he just can’t connect the pieces together. He mechanically continues to stab the figure lying in front of him. A voice in his head is screaming at him, telling him to stop, but he pays no heed to it.

The Eighty fourth time around, Castiel is sure of his mission. He will kill the pathetic human lying in front of him, he has his mission, his mission to serve God, and he will see it through.

Hundred is dead before he hits the ground. Castiel is heaven’s most feared weapon again.

The one hundred and first time, Castiel does not stop, not even when he hears the sickening crunch of bones breaking underneath his fists. He has his mission, and he will complete it. He reaches for his blade, to deliver the death blow, showing no sign of relenting even when an arm reaches for him. “Cas, I need you”.
And suddenly, all at once, Castiel starts to feel. He feels longing, he feels pain, he feels green eyes over his own, comforting him when he was lost. But most of all, he feels Dean Winchester. And just like that, he drops the blade. He will not hurt Dean.

lesbian: i don’t like dick

some 15 year old theythem girl with shit hair and a donate button for  no real reason: checkmate, terf. actually ahem, i am ~gay~. i am a gay man here to tell you you are ~wrong~ uwu. what a twist. you could not possibly have forseen this ironic turn of events. you see, i have consumed enough superwholock fanfiction detailing the BDSM rituals of Sherlock Holmes and Watson to consider myself a beacon of gay rights. sexy sangwoo and yuri katsuki taught me what it meant to be a soft mlm prince. we are all bedickéd boyfriend and i are a kweer couple and from our astute observation, we can conclude that this sentiment is indeed, transphobiqué. pee your pants

Anyone who argues “the founding fathers could not have forseen the weapons we’d have today and so we shouldn’t have them” is being purposely disingenuous and isn’t worth your time.

1. They definitely could imagine more advanced weapons, because we do so every day thinking about lazer weapons and advanced projectiles

2. They wanted us to have the ability to fight and kill similarly armed soldiers (our own military even) without a huge disadvantage.

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So yesterday I met a friend of a friend and somehow we got on the topic of Harry Potter/Houses. He said I must have felt bad for being in Hufflepuff and I asked why he'd think that. He said it's (and I quote) "the leftovers House" because everyone who isn't smart, cunning or brave gets into it. He said it's the lazy House. That really pissed me off. Why does Hufflepuff get such shit? And why do people think we're leftovers? We're NOT leftovers!

The fact that Rowling used the phrase “Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest
and taught them all she knew” was an unfortunate mistake. Its meant to imply inclusivity and that Hufflepuffs are the sort to not want to leave anyone behind, but it has come across to a lot of people as meaning “the leftovers who aren’t ‘good enough’ for the other houses”. It was a poor choice of wording that she couldn’t have really forseen as having the affect it has.

As for the lazy thing….Hufflepuff canonically is a house of hard workers…

Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;”

“For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
Most worthy of admission;”

^straight from the sorting hat….

No clue where people are getting lazy from.

But its irritatinng as hell

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

I was trying to make sense of the reason why Vincent had such a mysterious look in this particular panel, and I came up with something. Vincent has always been a mysterious character, and I think we can all agree he was involved with many things before he met his death. So that got me thinking, what if he wasn’t smirking on the thought of his sons’ names, but instead on the change of eras? As the Queen’s Whatchdog, it is more than likely that he had already forseen a war breaking soon(ww1). Yana has already made it quite obvious that the Queen and Germany are eager to start a war. Therefore, I believe Vincent was referring to that rather than the actual convo.

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Hi! So I'm trying to convince a friend who isn't really a fan of Abby that she's a precious cinnamon roll. What evidence/arguments/gentle nudging would help to show them the light? :)

You know what? I started writing out a whole long essay of feels about Abby Griffin and why I love her so much, but I realised anything like that was gonna be WAY too long! So here it is condensed into handy bullet pointed list form!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  DISCLAIMER

Someone not liking Abby as a character is fine! I don’t expect my fave to be everyone’s fave, and sometimes you get a character who just rubs you the wrong way and you might not even be able to explain why. But, since I was asked, these are some of the reasons *I* love Abby Griffin, and some responses to common criticisms of her (many of which I genuinely think are deeply unfair and based on ridiculously inaccurate interpretations of her character)


she’s a talented Doctor and Scientist

  • she designed the wristbands! the whole ‘sending the 100 to the ground’ thing was LITERALLY HER IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE THERE WOULD BE NO SHOW without Abby Griffin
  • “the most respected person in this camp" <–direct quote from S2 Kane there
  • when Clarke destroys Mount Weather she immediately wants to use all that tech not for killing Grounders like Pike does, but for opening a hospital and healing Grounders and Sky people alike god whatever happened to THAT storyline btw??
  • saves Nyko’s life
  • saves Raven’s life
  • saves Lincoln’s life with an amazing smart, brave moment of sheer shocklashing badassery, and by doing so…
  • becomes the first person EVER to bring back a Reaper!!! Thus enabling Clarke to win an alliance with the Grounders and presumably becoming a legend with them because she LITERALLY BROUGHT A DUDE BACK FROM THE DEAD YO INDRA DID YOU SEE THAT SHIT
  • saves Finn’s life long-distance over the radio (look we all have our faults but Clarke, Raven and Octavia are equally to blame for this one so no foul to Abby)
  • saves Marcus’ life under the rubble of Tondc
  • saves Roan’s life when he’s shot
  • …literally are you getting my point half the people in the show would be dead if it it weren’t for her
  • keeps Ontari alive (and thus helps Clarke save the world) by CRACKING OPEN HER CHEST AND MANUALLY PUMPING HER HEART look even Murphy was impressed by that

she’s super badass and incredibly brave even without resorting to violence and killing like other characters

  • willing to go to jail and the airlock (!!!) multiple times to try and save the people due to die in the Culling
  • willing to fire herself at the Earth in an ancient rocket cobbled together by Raven just for the chance that she can prove the kids are alive
  • goes to meet Indra, a heavily armed enemy warrior leader, alone and unarmed, and doesn’t back down even with a knife held to her throat
  • climbs into the rubble of Tondc to save people even though she herself was safely out of it
  • saves Raven’s life (again!) by taking the chip when ALIE makes her cut her wrists
  • saves Jackson and Miller’s lives on Science Island by distracting a drone

she’s a devoted, loving and good mother (FUCK YOU I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL)

  • kind of a surrogate mom to Jackson who lost his mom at a young age
  • clearly wants to adopt both Raven and Murphy too
  • willing to move heaven and earth to find Clarke and protect her
  • stands up to Jaha to back Clarke in season two even as he tries to have her deposed and thrown into the stockade because…
  • “I have faith too. In my daughter.” <3<3<3
  • also in season two, defers to Clarke and gives up any chance of finding survivors from the other Ark stations to focus on rescuing the kids in Mount Weather
  • understands why Clarke left post-season two and even though it’s clearly hurting her she doesn’t try and drag her back before ‘she wants to be found’
  • look I don’t want to go too far on this because some of the time Abby DOES show poor judgement and go overboard in trying to protect Clarke?? I can’t deny that but honestly if the worst u can say about Abby Griffin is that she loves her daughter too much then you’re reaching pretty badly tbh, considering other characters have list of faults that literally include ‘torture’ and ‘genocide’

she’s a woman of extraordinary integrity and deeply held ethics, but also pragmatic and not stupid about it

  • “You don’t have to justify yourself. I broke the rules and I accept the consequences” <— direct quote from Abby there and pretty much her philosophy in a nutshell
  • she ALWAYS does what she thinks is right…but she also NEVER shies away from the consequences
  • horrified by what Clarke does in letting Tondc be bombed…but keeps the secret anyway because she knows it’s necessary
  • deeply hurt by Clarke’s coup in S2 and shocked at the change in her daughter…but steps aside for her anyway to avoid more bloodshed from an actual fight
  • haunted and grief stricken by her beloved husband’s death…but was the one to turn him in, because she believed that risking the life of one person she loved couldn’t outweigh the risk of many more lives being lost by his actions

she’s the kindest, sweetest darling

  • befriends Raven, sees potential in her and treats her as an equal and an ally
  • besties with Purest Cinnamon Roll Jackson
  • sees the potential in John Murphy
  • respects and trusts Lincoln as an advisor when she’s Chancellor
  • constantly torn between worry and pride for her wayward daughter but would do anything to keep her safe 
  • forgives Marcus Kane for all the bullshit he put her through and ends up being his biggest supporter and ally and helping him to become a better man
  • constantly trying to heal everyone and save everyone even though she knows she can’t
  • constantly trying to find solutions that don’t involve violence and death
  • wracked with guilt for things she couldn’t have forseen and couldn’t change, worries that she isn’t a good person and doesn’t deserve to survive
  • led Arkadia in three months of real peace, turning a ramshackle camp into a growing, flourishing home even while dealing with her own personal grief over Clarke being missing
  • doesn’t get enough sleep
  • her smile is like the sun coming out from behind the clouds

Abby Griffin in conclusion

  • she’s incredibly smart
  • she’s extraordinarily courageous
  • she’s self-sacrificing
  • she’s kind and compassionate
  • she’s passionately driven and principled
  • she’s willing to get her own hands dirty
  • she takes care of everyone even though no-one ever takes care of her
  • she has to try and be a leader AND a doctor AND a mother all at once and even though it means she’s constantly overworked and has to make impossible choices, she willingly bears the burden of those responsibilities

BONUS ROUND UNDER THE CUT!!! Common reasons people give for disliking Abby, and my response to them! :D

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After Cadmus (Κάδμος) was initiated in the mysteries that Zeus had taught to Iasion, he married the fine daughter of Aphrodite, Harmonia (Αρμονία). This was the first marriage of a mortal man that the Olympian gods and goddesses attended. The gods sat in golden thrones inside the house of Cadmus in Thebes; they all brought gifts. These gifts were all exceptional, of material and spiritual nature; Aphrodite gave to Harmonia the famous necklace that Hephaestus had created, while Electra, the mother of Iasion, taught Harmonia the ceremonies of the Great Goddess…Apollo played his lyre for the wedding. During their old age the couple, Cadmus and Harmonia were transformed into snakes as the prophecy had forseen it and they were taken by Zeus to the Islands of the Blessed (Νησιά των Μακάρων). What a destiny!

Cadmus and Harmonia by Evelyn De Morgan.
Photo by Tim Walker, perhaps a modern version of the mythical couple.

Obvious but I have to say it anyway.

So I am rewatching Empire Strikes back with my SO and Han and Leia are arguing, as usual. We’ve just recently seen TLJ so it’s still pretty fresh in my mind. And all I can see is the similarities of Han and Kylo when they interact with the female leads (who are just perpetually angry, snarky and sassy towards them).

Even certain dialogue can be compared to the flirt scenes.

Leia: You’re a scoundrel!

Han: Scoundrel? Scoundrel! Who you calling a scoundrel!

Rey: You’re a monster.

Kylo: Yes I am.

I know the emotions were different but the context is there. Hab doesn’t take offense he’s called a scoundrel, he is one. And Kylo is more than aware of his actions and being seen as a monster. He doesn’t know how to be anything else. Leia and Rey are both fighting this primal attraction to these men who are viewed by society as unacceptable, too coarse and all around just not good enough. Kylo with his FO and Han as a Smuggler/pirate/scoundrel.

But if you notice how both Leia and Rey react to flirts (in Kylo’s case, just pure virgin awkwardness)

They are so quick to get angry.

I’ve told my SO that Han’s flirting with Leia and Kylo’s ForceSkypes with Rey are essentially the same. Of course he disagrees. He believes Kylo and Rey will kill each other in the coming episode (although I’m sure he only says so to spite me and my Reylo rants). He doesn’t believe Reylo is a possibility, because when Empire Strikes Back came out, people were most likely shipping Luke and Leia together until it was revealed they were siblings.

HOWEVER, my biggest counter to this is that them both killing each other is too easy and simple. There’s no fun in it.

“Think about it.” I told him. “This is NEW Star Wars. Han is dead. Leia is dead (RIP Carrie). Star Wars has to have something a little more relatable to the fans, old and new, watching.”

Kylo and Rey are this generation’s Han and Leia.

Kylo and Rey have an intimate connection. That much is incredibly clear. They’re bound by the same Fate set by the Force. But Rey is just as sassy and quick to jump to conclusions as Princess Leia (not General Organa), and Ben has the same hot headed temper as his father.

A lot would argue that Kylo’s offer at the end of the Red Room fight scene is the same as Vader’s to Luke.

“You can kill the emperor. He has forseen this. Join me, and we can rule the galaxy together as father and son.”

But the difference is the actual meaning behind the two offers. Vader wasn’t offering just father-son bonding time to Luke. He wanted him due to his Force sensitivity and power. He wanted Luke as Apprentice.

Kylo wasn’t asking her to be an apprentice. Sure he has been telling her he’d be her teacher, but after she found Luke, that sorta flew out the window. No, he wanted her as his equal by his side. Her destiny wasn’t individual. It wasn’t her own. He knew this, they both did.

It was a logical decision and an emotional one. He wanted a partner. He wanted her.

I really hope they make Reylo official. Like bluntly official. So I can finally yell AHA I TOLD YOU to my fiancé and watch him grumble and sigh and be a killjoy.

And because they deserve to be together. Alive. Making beautiful Jedi babies.

Yes, I am Reylo trash.