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serpentine figurine jean,
routine elephantine morphine.

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vaseline latrine liberine,
nicotine teen serene.

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aquamarine sateen stream,
ultramarine saline cuisine.

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sixteen aubergine velveteen,
saccharine nectarine cream.

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umpteen forseen vaccine,
caffeine bean trampoline.

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citrine wean gelatine,
wintergreen crystalline sheen.

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whistling guillotine extreme,
unclean gasoline riverine…

redying almandine spleen.


God Module - Forseen

Sixteen seconds is all that you have 
To make me believe that you understand 
That none is this matters 
Your life is a lie 
You were never born; You will never die

Six seconds left until your eyes turn green 
And you want to question everything you’ve ever seen 
Every word you’ve heard, everything that you thought 
Had to be real, but you know that it’s not

Pain transformed into joy 
Sorrow into peace

All of this has been foreseen 
All of the things that you could have been 
Things are never what they seem 
There’s no waiting of promisedream

All of this has been foretold 
You were never in control 
Just a puppet on the screen 
Never decided anything 
End Chorus

Take my hand and fall with me 
To a new world far beneath the sea 
To think about time, your thoughts and your sins 
They will fall away as we start to swim

Away from everything that is not real 
The way you felt is not the way we feel 
Criticals reach farther than you see 
Brace your new reality

Pain transformed into joy 
Sorrow into peace

Sixteen seconds is all that you have 
To make me believe that you understand 
That none is this matters 
Your life is a lie 
You were never born; You will never die


Pain transformed into joy 
Sorrow into peace


posting this to help out my boy J. Flyer, check out this video done in nashville.

Had a coke today for the first time in forever… it yold me to share it with my soul mate. Keeping this picture, so when she comes into my life, I can do just that #forseen #soulmate

Kai's Nightmares..

There’s a small apartment. Fully furnished living room.. Filled kitchen.. Decorated bedrooms. This is a home. There’s a girl that giggles at her phone from one of the room.. That is not ours. In another there is a Queen sized bed.. Full wardrobe, dresser and organized closet. These are yours.. Shared for 2. There’s a cage off to a corner, placed perfectly on a small rug. TV is off.. Small record player sings softly. There is a child cooing to the dancing lights above their eyes.. Other than these things and a few other items the rooms is empty. The sheets are unmade and the curtains hang wide to the cool evening. Someone else in the shower.. The steam fills and I wipe it from the mirror. The girl that peers back is small and puffy eyed.. She wipes her face and lays a towel on the counter for the entity moving behind the wet shades.. The shower stops and she envelopes a body in the towel.. Palms shaking she wraps herself in the being a smile up at it. It is warm and this body brings her comfort. She leads the soul into the room with the child and places small kisses on its forehead. She sits on the end the of the bed and the entity previously mentioned sheds the towel and dresses. He is a man. She loves this man. But her heart seems to skip beats when she looks in his eyes.. She’s afraid. As he finishes he lays next to her pulling her in his embrace teasing her ruffled eyebrows and instructed curls. She sleeps soundly with him, small pleasure filled moans occasionally leaving her parted lips. He loses himself inside her and succumbs to her smooth skin. Pink and yellow auras radiate between these two. This family residing here is broken.. But only one feels the pain.