With E3 a mere 3 weeks away, it’s finally time for the news flow to step up and deliver. After the latest feature in Weekly Shonen Jump, fans began bouncing off the walls in undiluted excitement, trying to predict what would come next. However, what did come next was hardly what anyone had forseen, and that was a voice actor confirmation.

Gilbert Gottfried, well known for his stand-up performance as Iago the parrot from Disney’s Aladdin, just revealed via Twitter that he is recording lines for the loud-mouthed parrot for another Kingdom Hearts title! 

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix is slated to release worldwide sometime this year, there is no doubt that he is referring to this long-awaited remaster.

What new lines do you think he could be recording? How far along could they be until the game’s release? And when do you suppose it even will release? Tell us your thoughts in our forums!

Source: Gilbert Gottfried’s Twitter

Tall Boo & Small Boo

for inktober this year I am challenging myself to make a little comic or drawing of these two little ghosts each day throughout the month. They almost certainly won’t be uploaded daily because I don’t have the time to scan and edit them once a day, but I will be saving them up to post online eventually (whether that happens during October or afterwards is yet to be forseen). I hope you will enjoy them when they are done!

Designer Kitchens
When seeking a new kitchen company ask for references from customers that you can actually ring up and ask. Expect references to have a couple of issues; when installing a new kitchen nothing can be expected to be 100% to plan, due to the creative nature and obstacles that could not be forseen. However the way in which snags are dealt with and the other tradesmen work (plasters, electricians etc) will be most important. 

German Kitchens are very sophisticated and generally ergonomically designed. They may cost more but will last many years longer than the cheap ones.

We love Ridgeway who cover kitchens in Oxford, Bicester, High Wycombe, Princes Risborough and Aylesbury - worth a look!


God Module - Forseen

Sixteen seconds is all that you have 
To make me believe that you understand 
That none is this matters 
Your life is a lie 
You were never born; You will never die

Six seconds left until your eyes turn green 
And you want to question everything you’ve ever seen 
Every word you’ve heard, everything that you thought 
Had to be real, but you know that it’s not

Pain transformed into joy 
Sorrow into peace

All of this has been foreseen 
All of the things that you could have been 
Things are never what they seem 
There’s no waiting of promisedream

All of this has been foretold 
You were never in control 
Just a puppet on the screen 
Never decided anything 
End Chorus

Take my hand and fall with me 
To a new world far beneath the sea 
To think about time, your thoughts and your sins 
They will fall away as we start to swim

Away from everything that is not real 
The way you felt is not the way we feel 
Criticals reach farther than you see 
Brace your new reality

Pain transformed into joy 
Sorrow into peace

Sixteen seconds is all that you have 
To make me believe that you understand 
That none is this matters 
Your life is a lie 
You were never born; You will never die


Pain transformed into joy 
Sorrow into peace

Day 12: SET C - “Gradient”

Your behavior towards me changed. You changed.

It was important to keep a close eye on the wielder of the keyblade.
Up to this very day, I cannot claim to know the full truth behind Xemnas’ – behind Xehanort’s plan. The essential part this boy played in it was obvious nonetheless. It was only logical to let you watch him.

As always though, you didn’t quite act as I was expecting.
You never did, and still I could have never forseen the outcome this would cause. By the time I realized, it was already too late.

I was already losing you to him.

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MC Appreciation Week

Day 5: Favorite Scene


Things tend to jump up on my favorite list because they take me by surprise (in a good way!). This moment in a LLFTX substory definitely qualifies. The MC in the game isn’t usually the one to command so much from the guys (she may with her guy, but never the entire group), so to see them basically fall in line for her is a sight to behold. 

 To top it all, the MC didn’t even need to get as angry as she did, because she had forseen that the guys would pull the stunt they did and prepared ahead of time. Honestly, I would have broke down laughing the minute the guys lined up against the wall. 

 This scene just showed how much the MC has got the guys wrapped around her finger. And it is glorious to behold.

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In an arid and wasteland,in a place where the rocks can tell stories of ancient times carried by the wind…in a time, where all humans belive in happiness ,in a time where the wind was leading songs and echoes ,my heart and deeper soul was rejoycing for being in touch ,in harmony with all surrounding creatures and we all cherish life in a circle of plesants thoughts and deeds…the water was not that dark even darkness has its glamour but soon ,i realized that i was there alone standing in a highest rock of all rocks but all the living creatures were fading away ,were losing faith ,losing their meaning … day by day something was missing….i thought and hope yet remained in my poor simple being….why not touch and feel that circle with fading away colors? why dont take an ultimate choice ? So, i did and in my hope i could forseen my closest secret and your secret hidden since the beginning of time….there was a glimpse ,there was a chance of changing that world….now, is the time if we all want to be a part of a greater circle…. why not remain and wait for the day i will become a small part of your Reign?…A part of you in an infinitive verb….