BSG: Literally tells you that Laura is dying ever since the first episode.
BSG: Reminds you that Laura is dying almost constantly throughout the series.
BSG: Literally calls Laura “ The Dying Leader”.
Me when Laura dies: Shocked. Appalled. Totally unprepared. Who could have forseen this? My feelings will never recover.

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'Restricted Mode' blocks off USER flagged content. The other night Youtube apologized for the fact other users are abusing the system to have LGBTQ+ content flagged and said they are working to correct the issue.

Ah. I mean, seriously, YouTube, who couldn’t have forseen people abusing that system? Have you been on the internet?


Can I get some thoughts on these?

Ok, neat designs! Feedback:

Alfihild Tactics is cool, but the problem is that it’s probably slightly out of color (although maybe just a bend not a break). Also, +1/+1 counters and -1/-1 counters don’t normally go together in one set, so having them both on one card could get confusing.

Forseen Consequences is probably outright overpowered. :)

Idle Coral is pretty cool. It’s balanced, has cool flavor and works well mechanicaly.

Githyarta Phoenix is my favourite out of the lot. Berserk is just an awesome ability. Well done for that! :)


Blanc moved through the streets of the seedy town of Windpath, her wandering journey across Anima bringing her her closest to Mistral yet. She even felt like, if she took a deep breath, she could smell the city in the distance. However, what caught her attention wasn’t her imagined smell of Mistral, or even the people moving around her through the streets, but a strong, strange, yet oddly alluring smell somewhere in the city. She sniffed a few times, just trying to get a beat on it, before realizing it must be an Alpha’s scent. The young Omega had smelled Alpha’s before, but nothing had ever stood out to her. Her legs were moving before she knew it, carrying her through the streets, towards the source of the smell.

When Mantle had told him he would be leading troop movements in Mistral, operating with the kingdom’s local forces, Ash had forseen glorious marches, great barracades, men by the thousands armed with hybrid technology crushing all in their way.

Instead; he got a bunch of Mistrali volunteers, mostly non-Huntsmen, who had barely held a sword, let alone a Mantle MA5D assault rifle. They were more a danger to themselves than to the enemy…

His actual Mantle troops were better, but there just weren’t enough of them…
Oum, what a MESS.

The Alpha rubbed his eyes, tired, feeling his paitence slowly chipping away. Idiots, all of them…
And worse; the few Omegas he could smell were weak. Spineless. 
All he had in terms of a unit was his Beta Hester. She was good, but a Beta needed an Omega or two to keep them happy…
He stretched, looking around. 


  • Partner: And this Pancham, this is all part of my strategy. While you’ve wasted time, blinded by your jealousy, I’ve forseen the outcome of this charade! Ahh! This Anime is obviously a romantic school comedy. Hero and I are the main characters so that means we are love interests.
  • Pancham and Shelmet: Yeah, then what are we?
  • Partner: You boys… are the homosexual supporting cast. So please make sure you don’t step across this line.
  • Pancham: You’ve gotta be kidding…

*sigh* easy where the times before TFA when i was blissfully un-aware and un-bothered about anything star wars or shipping, those where simpler tbh i only (reluctantly) watched TFA cus my dad basically forced the entire family to go together cus he wanted us to bond over star wars..I *sigh*.. god damn it..i could never have forseen *dramatically waves arms around* ALL THIS AND *clutches chest* THIS TO HAPPENED… now i almost feel sick with how much i care and suffer CUS OF REYLO AND STARWARS, LIKE WHY DID END UP HERE WHYYYYYY

“Is there something I can do for you?” Alexandre wasn’t in the mood for visitors. He hadn’t realized just how poorly he had his hold on himself, hadn’t forseen how difficult things would become with Kira in such close proximity. For that, he’d wanted a moment alone.

In an arid and wasteland,in a place where the rocks can tell stories of ancient times carried by the wind…in a time, where all humans belive in happiness ,in a time where the wind was leading songs and echoes ,my heart and deeper soul was rejoycing for being in touch ,in harmony with all surrounding creatures and we all cherish life in a circle of plesants thoughts and deeds…the water was not that dark even darkness has its glamour but soon ,i realized that i was there alone standing in a highest rock of all rocks but all the living creatures were fading away ,were losing faith ,losing their meaning … day by day something was missing….i thought and hope yet remained in my poor simple being….why not touch and feel that circle with fading away colors? why dont take an ultimate choice ? So, i did and in my hope i could forseen my closest secret and your secret hidden since the beginning of time….there was a glimpse ,there was a chance of changing that world….now, is the time if we all want to be a part of a greater circle…. why not remain and wait for the day i will become a small part of your Reign?…A part of you in an infinitive verb….

I’m losing followers and gaining nasty anons because of what I said in my last post, and that’s too bad.  But I will continue to support Cait.  If she had purposely liked that tweet, don’t tell me she couldn’t have forseen the backlash it would cause.    No way she liked it on purpose and then was taken by surprise and backed out when she saw the results.  She knows Shatner’s reputation and she knows how the fans feel about him.  I think she agrees with us. Also no way she posted a genuine sounding thankyou to all the best fans and then turned around twenty minutes later and did this, and no way she has changed her persona from sweet Queen Cait to malicious-bully-loving Cait over the course of an hour.  So have we been wrong about her all this time?  I don’t think so.  It could have been a drunk or medicine head mistake, could have been fat thumbs.  I don’t know.  But if I had a friend who I thought I knew, shared similar beliefs with and admired  for what she stood for, what would I do if that friend out of the blue liked a tweet that went against that grain?  Would I lash out and accuse her of bullying and hatred?  Would I desert her and admonish her by saying that she had never deserved to have me for a friend in the first place?  Nope.  I’d think she might be having a fat thumbs or distracted moment and wait for her to explain her side.  Trouble is though, that Cait can’t explain her side without riling up Shitner even more, so we’re not going to hear it.  But no explanation isn’t an admission of guilt.

Shipping on and voting still.  Follow me at your own peril